Durban descends to a playground huddle

Rather like school children exchanging trinkets, the talks at Durban descend into a huddle of negotiators, desperate to reach some agreement:

Swapping sweeties in the playground

Except it isn’t sweeties, it’s billions of dollars which will be flushed down the proverbial in a futile attempt to control the climate. Ludicrous.


  1. It’s all over bar the fat lady …

    “The SRMGI said a ban on geoengineering would not work: “A moratorium on all SRM-related research would be difficult if not impossible to enforce.”

    ‘They’ are already screwing with the weather, in case no one is looking up these days, the skies are already changing. Clouds are a strange purple-ish grey, and how about those wild crimson sunsets, eh? I have left some old dog towels on the line during the past few storms and guess what? Yep, they are now stained with purple streaks.

    ‘Geoengineering’ Scientists – Lunatics and Liars 4mins 10 secs of your time.

    A hundred concerned members of the public recently took a stand against geoengineering with officials at a meeting in Suffolk County Long Island New York. The lack of respect and attention given to the speakers was pure piggery.


  2. I use to live in Durban and loved it. but these crooks and lunatics have tainted it for me, more crimes against human kind!

  3. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Reminds us of the time Malcolm Turnbull & Co were hurriedly trying to come up with a last minute solution at 3.00 am for a republic model … that would be put to the people of Australia in a referendum.

    That example proves a point. You rush a process to come up with a half-baked solution… the ultimate desired outcome will always be rejected!

    And so the same applies to Durban. These people should all just go home.

  4. You have to laugh at our infantile ABC, hailing a “legally binding” “historic breakthrough” at Durban.

    UN climate change talks have agreed on a pact that for the first time would force all the biggest polluters to take action to slow the pace of global warming.

    Some time, that is. Maybe. Carbon Climate Crazy Combet pretends there is a time line.

    The idea is that after 2015 countries would start ratifying the new agreement and it would take effect from 2020.

    Take that to mean there will not ever be a global agreement except to party again at wherever.

  5. Bryan Harris says:

    Simon – Have we a complete list of the insanity these people have signed us up to?

    I hear they have agreed a deal for the West to pay the bill for emerging countries co2, but the details are very fuzzy, to say the least.

  6. until the car falls off the stands…

  7. Will honesty ever trump polotics. Combet you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. WHAT A CLOWN.

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