Idiotic Comment of the Day: Ban Ki-moon


The UN Moonbat is on cracking form today in Durban, trying to scare world leaders (most of whom are preoccupied with keeping their economies solvent) into taking utterly futile and eye-wateringly expensive action on climate change. Fortunately, there is little chance of that:

“It would be difficult to overstate the gravity of this moment,” Mr Ban said overnight at the start of a four-day meeting of the world’s environment ministers.

But somehow, Moonbat succeeds:

Without exaggeration, we can say: the future of our planet is at stake – people’s lives, the health of the global economy, the very survival of some nations.

Without exaggeration, that’s bullish*t. I humbly suggest that Mr Ban take a cold shower and read the Climategate 2.0 emails. He might learn something.



  1. Unfortunately here in the UK we have a Grade `A` yoghurt knitter who is hell bent on becoming an eco hero, I bet the despots in Africa have already ordered their new ferraris & a fleet of mercs on the strength of this.

  2. I thought Moonbat was a term coined for George Monbiot. Is this now a generic term for the climate afflicted?

    • It’s more general than that: “Moonbat is a term used in United States politics as a political epithet referring to progressives or leftists.” Wikipedia. I tend to use it as an all purpose term for those who are climate afflicted, however…

      • Whilst I can see the pun in the suffix, I would have used ‘ding-bat’ – a weird thing, person or situation, a person considered stupid or foolish – as it hides the origin of the person’s name but more appropriately describes the speakers nonsensical utterance.

      • I guess I read too much of Richard North’s EURef
        His “Total Eclipse of the Moonbat” was a featured quote on WUWT a while back

        On that topic, I see that Piers Corbyn is forecasting heavy snow for the UK shortly.
        I expect more Moonbats to be eclipsed in due course.
        We can only hope, I guess

  3. …the sea levels are rising as we speak, with the Greens salivating on Moonbank’s manic propaganda…

  4. There will be no commitment from USA, China and India so the whole climate-fest is one huge waste of time and resources, no matter how much hand-wringing Ban performs.

  5. Richard Seale via Facebook says:


  6. Joe Mantellato via Facebook says:

    Better go and neck myself.

  7. The Loaded Dog says:

    Without exaggeration, I can confidently say, that Ban Ki-Moon is an idiot…

  8. Ban Ki-moon is probably right that people’s lives, the health of theglobal economy and some nations survival are tied to the actions in Durban. He just doesn’t yet realize that most will be better off if Kyoto framework is allows to simply lapse.

  9. Lojac Corry via Facebook says:

    its a pity that we (Australia)are the only [snip]-tards that have gone down this path and will keep going.

  10. He has a BA in international relations and master’s in public administration … no wonder he sounds like an idiot when it comes to science.

  11. Betty Whiffin says:

    What rot this man speaks. He just doesn’t get it – “climate change” has been since the planet began. Is he blind not to have read how ancient civilizations adapted to hot weather followed by mini ice ages. A nincompoop of the highest order trying to keep up a scam to feather his own next, like many others (Gore included) when all the pointers are today that this is the greatest hoax in history.

  12. gyptis444 says:

    By contrast, here is some gravitas from the likes of Ian Plimer, Matt Ridley,
    Donna Laframboise, et al


  13. gyptis444 says:

    OT perhaps but this may also be of interest

    Note the time difference – atmospheric CO2 peaks 6-9 months AFTER sea surface temperature peaks.

  14. “the health of the global economy”

    Yes, the global economy is stuffed, and one big contributor to the problem is the idiotic and moronic green policy over-reactions to the climate fraud.

    Wasted money causing un-necessary drains on the coffers of many countries.

  15. Donal McCaffrey via Facebook says:

    He is a complete twit. A dumb Bunny.
    He is a worry,
    an idiot in
    charge of all that money
    and effort is a problem
    The last bloke was a coward
    and that
    did not help.

  16. Moonbat!! Ha. Love it. very appropriate. so far to the left this guy! may as well chuck him over the border. the north would love him

  17. No surprise He says his reason to seek re-election is to save the planet from climate change. Deluded beyond redemption.

  18. Ban ki hasn’t gone far enough, lo and behold thy doom is nigh.

    It is clearly predicted (entrails were read) that 4.5 billion souls will perish in 2012.

    Don’t believe it – only if you dare!

  19. Graham Richards says:

    I think ‘moonbat’ would get along real good with our very own red haired ding bat.

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