"Rights of Mother Earth": barking madness from Durban

Durban nightmare

This is what you get if you fill a room full of extreme greens – total nonsense. It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Here are some of the key points from a draft (or should that be plain “daft”) document from Durban, and a glimpse at the kind of world we may inhabit if the lunatics ever get to run the asylum:

  • A new International Climate Court will have the power to compel Western nations to pay ever-larger sums to third-world countries in the name of making reparation for supposed “climate debt”. The Court will have no power over third-world countries. Here and throughout the draft, the West is the sole target. “The process” is now irredeemably anti-Western.
  • “Rights of Mother Earth”: The draft, which seems to have been written by feeble-minded green activists and environmental extremists, talks of “The recognition and defence of the rights of Mother Earth to ensure harmony between humanity and nature”. Also, “there will be no commodification [whatever that may be: it is not in the dictionary and does not deserve to be] of the functions of nature, therefore no carbon market will be developed with that purpose”.
  • “Right to survive”: The draft childishly asserts that “The rights of some Parties to survive are threatened by the adverse impacts of climate change, including sea level rise.” At 2 inches per century, according to eight years’ data from the Envisat satellite? Oh, come off it! The Jason 2 satellite, the new kid on the block, shows that sea-level has actually dropped over the past three years.
  • War and the maintenance of defence forces and equipment are to cease – just like that – because they contribute to climate change. There are other reasons why war ought to cease, but the draft does not mention them.
  • A new global temperature target will aim, Canute-like, to limit “global warming” to as little as 1 C° above pre-industrial levels. Since temperature is already 3 C° above those levels, what is in effect being proposed is a 2 C° cut in today’s temperatures. This would take us halfway back towards the last Ice Age, and would kill hundreds of millions. Colder is far more dangerous than warmer.
  • The new CO2 emissions target, for Western countries only, will be a reduction of up to 50% in emissions over the next eight years and of “more than 100%” [these words actually appear in the text] by 2050. So, no motor cars, no coal-fired or gas-fired power stations, no aircraft, no trains. Back to the Stone Age, but without even the right to light a carbon-emitting fire in your caves. Windmills, solar panels and other “renewables” are the only alternatives suggested in the draft. There is no mention of the immediate and rapid expansion of nuclear power worldwide to prevent near-total economic destruction.
  • The new CO2 concentration target could be as low as 300 ppmv CO2 equivalent (i.e., including all other greenhouse gases as well as CO2 itself). That is a cut of almost half compared with the 560 ppmv CO2 equivalent today. It implies just 210 ppmv of CO2 itself, with 90 ppmv CO2 equivalent from other greenhouse gases. But at 210 ppmv, plants and trees begin to die. CO2 is plant food. They need a lot more of it than 210 ppmv.
  • The peak-greenhouse-gas target year – for the West only – will be this year. We will be obliged to cut our emissions from now on, regardless of the effect on our economies (and the lack of effect on the climate).
  • The West will pay for everything, because of its “historical responsibility” for causing “global warming”. Third-world countries will not be obliged to pay anything. But it is the UN, not the third-world countries, that will get the money from the West, taking nearly all of it for itself as usual. There is no provision anywhere in the draft for the UN to publish accounts of how it has spent the $100 billion a year the draft demands that the West should stump up from now on.

You just can’t make this stuff up, unless you’re in a hermetically sealed eco-bubble disconnected from reality, just like Durban in fact.

Read it all.

And whilst you’re over at Climate Depot, read the “A-Z Climate Reality Check” (65 page PDF).


  1. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    When did the planet delve down into complete insanity.

  2. The tree huggers are taking over. This minority group are only trying to protect us from ourselves whilst taking gross amounts of money……but its ok….

  3. You may have to change the website to “totalclimatemadness”

  4. Paul Kuczwara via Facebook says:

    These people are worshipping a created thing, rather than the creator. Just wait, until the de-creation begins, no amount of “tree hugging” will stop it, in. fact it will only make them “curse” the creator more instead of looking to the Lord.

  5. @aaron the planet is fine…only humans are FITH!

