Canada abandons Kyoto

Climate heroes

But, but, but… Kyoto was so successful at reducing emissions! Not.

Canada has become the first country to announce it will officially pull out of the Kyoto accord on reducing greenhouse gases.

Canadian environment minister Peter Kent said it was not economically feasible for Canada to continue under the rules of the Kyoto agreement in 2012.

He made the announcement two hours after returning to Ottawa from the climate talks in Durban, where countries agreed to extend Kyoto for five years and hammer out a new deal forcing all big polluters for the first time to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada, a major energy producer which critics complain is becoming a climate renegade, has long complained Kyoto is unworkable precisely because it excludes so many significant emitters.

“As we’ve said, Kyoto for Canada is in the past … We are invoking our legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto,” Mr Kent told reporters.

He said the decision would save the government $14 billion a year in penalties and blamed what he called an incompetent Liberal government that signed the accord but then took little action to make the necessary emissions cuts.

“To meet the targets under Kyoto for 2012 would be the equivalent of either removing every car, truck, all-terrain vehicle, tractor, ambulance, police car and vehicle off every kind of Canadian road,” Mr Kent said.

He said the Kyoto accord was “an impediment” to finding a real solution to climate change because it does not include the world’s largest emitters, China and the United States. (source)

Climate sense from the Canadians. We envy you here in the country of climate madness.


  1. Paul Flather Woods via Facebook says:

    How about we move the UN to Kyoto and let them deal with that CRAP TOO!

  2. Australia might ought to do the same! Reducing GHG thats a good one/lmao.

  3. Antony Van via Facebook says:

    Time to move to Canada ?

  4. *Puffs out chest
    Proud to be Canadian!

    • I wonder how Canadian, “Mr. UN”, Mr. Maurice Strong feels about his native land waking up to Strong’s (the UN’s) ridiculous ways of tackling environment problems. Strong is in cahoots with the power-elite bankers. The UN will make recommendations to itself to take control over the all fresh water and pollution problems at the forthcoming NCSE Unisted Nations convocation to be held beginning January 18th 2012 at the Ronald Reagan Auditorium in Washisngton DC. It will allow the UN to dictate conservation projects which will be funded with 20-30-year bonds we taxpayers will have to pony up. Water will become extremely expensive.

  5. .2 of 2 percent, less emissions, in 10 years, go figure?

  6. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    I would like to be the first to congratulate Canada and the Harper government. Their avant-garde environment policy based on science and reason is an example to the world at larger. One wonders if he is the reincarnation of Diefenbaker. Yes I am a yank who knows current and past Canada chief executives names. On that note since liberal gun hating Ontario and Quebec hate Harper and love the Big O so much, let’s switch chief executives…please!

  7. It should be said that the Canadian Liberals are aligned alongside the Australian Labor Party. Their Conservative Party is the same as our Liberal Party.

    [REPLY: Thanks for that clarification – should have mentioned it in the post. Cheers, Simon]

  8. Charlotte Christenson via Facebook says:

    Aaron that is no deal we don’t want The Big communist O

  9. So proud to be a Canadian right now.

  10. Wow, Canada sure is coming up in the world. Some are standing against islam and standing up for Israel.

  11. I think this is a good thing, standing with Israel.

  12. @Susan Kaufman-Claycomb: Odd the the US is pro-israel and the British Foreign Office has always been pro-Arab [considering the establishment of the illegal state in 1947 was a British foreign policy debacle]. Getting back on track, good on Canda for waking up and ignoring the crap that is being forced on this country. Maybe we could become a province of Canada and dump this government!

    • if you keep electing the Julia Gillard types you won’t become a Canadian province, you’ll be owned by the Chinese.
      However, as cousins living far away down under, I have always thought were were family just different households.

  13. Are you saying Israel has refused to sign up for ‘carbon reduction’?

  14. one must remember harper is actually pro-agw and pro-action on climate change. what hes doing is quite right, pulling out of kyoto until there is a *global* commitment, which there will never be such a beast. he is an economist, and thus protecting canadas global economic interests, unlike the eu, uk, aus and nz…although now the uk and nz are backing away from kyoto and emissions reduction targets…

  15. Question of the Day
    December 12, 2011 4:57 PM | Read 67 comments67
    By Evan Solomon

    Do you support Canada’s decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol?

    Yes 46.53% (1,181 votes)

    No 52.09% (1,322 votes)

    Not sure 1.38% (35 votes)

    Total Votes: 2,538

    Let’s support our Canadian friends.

  16. Joe Mantellato via Facebook says:

    Canada, the only nation with a bit balls….

  17. Well done!

  18. Cathy Myors via Facebook says:

    Hehehe. It’s all good.

  19. Oh, israel has signed the edict from japan, but has not promised any emission reductions at all, now or in the future; the us and china have signed but the us has not ratified. Neither have expressed any desire to reduce emissions. India has accepted but not signed and has no also expressed no desire to reduce emissions. There are 191 signatories – 155 have no plans to reduce emissions at any stage, 30 are currently carbon negative!!!

  20. Check this out. I thought you would enjoy these. Hilarious.

    These are funny as hell.
    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. Part 1

    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. Part 2

    Between a Barrack and a Hard Place.

    Enjoy. D

  21. Cheers from Canada. You can do it!

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