"Marooned!" from Climategate 1.0

I thought I’d repost this image from Climategate 1.0, as it shows what the consensus boys (or, as we should now call them, “the cause”) get up to in their spare time. The filename is “marooned.jpg”. If their climate modelling is anywhere near as awful as their Photoshop skills, it would explain a lot…

Disappointed there's no sequel in CG 2.0

Who can name them all?


  1. Richard Lindzen as a sailor? Nope. Doesn’t work.

  2. Is it the boys from Chaser?

  3. From left to right: (on the iceberg)
    John Christie (Climate Scientist – University of Alabama) … Roger A. Pielke (American Meteorologist) … Patrick Michaels (American Climatologist) … Richard Lindzen (American Atmospheric Physicist)

    From left to right: (in the water)
    James Inhofe (former American Republican Senator from Oklahoma) … Fred Singer (American physicist – minus his customary beard ??) If it’s not Fred Singer then it’s that strange guy that always appears in the background shots of Home and Away! 😉

  4. Confusious says:

    Also Al Gore, Garnaut and Flannery filling in the Polar Bear suit……
    Flannery is the one close to sphincter ……… as usual

  5. Did I get it right? What’s the booby prize? A years subscription to The Warmists Weekly?

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