Brisbane: coldest December day in 123 years

Throw another reindeer on the barbie…

Another from the Weather Isn’t Climate Department:

Cloud and rain has limited Brisbane’s temperature to 19.1 degrees so far today, putting the city on track for its coldest December day since 1888.

20mm of rain had drenched the city between 9am and 3pm, while the associated cloud cover had blocked out the warming rays of the summer sun.

The highest temperature recorded after 9am in Brisbane was 19.1 degrees, which is around 10 below average for the month of December. The main Brisbane weather site only has 12 years of continuous records, but checking surrounding sites from the city and the old regional office site, the current maximum of 19.1 would be the lowest recorded since 1888 (assuming we stay at or below 19.3 until 9am on Thursday). (source)

Of course, this story is as meaningless in relation to climate as all those hysterical claims that hot days are a sign of “global warming”.


  1. Colder if UHI was taken into account.

  2. Hahahahaha, it’s just too funny…makes us angry at these whop heads that believe the sky is falling in, but still….soooo funny 😀

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      but but but. Don’t you know? Cold weather is “consistent” with global warming. Any type of weather is “consistent” with globie warmie.

      That’s why it was necessary to change the name to something more fitting………”Climate Change”

      • gyptis444 says:

        Wait for it. Someone pointed out that the climate always changes. So next on the list is ‘climate disruption’.

        But you are correct all weather events are “consistent with the AGW consensus” and the obviously bad events are “directly caused by AGW”.

        Bottom line……according to the consensus there is no falsifiable test applicable to AGW….. it cannot be disproved… they have an explanation for everything……SO IT’S NOT SCIENCE.

      • I enjoyed your comment about “Climategate”. I wonder if there is a purpose to change the name “global warming”s into a variable such as, of course—“Climategate!”, Thanks for the post. Please take a look at my videotapes at “”. I was on Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura’s vlideos, but they are so much into showbizz that I say very little in the tapes. I have some good ones coming up in a couple days about water barons who are going to decimate us with climate change tactics via the UN. George

  3. Dave Gardner via Facebook says:

    What’s even funnier is that *December* is YOUR *summer*! 🙂 … That’s okay, we had *our* coolest summer in a long time here in California this year. Yeah, there’s *climate change* … but it’s cyclic and has *nothing* to do with human effects. One solar flare and we’re toast. One big volcano like Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, Krakatoa in Indonesia, or Mt. St. Helens in Washington, U.S. , or the volcano in Iceland can put enough crud in the atmosphere to cool the earth’s temperatures for years. Also not “human caused”…. no need for “government intervention” … because that’s like pushing against an iceberg. Not going to make one bit of difference. 🙂 Hang on for some cool days.

  4. Karl Jens via Facebook says:

    Very wise words Dave Gardner!

  5. Yesterday here in Perth. Wettest December day for 69 yrs. also coldest start for summer ever for Sydney

    • Kevin R. Lohse says:

      I came to Perth in October for my son’s wedding and some sun. The first happened and the second didn’t. 3 weeks of sprinkles instead! Saw the humpback whales migration and the WACA, so the trip was not entirely a waste of time.

  6. And Sydney boasts its coldest start to summer in 50 years. But its only weather, and we’ll be soaring to a scorcher of 24 by the w/e…coool…

  7. Climate Change Commissioner and Australian Alarmist of the Year Tim Flannery warned in 2007 that Brisbane could run out of water by year’s end. He said the country was facing a “catastrophic” situation. “Even a year ago this would have been unthinkable,” Flannery told AFP. “I think it’s the most extreme and the most dangerous situation arising from climate change facing any country in the world right now.”

    Today’s Brisbane Dam levels – almost 80%. Not a bad comeback from 25%, considering Tim Foolery said we would never have flooding rains again. Meanwhile, Brisbane is set for a cooler summer.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Brisbane water supply at 80 percent? It was higher than that. They’ve actually had to release water from Wivenhoe Dam (that was nearly full) in preparation for one of those “flood seasons” that Foolery said we’d never see again.

      The man is an imbecile…

  8. Yep Brissie is bloody cold. Where’s Tim Flannery? Thought we were supposed to be in drought with boiling temps!

  9. Any extreme or unusual weather event must be caused by climate change. Just ask anyone with a research grant.

  10. Tim says it’s an effect of the warming, colder weather. It’s so hot we have gorn full circle, so it feels and appears cold. It can’t be measured as it’s dark matter. (just thought I’d stick up for the AGW cultists)

  11. I suppose Tim also claims our rain every 2 days (on av) is an effect of his “perpetual drought”.

  12. Warwick Hughes showed our capital cities haved warmed 1 degree more that rural areas due to UHI, since 1882. That would easily put the current Brisbane temperature at the lowest on record

  13. Joe Mantellato via Facebook says:

    Well it looks like Julia’s tax is working.

  14. Very cold today in Christchurch NZ. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up to some snow on the hills tomorrow.

  15. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Al Gore just called me from his commuter Jumbo jet, he confirms that global warming is indeed real. He also asks if anyone down under has seen manbearpig.??

  16. Global Warming strikes again.

  17. cold ? *blinks* 19c is a warm summers day in the uk! STOP BEING WIMPS

  18. Shame that the weather won’t play along with the Warmists’ computer models. Obviously they deserve even more funding.

  19. Funny how none of these “record cold days” are getting a mention on the ABC. Even the UK had “The coldest summer in 18 years”

  20. Grant Macgill via Facebook says:

    Climate change is actually happening the problem is the tax not just a carbon tax( there are heaps coming) and/or ets, being imposed on the public now as a so called solution(WHAT A JOKE) also what is actually causing the change across the globe. For me i believe we are experiencing higher solar output and a pole shift which is increasing(yes the poles are moving) If you deny it is not happening your a fool!!!

    • gyptis444 says:

      What? Are you telling us that climate change is attributable to NATURAL causes? What heresy! You know they will take back your research funding.

  21. Is not their out that this is part of the broader “climate change” umbrella? To me, it would indicate that an ice age is more likely than us burning to a crisp.

  22. Streetcred says:

    Record low temperature? A “RECORD” is only achieved if it exceeds all historical measurements and clearly it hasn’t. 1888 was a lower temperature.

    Everything to the warmista and its sycophant journalists is a “record”, one way or another.

  23. You won’t here the ABC mention that record breaker!

  24. The driving force behind the global warming cult is hatred of civilisation and hence a commitment to de-industrialise, and the cultists will always ignore the overwhelming evidence that humans have a light footprint compared with natural forces especially the sun. On balance of probabilities humanity faces a cooling period which will bring far more misery than a warming period. Whatever hardships natural climate change may bring, they are best faced by prosperous and resourceful individuals, corporations and communities. So stop taxing carbon.

  25. What will they call it next? global temperature change… its a one size fits all.

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