UK freeze may kill 2000 a week

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A bit of gentle warming is catastrophic, so we are repeatedly warned, but in reality, it’s cold that’s the real killer:

BRITAIN’S big freeze could kill up to 2,000 people a week, as temperatures plunge lower than at the South Pole, health chiefs warned last night.

The Department of Health warned the elderly and vulnerable to take extra care as temperatures fall to -11C (12F) in parts of the country and icy winds make it feel closer to -12C.

In comparison, yesterday the   research centre in Antarctica was a relatively mild -3C.

Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies said the number of cold-related deaths could rise “substantially”.

In one week in last year’s big freeze the number in England and Wales rose from 9,220 to 11,193.

Forecasters, who have warned that the cold snap could last all month, said today would be one of the winter’s chilliest days.

And by Friday, temperatures will fall as low as -11C at night in the North and -8C in the South. In some places they are not expected to rise above freezing during the day. (source)

And the effects of this dangerous cold will be greatly exacerbated by the spiralling cost of energy, a direct result of the UK government’s mad emissions reduction targets and renewable energy policies to “tackle climate change”, inevitably leading to many more of the population being unable to heat their homes. UK climate madness.

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  1. Cathy Myors via Facebook says:

    So much for global warming. And solar power. And wave power. And political power.

  2. Rick Bradford says:

    I think it only fair to point out that Green zealots don’t actively set out to cause damage and misery; it’s just that they don’t much care if it happens (which it nearly always does because of their fantasyland schemes).

    Their overwhelming concern and focus is on themselves; other people dying is just an irrelevance. Put another way: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “Green zealots don’t actively set out to cause damage and misery”

      I’m not so sure about that myself Rick. Depopulation is right up many of these “green zealots” alley. And what better way to reduce the population than to have a eugenics style cull of the weak and elderly?

  3. Yep definatly global warming, woops sorry climate change, sorry global climate disruption, all started with a hole in the ozone lsyer, then when credable scientific proof was revealed , the name changed, again and again and again, just blame frosty the snowman.

  4. Climatophobia > Climatomania > Climatocracy > ?

  5. Kirsten Dooley via Facebook says:

    Are u all freezing?I’m now in brisbane

  6. Kirsten Dooley via Facebook says:


  7. Yeah so what few less whingers that wont come here to bitch and complain

  8. Quinton357 says:

    Sunny and warm in Durban South Africa.

  9. Human life is worth more than that. Would you like to freeze to death? It is usually the old, frail and/or sick that perish, let alone the homeless. I am not a bleeding heart but I have not lost my humanity.

  10. While the Brits freeze, they can take some warmth in the knowledge that their spending, in 2010 alone, of $3.3 billion on renewable energies has delivered them a whopping 5.1% of their energy supplied by ‘green power’ which includes wind, hydro and ‘others’.

    This is a breakdown of current generation by fuel type in the UK today: (which you can see here under the Fuel Type Generation table)
    COAL – 47.3%
    GAS TURBINES – 29.6%
    NUCLEAR – 17.1%
    GREEN ENERGY – 5.1%

    Britain had a original target set in 2000 to supply 10% of energy needs as renewables – FAIL. It’s now going to invest 100 billion pounds to achieve a target of 15% by 2020!

  11. -11 c? come on, pussies. i work outside all winter in colder weather then this. LOL go buy long undies and buck up

  12. Jessica Fletcher via Facebook says:

    Come to Canada.. You wouldn’t last an hour.

  13. Dear UK, Suck it up. Love, Canada.

  14. is this a joke? colder than south pole @ -11* ???
    the warmest time of year in the south pole is -29*, coldest -63*

    • Not true Fat Al Gore and his brown nose crew who are in Antarctica to rescue the last of the South pole’s Polar bear’s ( I think he’s to late) He think that the palm tree seeds he planted will sprout very quickly. Al was seen wearing his men’s brow bra Bikini while sun bathing, what a beaut.

  15. The EU has 500 million inhabitants. With that many people living in cold conditions, is 2000 a week alot?

    How many normally freeze to death in winter?

    • Streetcred says:

      EU? Nice try klem, UK population is circa 61 million.

      Try this comparison, in 2010 in the UK there were 1850 reported road related fatalities … and the amount of money spent of road safety ? And the public response to road related deaths ?

      • Streetcred says:

        That’s potentially 2000 people “per week”.

      • Wikipedia says the EU has “a combined population of over 500 million inhabitants, or 7.3% of the world population”.

        So I ask again with that many people living in cold conditions, is 2000 a week alot?

        How many normally freeze to death in winter?

    • Cold weather contributes toward nearly 26,000 deaths each winter in the UK and in a bid for the British government to cut it’s carbon emissions and save money to fund renewable energies, ‘fuel poverty’ is what’s killing it’s citizens at the rate of 200 extra persons per day over the winter months.

      The British government, in it’s wisdom, has cut winter fuel funding to the tune of £100 to the over 80s. Pensioners under 80 will see their payments cut by £50 to £200.

      Read it here.

      • The Loaded Dog says:

        “The British government, in it’s wisdom, has cut winter fuel funding to the tune of £100 to the over 80s. ”

        The culling of wisdom.

        This is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. The citizens that helped save the empire during ww2 are getting screwed by the modern progressive planet savers. Makes me so f#%king angry…

        (“f#%king” sorry…but I can’t think of another word that sufficiently expresses my anger)

      • Why is it the left always wants to hurt old and/or poor folks, what does the left have against these people anyway?

  16. Streetcred says:

    2000 killed by the cold and the UK government has caused their citizens’ energy poverty through their CAGW policies … I’d love to shove a TV microphone under the noses of the responsible government ministers and the greenie sycophants and ask for their response.

  17. Ray Anderson via Facebook says:

    I worked out doors at -64.. yea it was cold, so what? -11 is BBQ time in Canada..BTW.. if it’s a cold day it’s weather, if it’s a hot day it’s globull worming.. Now that I’ve straightened all that out please send me my millions like Al Gore. 🙂

    • Its true, I worked out doors one winter in Ontario. When it hit -10c in March, it felt so warm compared to what we were accustomed to, we worked all day without jackets, we wore t-shirts all day in -10c. It felt like a summer day.

  18. yep, but big freeze doesnt damage much sooooo big business n government win. Where as warming damages their income n property.

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