Gillard and Co to waste $100 million on CO2 tax advertising

Your taxpayer dollars

[Jaw hits floor in disbelief at the arrogance and shamelessness of this government]. That’s ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS – in other words, an awful lot of nurses, police and teachers:

A $100 million taxpayer funded advertising and information blitz will be waged to sell the government’s carbon tax, despite promises to slash waste in Tuesday’s mini-budget.

The money will go to creating what the opposition has described as a new propaganda unit in the Department of Climate Change and Energy and to fund lobby groups to help sell the tax to consumers.

The figures, contained in Tuesday’s crisis mini-budget, come on top of the $24 million spent this year by the government on advertising the merits of the tax, and following promises to cut back on government ad spending to help bring the budget back to surplus. (source)

Utterly disgusting.



    Seven News Exclusive 6pm tonight 1st Dec 11

    The governments climate change cover up with the documents they withdrew from their own experts that didn’t match the climate change policy they wanted to drive through.

  2. Rick Bradford says:

    Socialists never run out of reasons to spend other people’s money on their own vanity projects.

  3. PR is always the backbone in a totalitarian government. It’s the only way Hitler got voted into power and Gillard is using all the same tricks.

  4. Robert of Ottawa says:

    I have friends and colleagues here in Canada who have tails of Communist Eastern Europe. The State apparatus told bold-faced lies all the time. The people naturally disbelieved everything the government said and looked for the reasons those lies were said: the corruption; the internal fights; who was in and who was to avoid. I see now Australia is now becoming Commnist …

  5. Mandy Love via Facebook says:

    And they’re telling us we need to make cuts in the budget pffft

  6. And Gillard’s next pay rise will see her better paid than both the UK and US leaders. Wow.

  7. Lew Skannen says:

    Jaw hits floor in disbelief at the arrogance and shamelessness of this government.

    Jaw recovers when we realise that this is actually nothing out of the ordinary for this government…


    Well Gillard is lining the pockets of the same media that brings us the “news”.

    Monkey say, monkey do or monkey no pay.

  9. Its a situation of Shame… Shame… Shame…They really only care about themselves I feel…

  10. And the band plays on.

    • I suggested to Rob Oakeshott that he adopt Flash in the Pan’s best song “Down Among the Dead Men” as his personal anthem. He was not amused.

      This travesty can not go on for much longer, can it?

  11. What planet are these galahs on ? No, don’t tell me, not this one obviously.

  12. Gillard & Brown are students of Adolph Hitler? They believe that by subliminally Brain washing they can sell anything Dont believe them,They’ll Gag the press?? Even the working man Realises now that labour is the Corruption party,Can be bought off Paid off Bribed & has absoloutley no concern for Australia? as Long as they can spend up Big in office & the Party never ends Fiddling while Rome Burns??? The Ides of march??? Can we be so Lucky???

  13. Now you know why the media supports the propaganda. Media moguls are getting bribed / blackmailed FOR government adds. They know that: if the truth is known, those adds will not exist. with more and more channels; need more and more suckers, to pay for their profits.

    Is not only those 100million, Qld. solar panels ads, gadgets to cut on stand-by electricity. Credit rating is going down, but Anna Bligh has more ads regarding the phony global warmings; than funeral insurance ads – and are just as irritating

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