  6. It is true that the first world countries are more responsible for global warming because of the rapid increase in factories and other fuel consuming materials or things. Third world countries are paying the price in the form of floods, storms and earth quakes. In the last decade Pakistan, China, Turkey, Iran and Japan are the most worst affected by the global warming. Now it is the responsibility of UNO to help those countries who don’t have enough resources to face huge disasters. Climate changes are dramatic with unpredictable effects.

    • Are you for real Faraz ? how do you figure my factory causes earthquakes ? If you look at history books ,you will find natural disasters occuring all over the world since history has been written. Bigger loss of life from natural disaster has been recorded for world population of less than half what it is now. I notice you don’t give the Icelandic volcano last year any blame for erratic weather changes.

    • Third world countries are only paying the usual price for having corrupt and inept politicians – not because of climate change/global warming.

      The worlds weather is quite normal, in fact very average at present. There are no floods, droughts, cyclones, tornadoes or any other weather events that are extra-ordinary.

      As for earthquakes! well if you think that’s caused from carbon dioxide, there’s not much I can say that’s going to help you change your mind.

    • Faraz,
      So you are implying that only 3rd world countries are prone to natural disasters? Earthquakes purely as a result of ‘man-made’ global warming? Seriously, where’s the research?? Please, point me in the right direction. Continents have always moved up and down, for many reasons. It’s what the earth does…and always will.

      Turkey, for example, has ancient roman wharves a very very long way from todays waterfront, Pompeii was a harbour town, it is now very much not near the sea. Are these things (admittedly extreme examples) also a result of first world countries and their global warming activities? How can you distinguish between man-made, and natural events? What gives you such conviction, such certainty? Am I missing something? Please feel free to share this information with the rest of us.

    • Kevin R. Lohse says:

      Since when have Japan and New Zealand been Third-world Countries?
      Is not China the biggest polluting nation on the planet? Closely followed by India?

  7. When it comes to green nut cases, this would have to be the ultimate:
    “… to limit “global warming” to as little as 1 C° above pre-industrial levels. Since temperature is already 3 C° above those levels, what is in effect being proposed is a 2 C° cut in today’s temperatures. This would take us halfway back towards the last Ice Age, and would kill hundreds of millions. …”

  8. If you needed any proof that the extreme greenies were running the show…

  9. Faraz December 10, 2011 at 6:38 am

    Hate to bust your bubble Faraz, but you have been had. Please will you link credible scientific research that supports your assertions. That’ll keep you busy for the rest of your life trying to find any.

  10. I remember seeing on the news Greg Combet and the rest of the union thugs smashing down the doors of parliament house, over Work Choices.
    Now that same Greg Combet is genuflecting to ‘mother earth Gaia’ whilst at the same time giving our money away and the Sovereignty of of Australia, so that we will become enslaved to the United Nations One World Government. Greg Combet is a traitor of the highest order. And should be treated as such! Along with the rest of the Gillard Socialist Government.

  11. Rob Griffith says:

    @ Faraz, You talk about first world countries being responsible for natural events in Japan of all places???? Please don’t tell me that ‘Global Warming / Climate Change/ Raving Mad Weather Hysteria’ is now responsible for earthquakes?

  12. It’s like a real life Monty Python skit. It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that we pay for these twits, and they make the law.

  13. The Loaded Dog says:

    I can feel an ohm coming on.
    Got the taste for it….
    just can’t wait for it…
    I can feel an ohm coming on….

  14. I just posted this on WUWT website:

    Thank you Lord Monckton for your hard work and incite.

    Call me crazy but I am starting to think these warmist are sociopaths.
    Many WUWT Readers have made reference to Orwell s 1984 – Here is further evidence in black and white of the socialist hordes storming the walls. These people are criminals paid for by hard working taxpayers worldwide. It;s time for brain scans of all politicians, bureaucrats and NGO;s you will find they exhibit the same low frontal brain activity that criminals murderers, and unreasoned people. History is filled with these delusioned individuals that have caused pain and suffering to millions of people with their unreasoned and frightening ideology’s. We are in another make or break period for freedom loving people the world.
    Tormented Souls, Diseased Brains
    A Case for the Frontal Brain
    Since sociopathic individuals have marked alterations in their relation to other human beings, it is only natural that we should first seek whether the part of their brains responsible for this has some significant abnormality.

