TONIGHT: 7 News to run exclusive on Gillard's climate policy

UPDATE: Brian Wilshire on 2GB last night said:

“I’m told that Channel 7 at 6.00 tomorrow night in their news will have an exposé of what the government… has done and shouldn’t have done regarding the illusion of global warming, what they sometimes like to call climate change. They are letting the cat out of the bag tomorrow night, so I am told. I don’t have the details but I will be watching in anticipation.”

[Download the podcast for iTunes here, and skip to 1 hr 5 min 30 secs.]

7 News have just confirmed that they will be running an exclusive on Julia Gillard’s climate policy:

Fingers crossed…

Be sure to tune in!


  1. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    She has something like a policy below those reddish locks?

  2. Unfortunately, like the rest of the media Ch7 have a love affair with The Labor Gov’t…I can gaurantee a one sided report…for the Carbon Tax!!

  3. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    Are there actually any torys in Australia? You’d have a better chance of finding torys in the states than over there.

  4. Doug Askin via Facebook says:

    I don’t own a TV, maybe you could give us a summery of what it is

  5. Yeeehaa!
    I hope a lot of climategate II quotes pop out!
    What an abomination is revealed in there!

  6. Luke Holman via Facebook says:

    Geez, I ain’t going to hold my breath. I bet it still paints all ‘denier’s’ as idiots & loony right wing maniacs that may have a small point but the world is still going to incinerate us all unless we throw billions to the UN.

  7. I suppose if it is the labor stooge mark riley or the butt licker david koch it will all be co2 yeah!!!!!!!! 7 have become so left wing I refuse to watch it. 9 is almost as bad, but the ABC still is the chief propaganda arm of the ALP?Unions/Greens. If I see a tv show [they advertise] I try to locate it on the net and try to watch via internet tv from any other country.

  8. what i find interesting is that there is almost no coverage of the gabfest in durban…

  9. also, today the Age has more Durbin-build up warmist diarrhoea. In particular, they have one of those fraud global warming graphs which shows the anomoly 1961 to current against the average for the period 1961 to 1990! Deliberate selectivity to make the warming anomoly appear larger. Also, the period selected starts with the curious downward temperature trend that ended in the 1970’s which is counter to the rise in man-made CO2 emissions during the same period. No mention of that.

    The article contains the usual misleading claim about 10 warmist years on record occuring in the last 15 or so years. Misleading, of course, because “on record” only goes back to about 1850, a point in time when the Earth was just beginning to emerge from the coldest period in the last 1000 years, the Little Ice Age.

    Can’t anyone stop them? The Age is the warmist pits. Their global warming journo Adam Morton is a complete greenie rent-seeker suck hole. He has absolutely no credibility and should be sacked so he can take up a position with Greenpeace or WWF, where he belongs.

  10. spelling correction: anomaly.

    Directly on topic: 7 Nightly News exposing ‘climate change’ (‘climate change’ said as if the phrase tasted of poo). Hooray, they have millions of viewers. They are really kicking Gillard in the guts if they do this. She needs to bribe them somehow. Problem probably is that they cost more than the Age obviously does!

  11. I just watched 7 but missed the first 2 mins, I saw NO mention of climate policy, did anyone else? I stayed home instead of going to gym for this and looks like I wasted my time….WON’T be watching channel 7 news anymore!

  12. Russell Hamstead says:

    So did anyone actually see this supposed exclusive? I dont live in sydney so I (surprise surprise) dont get 7 news sydney

  13. why would there be… id say the uegenics program has been let out of the bag

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