Durban Tweet of the Day

Twitter was brilliant for watching the chaos unfold live, I have to say. Tweetdeck with live updating was actually quite riveting. Almost like watching a soccer match: “Noooo – UN have scored with agreement between EU and India, Yesss – failure back on the cards as Russia pulls the plug…” All it needed was the live commentary from John Motson, yes indeed.

Anyway, you can bet that tomorrow the moonbat media will be hailing the wonderful new UN agreement that will “save the planet” (translation: syphon trillions of dollars from developed to developing countries and do nothing for the climate) or perhaps not, but at least one Twitterer captured the reality:

The reality of the Durban agreement

So when everyone wakes up tomorrow morning with hangovers and bad breath, they will for the first time face the grim realisation of what exactly they have agreed to… How long do you reckon it will last?


  1. The overall carbon footprint of the COP17 Durban conference has been estimated (by themselves) to be 76,900 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

    That equates to introducing another 116,500 medium sized cars world-wide for a 1 year period … and just exactly what was achieved? Couldn’t they have achieved the same thing using video conferencing. Oh yeah, there’s no beer and skittles with video!

  2. 2012 is going to be an interesting year for finding out how they intend to police their “global legal” agreement. Mainstream media – especially the BBC – are going to be pumping out lots of propaganda – without any doubt.

  3. just who gave this unelected mob of global green gangsters any authority to ‘police’ anything in sovereign nations?

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