Qatar to host 2012 climate talks

It's a tough life on the UN AGW bandwagon

Great choice, then all the delegates can complain about the heat due to “global warming”! Perhaps they’ll also turn the aircon off a la James Hansen…

I long for the day when a climate summit is held in winter, somewhere cold and bleak, like Aberdeen – perhaps they’d appreciate the extra warmth a bit more.


  1. Bob Campbell says:

    Wasn’t the one in Mexico a few years back hit by cold weather?
    Certainly the Copenhagen one was.
    It’s best to be sure of avoiding such embarrasments by going to SA.
    Oh how I wish…

  2. So they take the World Cup off us and now they get some pointless climate talks?

  3. Bryan Harris says:

    It would be nice if the bandwagon went B&B instead of the luxurious holidays they enjoy at our expense.

    The whole hypocritcal bunch of gravytrain chasers should start living as they expect the rest of the world to live…..

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    I am going to make a very bold prediction, which might, at long last, just bring an end to this climate change insanity. Here goes…

    Durban will not result in any agreement… everyone expects that outcome.

    Ok… so when that happens, what will happen to the carbon price in the EU?

    Well, common sense says that as the Europeans recognise no global agreement will ever happen, it will cast grave uncertainty over the future of their emissions trading scheme, and the carbon price will tumble… actually it will collapse. That will see the end of carbon trading in the EU!

    In Australia, the Gillard green government will then face its biggest nightmare explaining why we still have to have a carbon price at all! In fact, Australia may end up without the carbon tax it was meant to have because Gillard will no longer be able to justify any need for it.

  5. The whole thing has become a complete circus. It will soon be a competition for which is the most irrelevant: the Commonwealth Games, CHOGM, or the COP “Climate Talks” — all of which are designed to piss taxpayers’ money down the drain.

  6. Questions about Durban :
    Will Gore be showing up ?
    And as with Cancun, which pagan deity will be prayed to ?

  7. Strange how they want to hold the 2012 climate talks in Qatar. If you believe all the hype about anthrogenic global warming then Qatar has some interesting statistics:

    – Qatar has the highest per capita output of co2 emissions in the world.
    – 70% of the Qatar governments revenue and 60% of it’s GDP are derived from the evil non-renewable energy called petroleum.
    – Qatar Petroleum, a State owned oil company, is the 3rd largest oil company in the world” and has the capacity to produce more than 1 million barrels of oil per day.

    You’d expect it would be the last place on earth they’d want to highlight with a climate meeting … unless of course they got an offer too good to refuse!

  8. Streetcred says:

    If Gore attends, it is guaranteed to snow!


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