    All social primates have highly developed frontal brains, and human beings have the largest one of all. Self-control, planning, judgment, the balance of individual versus social needs, and many other essential functions underlying effective social intercourse are mediated by the frontal structures of the brain.

    See High Self-Perception, Low Brain Activity.

  15. I wonder where the Durbanites Bought their GREEN FLIPPERS from… I have not seen any in the local stores, so perhaps Greg Combet bought them all so the Australian Contingent could all walk to Durban……. on water of course! No carbon footprint that way is there.

  16. Read it carfefully – reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere by 100% by the year 2050 means that every livng thing that produces CO2 has to be prevented from doing it. Now consider this: every living thing on this earth in the way of people and animals, produces CO2 when we breathe out. So we are all to be killed off ? There isn’t any other way to get a 100% reduction !!!!!’
    And that is the document they are all signing !!!!

  17. Bryan Harris says:

    …and our representatives are going to sign that crap!

    God help us all

    This is about the large print – whatever are they putting in the small print – that’s what should worry us….. Like all socialist thinkers they want to do away with any rights individuals might have, all for the good of Mother Earth.
    How pathetic can they get.

    They will remove all of our democratic rights, if we let them.

  18. Jan Armstrong says:

    Hello GeoffM December 10, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    If that’s the case, let’s start with the mob in Durban and the UNO and their fanatical followers. That way, if their plan doesn’t work, then we have the evidence to try something more reasonable. “Unfortunately”, they won’t be around to participate. But we’ll get over it, eh?

  19. Andrew McRae says:

    Chris “The MoB” Monckton said:
    “Not really surprising, given no real warming for getting on for two decades,”

    *cough* Erm, seems not. Pull the other one, Brenchers. All recent periods of more than 14 years show warming in both sea surface temperature and TLT. Surely The Monck wouldn’t place any meaning on a statistically insignificant time window of 14 years? Maybe the thin air during the sky dive has disabled the fellow’s numeracy skills; he can’t even Viscount to twenty any more, poor chap.
    It’s occasional acts of measurement self-immolation like this that put a dampener on Monckton’s ability to make a good impression on the fence-sitters. Despite making huge strides earlier this year, he has not quite kicked the habit of pulling statements out of thin air.

  20. thingadonta says:

    UN: “The recognition and defence of the rights of Mother Earth to ensure harmony between humanity and nature”.

    Charles Darwin. “What a book the devils chaplin could write, on the low, blundering, wasteful, cruel works of nature” .

    Who wants to be in harmony with something that is low, blundering, wasteful, and cruel?

    UN: “there will be no commodification of the functions of nature”.

    Ah, its called civilisation.

    What about rain? Are we allowed to store it, sell it, and drink it? What about minerals? Since the earth itself concentrates them, (mostly through plate tectonics), this is also ‘a function of nature’, so can we use these minerals for our laptops? What about crops-these have all been ‘commodified’ from nature. Are we still allowed to eat?

    Os is it that you mean that the free market is dead?-well how perfectly communist of you!. I suppose you will reserve such ‘commodities’ (which will now be in short supply) for your good selves, since as Our Great Leaders of the age, you need these kind of things to think properly and run Animal Farm (sorry, the world)?, as opposed to the rest of us?

  21. Robert Holmes says:

    This is a joke, right?

  22. “Commodification”… ? Maybe it means: To make look like a commode.

  23. Jan Armstrong says:

    Rod December 16, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Hello Rod…in the midst of all this madness you have just brought me to tears laughing. Love it…love it…love it. Please don’t stop!

  24. We all have to unite to fight this, we are at war only we really don’t know it. We could all start by bombarding all the Labor politicians with letters and emails as many, each week as we can, next we will have to march in the streets, we must fight this while we still can, before there is bloodshed.
    These people are serious about what they are doing, we must take them seriously. And ACT!! this is no joke!
    What the United Nations and all Socialists Governments want, is a One World Government, and that means total control of our lives. I don’t want that for me and mine.
    We have a Socialist Gov. Every time I hear Gillard and Swan say “we have so much more to do for the future of this country, I feel sick, the ‘so much more’ is to de-stabalise Australia and lead us into the hands of the United Nations

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