New Year starts with thespian climate madness

Climate comedy

Those in showbiz seem eager to jump on the “global warming” bandwagon more readily than most (think Bono, Leo, Cate etc etc). So it’s not surprising that writers are using their works to disseminate climate propaganda, as the Silly Moaning Herald reports:

CLIMATE change was supposed to be ”the greatest moral challenge of our time”, as the former prime minister Kevin Rudd put it, but it was pigeon excrement that caused headaches for Nigel Jamieson.

Inspired by the 2009 Copenhagen climate change conference, Jamieson’s As The World Tipped features a stage that slowly becomes vertical, leaving performers hanging in the air.

Floods, famine and drought will be screened on the vertical stage as actors perform aerial theatrics in the show, which will play at Sydney Festival’s first night next Saturday and at the Parra Opening Party on January 14.

Jamieson said the spectacle of harassed bureaucrats failing to notice as the world around them slides towards disaster ”seemed the perfect metaphor” for the climate change debate.

[…] the night’s producer, Vernon Guest, said a major theatrical piece such as As The World Tipped was important to keep the event fresh. Highlighting the danger of climate change inaction also attracted Guest.

”It is an important message that is on everyone’s mind at the moment both politically and socially,” he said. ”To have an environmental message woven into a large theatre work is really important to us.” (source)

Hilarious (unintentionally, of course), all reported without any critical thought by the SMH.

By the way, Jamieson lives in a “straw bale house.” Kinda figures.


  1. Apparently it’s all done with wires and harnesses, much the same as the smoke and mirrors trick from the AGW theatrical alarmists.

    Wonder if they have the usual disclaimer, “All characters appearing and events portrayed in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or events, living or dead, actual or not, is purely coincidental.” Would be fitting.

    Anyway, happy New Year Simon, Mrs. ACM and the ACM rugrats and to all regular ACM readers. Hope it’s a good one!

  2. Hi,
    I just couldn’t believe that when I read it this morning. I have a feeling before this stupid carbon tax starts in July, we are going to get hit with some ridiculous scare tactics, and whatever else they can think up, probably more tax’s.

    I wish you and all the readers here a very Happy New Year, and wish everyone all the success and happiness in whatever you are doing. 🙂

  3. Did you know – the so-called climate scientists are turning over a new leaf too? New Year’s Resolutions For Climate Scientists

    I will admit that warming has been much slower than we expected
    I will admit that recent sea level rise is nothing unusual or threatening
    I will admit that our forecasts of declining snow cover were wrong
    I will admit that Arctic temperatures are cyclical, and that we have no idea what will happen to Arctic ice over the next 50 years
    I will admit that our forecasts of Antarctic warming have been a total failure.
    I will admit that Polar Bear populations are not threatened
    I will admit that climate models have demonstrated no skill, and are nothing more than research projects
    I will admit there was a Medieval Warm Period
    I will admit that that there was a Little Ice Age
    I will stop pretending that we don’t have climate records prior to 1970
    I will admit that the surface temperature record has been manipulated and is contaminated by UHI
    I will stop making up data where none exists
    I will honestly face skeptics in open debate.
    I will quit trying to stop skeptics from being published
    I will admit that glaciers have been disappearing for hundreds or thousands of years
    I will stop telling people that the climate is getting more extreme, without producing any evidence
    I will admit that hurricanes are on the decline
    I will admit that severe tornadoes are on the decline
    I will admit that droughts were much worse in the past
    I will admit that efforts to shut down power plants have potentially very serious consequences for the future
    I will pay for my own tickets to tropical climate boondoggles like Cancun, rather than improperly using taxpayer money for political activism
    I will admit that there is no missing heat
    I will admit that temperatures have been cooling for at least the last decade
    I will publish the raw data and not lose it.
    etc. etc. etc.

    • Dave this list is brilliant.
      A happy new year to all from Canada.

    • It seems like a list Bart Simpsons writes on the chalkboard of the opening credits of “The Simpsons”. Maybe we could change the show to “The Flannerys”. 😀 Anyway, Happy New Year to all!

  4. Ray Anderson via Facebook says:

    Why do actors/actresses assume we think their opinion is worth anything?

  5. John Smith via Facebook says:

    Ray I assume by their nature they have egos so big they think all their opinions are worth listening to and following.

  6. I’m sure it does wonders for the caring, salt of the earth, impressions they like to portray to their fans.

  7. Jack Lamb via Facebook says:

    Yeah but just remember, these are the same folks that thing quartz crystals heal people and that sweat lodges are a cure for cancer. They probably didnt believe in plate tectonics either!

