ABC: Climate change to "kill Australians"

We're all gonna die

That’s not the article title any more, but it is the title in the URL (see image here). Let’s scare people by saying they will die if we don’t “tackle climate change”… with a pointless carbon tax that will reduce global temperatures by seven ten thousandths of a degree.

The ABC, or Groupthink Central it it should be known, shamelessly and uncritically regurgitates an AAP/AFP article plugging a biased and one-sided report from the Climate Commission on the effects of climate change and health:

A new report is warning more Australians face dying in heatwaves and catching infectious diseases as a result of climate change.

A Climate Commission report out today, titled The Critical Decade, says climate change-related injury, disease and deaths will continue to grow in decades to come unless sustained action is taken.

The Climate Commission report says climbing temperatures will lead to more natural disasters and changing rainfall patterns, which will have an impact on people’s health as much as on the environment.

It includes a worst-case scenario where deaths from hotter temperatures in Queensland and the Northern Territory could multiply tenfold by 2100.

Alarmist tactic number 94, throw in a worst-case scenario and lo and behold, the news agency pick up on it! Brilliant.

Report co-author Professor Lesley Hughes says even a small rise in temperature can be detrimental to people’s health.

“A small rise in average temperature actually means a fairly large rise in the number of days, for example, over 35 degrees [Celsius] every year,” he said.

“So as average temperatures go up, the number of extremely hot days go up in a disproportionate way. So what we’re concerned about with climate change, amongst other impacts, is the impact on heat waves.” (source)

I seem to recall reading that the Little Ice age was pretty shit for humanity as well. Marc at ABC News Watch has more:

Despite his expertise, surprisingly no work by [Paul] Reiter was cited in the climate commission’s  report on Climate change and health. The commission has presented only one side of a complex argument.The lies of omission are the greatest lies of all. The commission’s report is another example of cargo cult science in action. It is clear that the commission has no intention of fulfilling its charter to Explain the science of climate change and the impacts on Australia. It is purely a political body. I have no doubt the ABC in its coverage of this report will once again fail in their duty to ask the hard questions.

And indeed they have. They regurgitate a press release from an alarmist news agency.


  1. So the concern is that a small rise in temperature can affect human health. Yet the Australian Government allows and is responsible for adding fluoride (which is a highly toxic chemical) into our drinking water.

  2. It sounds to me all too familiar…’waves of pestilence over the earth’…’you’ll all go to hell’…its pseudo-religious in its prophecy of doom unless we ‘believe’

  3. Mandy Love via Facebook says:

    Is that a THREAT? All I gotta say is: the smoking gun. EPA qld are clients, says right on that page.

    Yeah, there is man-made climate change, but it ain’t from frickin co2!!

  4. and yet humans can tollerate massive swings in temperatures every day, week, month…even over night. yes, we’re all going to die unless you evil polluters pay…

  5. Olivia Castles via Facebook says:

    OMG! I just saw Professor Lesley Hughes on channel nine news, and we’re all going to die from heart attacks, strokes, accidents and heat exhaustion due to “climate change”!

  6. In 2001 they officially stated: ”if we don’t start DECREASING CO2 this year – will be too late. In 2003 the statement was: if we don’t ratify Kyoto before Christmas and start reducing CO2 emission – will be too late. That was few years back. If you take them on their word – it’s already too late. Person / persons need to admit publicly that they have being lying; before can be believed anything.

    All the damages done so-far, all the billions squandered because of their lies; the green people never admit any guilt. Well, in my book and on my website says: ”if the greens don’t admit that is all their fault – it’s their father’s fault, FOR NOT USING CONDOM!!!

  7. Max Madd via Facebook says:

    Sigh, more demagogy


    Now if the temperature were to rise by the predicted 2 degrees across Australia by 2100, then surely Adelaide would then just become a city two degrees warmer. just inheriting a living condition climate where people have since settlement ably survived.

    Increased mortality is likely to occur because householders are unable to afford electricity supply due to the global warming alarmists drastically forcing the price of electricity up. Just so that we have green power generation and can financially contribute to MENA to supply green generated electricity to 2 billion poor, thereby “saving the planet”

  9. The ABC can’t even get the name of the report right – it’s “The Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health”.”The Critical Decade” was the”climate change” report released several months ago. I’ll download the latest one and read it with a handkerchief stuffed in my mouth – don’t want the neighbours to be disturbed by hysterical laughter.

  10. IPCC 2007 report: There will be fewer overall deaths worldwide from cold up to a projected increase of 3C. I think whoever wrote this needs to check their masters.

  11. Just updated my spreadsheets for Cape Ferguson and Rosslyn Bay (Queensland) – air temperature is declining at both stations.At Cape Ferguson -0.324°C/decade since 1991 (start of data), and at Rosslyn Bay -0.204°C/decade since 1992. Virtually identical rate of fall during the “critical decade”.

    Where does the Climate Commission get its data from I wonder? Flannery’s Almanac?

