Aussie carbon tax "a trip to the moral high ground" – Guardian

Totally screwed. Thanks, Labor.

When even the Guardian thinks that you’ve screwed up, you know you’ve REALLY screwed up. Julia, Greg, Kevin, Penny and all you other Labor no-hopers and no-brainers, read this editorial, bemoaning the fact that Durban achieved essentially nothing:

Bold unilateral moves like the Australian carbon tax, due to take effect from July next year, now look like a trip to the moral high ground at the expense of international competitiveness. 

Gee, who’d a thunk it? Answer: anyone on planet Earth with a couple of functioning brain cells (which excludes most of the ALP). Even bivalve molluscs washing up on Bondi beach have more intelligence than the average Labor MP and could have worked this out.

Let us all take a moment to despair at the depths to which our great country has sunk. Time to get angry.

Read it here (and weep).


  1. I guess Tony shall get the blame for saying, No, No, No and Costello for the Economic Recession we had to have.. ALP is all lulz

  2. No S*** Sherlock 🙂

  3. It would only be ‘A trip to the moral high ground’ if it were a policy the Federal Labor Government actually believed in. The correct term should be ‘falsified revenue raising/ hang on to power scheme’.

  4. The Durban Agreement is an agreement to negotiate another agreement by 2015, whether to reach another agreement by 2020, to cut CO2 emissions.

  5. David Rosser-Owen via Facebook says:

    Or, “‘…scam'”?

  6. So, “moral high ground” is now defined as the deliberate destruction of people’s lives for no valid reason? It appears the Wicked Witch of the West has been resurrected and taken over Oz.

    • It’s a new moral high ground, occupied by the party which shelters Craig Thompson and keeps Joe Ludwig on the front bench. Lightning must strike soon!

  7. Yes, with no “Robust International Carbon Market by 2015” the Carbon Tax is exposed as an even greater crock. Why is Wayne Swan now not talking about changes, given one of his key assumptions regarding pricing just flew out the window? How will he pay for extra Super and balance the budget?

    • Kevin R. Lohse says:

      He won’t pay – the taxpayer will pay. That’s a global Labour Core Value, as is “Shut up and Pay up”, and your reply is at the ballot box. Good luck, Australia, sort the buggers out.

  8. He does’nt pay the super Tim – the employers do – another Labor slight of hand!

  9. Greg Combet proves he’s not just delusional but anal retentive also, “… the implementation of the Government’s carbon price mechanism is very timely indeed, because by 2020 we’ll be part of a legally binding deal to cut emissions, and we need to get ready for that.”

  10. Check this out. I thought you would enjoy these. Hilarious.

    These are funny as hell.
    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. Part 1

    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. Part 2

    Between a Barrack and a Hard Place.

    Enjoy. D

  11. “a trip to the moral high ground”

    they must be joking.. since when has the green totalitarian scam been ‘the moral high ground’ except in the twisted minds of these deceitful morons and their supporters in the MSM ???????

  12. Your link to Garnaut reminds me: anyone seen hide or hair of that goofy gallah?

  13. Confusious says:

    Free Bees, Neo-communist New World Order fornication.
    That’s what the “Occupy!” sinle brain cells amoebe evolve into with age!

  14. A two week meeting in 2011 to agree to another who knows how many week meeting in 2015. The agenda to agree to having a further who knows how many week meeting in 2020. I would think that there is more than a distinct possibility that somewhere in-between the wheels will have fallen off completely. That won’t stop 2020 meeting happening this all seems perfectly reasonable to me. Can someone tell me how the hell you get on this gravey train? I’m in.

  15. Private employers pay for their workforce super, taxes collected from any source contribute to government super, so really any PAYG / Private employee is paying for the govt wages and super … mining tax will pay for govt super increases, but not PE. Bit one sided and unfair.

  16. Congratulations on 5600 followers Simon. Great achievement and recognition by the populace at large for a job being well done.

  17. I find it so hard to get my head around that these…I could think of many names, people in charge of our country and economy, really believe by putting a tax on CO2 thay will save the planet and reduce the temp of the globe. What about the 97% the earth produces naturally? It’s not only time to get angry, I am angry….

  18. Just think of the moral superiority we gain!

    Global Warming Panic explained

  19. Carbon price continues to crash. Another 10 percent this week..

    BIG disconnect from $A23??


  20. It’s not just the moral high ground Australua gas taken but also the moral high price. EU carbon (dioxide) trading prices have again fallen to record lows of between AU$8.25 and AU$5.03.

    Thanks Bob and Julia, you’ve sold us a real dud at $23!

  21. The only ones who benefit from a carbon tax are the elite and the Globalists. I dont think James Packer, Lindsay Fox and Rupert Murdoch would just sit back and allow this to happen if it would affect their bottom lines?

  22. AUSTRALIANS ARE LEADERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL LUNACY; THEY ARE EVEN PROUD OF IT! Who said that, long time ago? I remember, it was me.

    Instead of using the money, to build new dams and save extra storm-water, to IMPROVE the climate in Australia – we will stop the climate from changing by carbon loot / rip-of…? Bob Brown & Penny Wong are creating future for children of Australia and next generation… Skeptics are arguing against each other; how many phony GLOBAL warmings were in the past… shame, shame…


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