  8. Rick Bradford says:

    The Left always divides the world into Victims (coral reefs, Gaia, Maldivians and polar bears) versus Oppressors (capitalists, car drivers and Christopher Monckton, so a vertical stage separating the theatre is quite appropriate.

    How all those pampered actors see themselves as Victims is another question…

  9. thingadonta says:

    “the spectacle of harassed bureaucrats failing to notice as the world around them slides towards disaster ”seemed the perfect metaphor”

    I think they should try spinning the bureacrats around, whilst keeping the stage level would be more accurate.

  10. “the spectacle of harassed bureaucrats failing to notice as the world around them slides towards disaster ”

    FCOL.. the stupid CAGW brethren are CAUSING the disater, by wasting so much of the world’s resources combatting a problem that is basically non-existant.

  11. Clearly, this madness of “climate change” is a big money spinner for these clowns, even though it is based on nothing but self-delusion. The calculation is basic and simple, ecven if Australia was able to reduce our CO2 levels by 50% (by living in caves, no electricity, no fires) the world CO2 levels would reduce by less than 0.00075 per-cent, and the temperature by less than 0.00002 of one degree celcius.
    So why are we even bothering ? We ought to be waiting until the rest of at least the top cuple of down CO2 emitting countries agree on a date and proportion of reduction, before we get involved.

  12. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    For those who care, their New Year’s Resolution should be to stop using the meaningless term of ‘climate change’ and always use the term ‘catastrophic man-made global warming’… after all, that is what the IPCC’s mantra is actually about. So let us not allow the public to forget.

  13. I am proud to be a Canadian these days, and have hi hopes for the future of Australia.
    Here is part of the reason:

    Funny there are people (Socialist/ warmers) and the rest of us. Canada is well represented with both. Thank god for the rest of us!

    December 31, 2011
    A.M. Mora y Leon

    As America’s economy struggles, a funny thing happened on the way to the next-door neighbor nation that has up until now always been considered a dogleg off our economy. Canada’s economy is soaring.
    It’s that they did anything particularly unusual. And it’s definitely not that they are what economists casually dismiss as “a commodity economy” experiencing a temporary boom.
    In reality, Canada has genuinely gone its own way, getting itself out from the shadow of the US economic picture at just the right time. The government of conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has embraced free markets, not just one or two things, but a whole banquet of all the things that make economies grow – smaller government, free trade, one tax cut after another, and energy development and security. Net result? Same as what Chile got when it tried the same kinds of reforms – a booming economy.
    IBD wonders what the heck the U.S. would look like if it just followed the tax-cutting, government slashing model that has made even the dullest nation turn into the Canadian puma state. What really would it look like?
    Best wishes to all.

  14. You are focusing on the fringe elements of the entertainment industry are they worth the time? Since we provide support for the bone idle dreamers of our population there are many who gamble on cracking the big time. This is a dreamt up attempt to somehow gain the public attention. In the entertainment world it is on all the time, the phenomenon is endemic. They will pick as subjects that which is hoped to tweak the public interest. They are like terrorism best ignored.

  15. Hey lack lamb, plate tectonics is bullshit: Place four side-plates next to each other on a smooth even surface…slide one up and over the plate on its right. What happens to the connection between the plate you slid and the plate on its left, oh! A gap is created – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, for every earthquake in NZ, given subduction is an accepted scientific fact, there should be an earthquake of equal and opposite intensity on the other side of the plate it is upon. Doesn’t happen that way though does it. Why? Because tectonic plate theory is a bunch of SHIT! Prove me wrong with No BS, as simply as I set out your scientific method here, with side-plates from your kitchen cupboard!

    • That is not the case because geological plates do not behave as rigid bodies like your kitchen plates do. They can deform in a plastic manner thereby allowing different parts of the plate to move differently at different times. The stresses built up at subduction zones therefore can fail suddenly in the case of an earthquake, and this has no bearing on the motion of other parts of the plate (even locally, on adjacent parts of the same fault, let alone on the other side of the plate).

  16. @ David: That’s quite a laundry list, and I’m quite sure “believers” would rather choke on their own soiled underwear than admit they don’t hold the answer. Their religious zeal for the swindle is astounding, especially when considering those who push the hysteria are the same people making the rules and profiting by force. Fascism ultimately yields the ugliest traits of leadership, and the climate change context is their sacred cow.

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