  12. I’m sure Tim Flannery would love the pic for his stupid “endless drought” claims. Pity it won’t stop raining.

  13. Mandy, that was only in 2008 from something I believe ‘Hollywood’ Beattie started. The strong La Nina led to extensive rainfall later that year and the project was dropped. Bligh later created dept of Climate Change with a big budget and her husband as its head. EPA in QLD is more a water quality monitoring group etc. Some of the processes the group advertises are actual pollutants rather than the CO2 scare meme that is the norm from government funded quassi-scientists and related environmental cultists.

  14. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    It’s never ending… bullshit after bullshit… repent, the end of the world is nigh!

    You should also see the stuff in the UK’s Guardian of late. I wrote a neutral comment to each of a couple of its stories… just pointing out a few known official facts and raising some relevant points for readers to ponder. They eventually deleted the comments ‘for failing to meet community standards’!

    And that about sums it up. They don’t want to publicise anything that allows people to doubt the global warming mantra.

  15. Vivienne Skeen via Facebook says:

    The United Nations IPCC and all of it’s fraudulent claims are now bordering on criminality, in fact it is criminal. The united Nations have been perpetrating the biggest fraud in history with the aid of traitorous governments.

  16. Ian F Somerville via Facebook says:

    Hope it gets Gillard and Combet!

  17. it’s the #lunatic tax that will kill us…

  18. what proof do you have that the carbon tax will reduce global temperatures? I reckon it will export jobs to high polluting countries and increase atmospheric CO2, assuming that this will have some impact as per the “greenhouse effect”

  19. Pollution as well as CO2 will increase under this tax, not essentially because goods will be manufactured in the different location but the transport cost in pollution and CO2 will increase many many times the current transport costs just to get raw materials and finished products to their respective markets as well as the lack of refinement of raw materials meaning increased costs of transporting larger amounts of unrefined materials.

    • Spot on Scott, Qld coal and WA iron ore, if all turned into steel here; only 7% of the bulk would need to be transported to China / Japan. Only percentage from iron ore is converted into steel – the rest goes into landfill. Cargo ships walk on water, but drink lots of diesel. The amount of iron ore and other minerals are moved from here to the northern hemisphere will make the earth to tilt…? You people in the southern states, where the big Green vote is, start to worry. When the planet tilts; because extra weight there – less here; the arsse end of the country will end up on the souther poll… start prying for global warming, immediately!

  20. Paul Bennett says:

    My hair got messed up. It must be climate change. 🙂

  21. Paul Bennett says:

    What in the world are they spraying?

    The scientist who said that geoengineering will destroy the ozone layer and kill people

    And the geoengineering conference itself which was held in Canberra in September this year

    Who is really changing the climate?

  22. On our present political course, the picture is a representation of what is going to happen in society as a whole, because of the parasitic political predation and absolute Corruption.
    And there is not any end to it. Only YOU can end it; by knowing – and not submitting to, and complying with the utter fraud and antisocial trends that has become Government and the Statist institutions.
    Armageddon is the State of political Absolution ; and it is One minute before midnight.

  23. I just wish the NLP would wake up to the alarmist BS and come out openly like Cardinal Pell and say: after reviewing all the scientific facts and other evidence, including IPCC corruption of data, we have decided that we are not going to do anything about CO2 or the Climate as we are unable to change it anyway, however, what we are going to do is institute processes and policies that work towards assisting those affected by natural disasters as the climate looks after themselves.

    Why can’t they do a Canadian Government job and accept the whole AGW scam is a scam and the money could be better spent elsewhere. Would make them alot more popular and get them alot of publicity to boot.

    Remember, NO publicity is bad publicity in politics unless you rip the people off 🙂

    • Richard N says:

      I agree totally with WR. The LNPs direct action climate cooling policy is a nonsencical policy that Australia just cannot afford . Barnaby Joyce likes to distance himself from it but every coalition member will have to drag the ludicrous wastful policy through the next election like a ball and chain.The only good thing you can say about it is that it will be an easier beast to kill then Gillard’s voter proof carbon tax.

  24. I’ve noticed there are some 123 emails in the latest batch suggesting at least some degree of collusion with the CSIRO. Does anyone know if there’s also a link with the ABC?

  25. We all know the Gore effect.
    The press conference for this piece of propaganda was graced with Flannery’s presence.
    I propose the Flannery effect – if Flannery is present, then it’s highly likely (get it ? Flan’s favourite expression) that anything being said is completely wrong or based on half-truths.

  26. What I can’t work out is that a one or two degree change is going to affect our health and thousands will die. By that reckoning it should make Queensland a very very dangerous place to live. What a load of rubbish. Everyone knows there are more dangers of dying in a cold climate, like UK especially when people can’t afford to use their heaters. A small rise in temperature wouldn’t even be noticed in the daily fluctuations.

  27. They won’t be happy till the Earth and all get human rights. We must now worship Earth, compulsory services with Flannery every week. Those not attending shall be shot for Earth abuse…

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