Sydney: coolest start to Summer in 51 years

Sydney storms

From the Weather Isn’t Climate Department:

Thunderstorms are helping Sydney achieve its coolest start to summer in 51 years, according to

Thunderstorms rolled across the city late this morning and early afternoon, cooling most suburbs below 17 degrees, well below average for this time of year. The storms also brought brief rain and hail to some western and northern suburbs. Picnickers and beach-goers were sent scurrying.

“In the first four days of this summer, Sydney has now failed to reach 23 degrees, making it the coolest start in 44 years,” Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said.

“The city is on target for its coolest start to summer in 51 years with none of the next three days expected to reach 23 degrees,” Dutschke said.

In the summer of 1960, each of the first 10 days were cooler than 22 degrees. (source)

Bring me sunshine…


  1. Obviously caused by global warming, along with everything else.

  2. Tony, that is over now as we have the carbon dioxide tax to lower temps!

  3. Cathy Myors via Facebook says:

    The NT had it’s coldest Dry Season (your Winter) since records were first accurately taken. So – GW? Pffft!!!

  4. Luke Holman via Facebook says:

    See, filthy deniers all those billions weren’t wasted after all. 😀

  5. clearly the market driven solution for action against climate change is working…

  6. Just passing the laws is enough! It doesn’t come into force for another 7 months, but it’s working already – a miracle!

  7. So place your bets, will the warmists turn this around and say it’s further evidence of disruptive climate change or just pretend it’s not happening?

  8. Greg McBride via Facebook says:

    The news you WILL NOT see on the “news”

  9. V.N. Phoon via Facebook says:

    @Alex Armstrong That was exactly what my warmist friend said when I told him we are experiencing the coldest summer in decades. I woke up the 3.9 degrees Celcius! But guess what now they don’t call it global warming anymore it’s CLIMATE CHANGE what the….

  10. Cyndi Rose via Facebook says:

    Dumb asses need to go back to kindergarten. One of the first things you learn is weather changes all year long all over the globe. Duh.

  11. V.N. Phoon via Facebook says:

    Having a debate with my warmist friend now of course now he claims global warming is causing the disbalance LOL gosh I love to stir up shit with these warmists it makes me feel smart

  12. Really needing some of that global warming shit right now… Damn its cold

  13. Global warming is a scam

  14. no…gw driven by emissions of aco2 is the scam…global warming/cooling cycles perfectly natural…

  15. Tim french says:

    Just thought id better give you a link to your very own Prof Ian Plimer who attended a meeting at the House of commons London on 30/11/2011.

  16. Glen Balmer via Facebook says:

    But, but, but Perth is experiencing the hottest start to summer in 55 years with +7 degrees above average daily temperatures – Global Warming is going to fry us all !!!?!?!!? Aaaaauuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!??!!!?!?!!!!

  17. HA… These Globalists (warmists/changists) are just an absurd bunch of sheep following the pied piper! The fear mongering by Gov and greenies is purely political hype to create scarcity and rise prices. The goal is to depopulate society slowly through impoverishment, as if big companies like OIL and Gas care about a silly little Carbon Tax when their profits off exploiting 3rd world countries will be trillions, all permitted to slow carbon emissions! ridiculous. How in a ‘greenhouse effect’ hypothesis do we det global cooling … ? please. The climate is dictated by “phenomena” we still barely know anything about. The Carbon Tax is not Climate Change – it is a sting on the poor as usual, to maintain the Banksters grip on Global Governance through fear. No pollution Solution, no alternative electrical means, just a cap on resources to more easily hide price escalation.

  18. Streetcred says:

    “Thunderstorms are helping Sydney achieve its coolest start to summer in 51 years”

    Doing what comes naturally. No doubt the warmistas will try to link the natural thunderstorms to CAGW.

  19. Toscamaster says:

    With my tongue firmly in my cheek …

    I didn’t know that Al Gore baby had flown into Sydney.

    There goes another climate theory – That when Al turns up you can guarantee that thunder, lightning and cooler weather will arrive to spoil his fear-ridden day.

  20. Roman Oz via Facebook says:

    How many sheeple out there in fantasyland actually believe this bullshit? Get your heads out of the sand and tell them what you really believe. DON”T VOTE;;;;;;;;;

  21. Can’t we corner Tim ‘Ghost Metropolis’ Flannery and show him the weather radar of rain lashing South West Australia.

  22. Great speech by American congressman. The chickens are coming home to roost.

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