Shambolic Durban limps into extra day

Durban nightmare

As usual, the delegates at the latest pointless climate gab-fest in Durban are desperate to confect a silk purse out of a tugboat-load of sow’s ears. Drama ensued when a new set of documents had to be drawn up at the 11th hour as a rebellion of developing states threatened the entire proceedings.

So, as seems to be the normal routine, the talks will limp feebly on into the weekend in a frantic push to deliver a meaningless piece of paper which will claim to be able to control the climate by taxing everyone more.

The Guardian (UK) is running live updates here (if you can stand it).

UPDATE: Here’s the opening of the new “document” (which barely struggles onto a second page):

“Recognizing that climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet and thus requires to be urgently addressed by all parties…”



  1. These rebellious states include the Alliance Of Small Island States (AOSIS) amongst others. But who belongs to AOSIS?

    Well none another than 2011’s most corrupt countries. Let’s start with the most vocal (score is out of 10) Maldives 2.5 / Haiti 1.8 / Jamaica 3.3 / Timor Leste 2.4 / Tonga 3.1 / Vanuatu 3.5 / Trinidad Tobago 3.2 / PNG 2.2 / Solomon Islands 2.7 … and the list goes on. To be fair there are one or two better behaved countries but the overwhelming majority are run by corrupt politicians.

    No wonder they want our money, they’ve got their reputations to consider!

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    You know Simon…’s been many months since I heard the effervescent, refreshing and reassuring sound of “leftist head pop”. Sadly, as I recall, the last time was immediately after, as well as during, the airing of the first “Bolt Report”

    Surely we must be more than due to revisit that ever so entertaining sound…

  3. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    These global warming alarmist suckers clearly lack common sense. Logic and an ability to reason is not part of their DNA.

    The IPCC claims that Co2 emissions from human activity is the key driver of climate change.

    Nobody, of course , knows to what extent human activity influences climate compared to natural variability. But let us assume for a moment that Co2 does drive climate change. Look how the IPCC digs its own grave over its claims.

    The IPCC’s AR4 tells us that of all the Co2 entering the atmosphere each year, 97% of it comes from natural sources, and only 3% comes from human activity. Like it or not, 3% is statistically insignificant.

    The IPCC, itself, therefore acknowledges that the overwhelming amount of Co2 entering the atmosphere each year (97%) is from natural sources.

    Common sense would therefore dictate that if Co2 drives climate change, then 97% of that climate change must be attributed to nature, and only 3% to human activity.

    The IPCC, however, claims it is just the human activity Co2 (the 3%) that is the key driver of climate change. Now how stupid is that?

    It’s not just illogical, it’s just so pathetically wrong!

    • Very true Mervyn, however just like the warmists stance on global warming has nothing to do with ‘real’ pollution, it has less to do with man-made carbon dioxide emissions and even less to do with common sense and logic.


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