The Rinehart and Plimer double-act

Ian Plimer

This combination should get the Lefty heads a-poppin’ (especially at Fairfax, where Rinehart has just acquired another 8% of the company):

GINA Rinehart has appointed controversial climate change sceptic Professor Ian Plimer to the board of several key family companies.

According to disclosures made to the Australians Securities and Investments commission overnight Prof Plimer was appointed to the boards of Roy Hill Holdings and Queensland Coal Investments on January 25.

Roy Hill is the key to Mrs Rineharts ambitions of challenging the big three Pilbara iron ore players in her own right. The company is the manager of the Roy Hill mine, which plans to export 55 million tonnes of iron ore a year through Port Hedland when it is up and running at full capacity.

Prof Plimer is an experienced mining geologist, and a professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. He currently serves on the board of stock exchange listed miners Ivanhoe Australia and Silver City Mines, and has held previous board roles at CBH Mining and a number of other Australian mining companies.

But Professor Plimer is better know in recent years as one of Australia’s most prominent sceptics of the idea that carbon dioxide emissions from industry are contributing to global warming.

He has been a regular feature in the media and on the speaking circuit, and released a book on the subject in 2009 which was heavily criticised by climate scientists.

His views are shared by Mrs Rinehart, who has also publically criticised the idea that human activity is contributing to global climate change and has been openly contemptuous of the Federal Government’s carbon tax legislation. (source)


  1. They’ve popped over at The Con:

    here’s my contribution to that site just in case it gets deleted:

    “Here’s a thought Mary, if it matters that much, why don’t you and a few 1000 concerned others chip in a little cash and buy your own Fairfax stake?
    Or, why not use your entrepreneurial nous to start your own left wing rag? I’m sure the government would make a contribution, just look at how this website (ie THE CONVERSATION) is funded, and how it successfully suppresses and controls opinion.

    On the other hand, perhaps Clive Hamilton can arrange for democracy to be suspended, so he can ban Gina and anyone else from owning anything.”

  2. Wow we might start getting a bit of balance in the media, that would be different.

  3. To some, it’s obviously now a crime to appoint an experienced professional geologist to a mining company board.

    What next? a doctor appointed to a hospital board? An electronic engineer on the board of an electronics manufacturer? Oh…the humanity! The end of the world is nigh!

    If it’s ok to have a parliament house full (slight exaggeration I know – call it artistic license) of people with no experience of doing anything apart from working for politicians, being back-benchers, or being ministers of departments in fields they know virtually nothing about, then why is it a problem for private enterprise to appoint someone with relevant industry experience and knowledge to a position where they might have some vague idea what they are talking about?

  4. Wow somebody’s interested in buying Fairfax’s failing shares … they should be happy!

  5. cementafriend says:

    Prof Ian Pilmer is a very knowledgeable geologist. He has to his credit gold discoveries and the discovery of the western part of the line of load at Broken Hill which is being developed/mined by the present Japanese owners of CBH.
    Some say Rhinhart could become of of the richest persons in the world. That would be by making good investment and obtaining the best technical help.
    Playing political games like Bernie Madhoff will only lead to disaster (and disgrace). AGW is a political scam which is now falling apart and is the road to nowhere.

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