If it's cold, it's "just weather"

Eighteen inches of solid global warming

But if it’s hot, it’s “global warming” or “climate change”. NASA and Scientific American manage, correctly, to avoid any mention of climate change in its explanation of why Europe is suffering one of its worst winter freezes in living memory:

Just how extraordinary has this winter been in Europe? The Danube river has frozen, for one.

Europeans have been shivering under a blanket of cold air that has sent temperatures plummeting and snows drifting. Across the continent, hundreds have died from exposure to the cold.

The Danube’s freezing is just one of many severe winter events in the continent this year. Heavy snowfall has blocked roads and stranded towns in central Italy. A train in Montenegro was stranded on the tracks for three days due to heavy snow. Even Venice’s famous canals froze, a rare feat.

At least four Balkan nations suspended shipping on the Danube today (Feb. 14) because of heavy ice on the river, according to news reports.

Keeping Europe frozen is a climate pattern called a “Russian Winter.” In this pattern, a strong Siberian anticyclone hovers over northern Russia and triggers intense cold and snow, according to a NASA statement. That cold has lingered long enough to freeze stretches of the Danube, the second longest river in Europe. (source)

Let’s contrast this with the hysteria over the Pakistani floods and Russian heatwave in 2010, which, because it occurred in Summer and was therefore related to heat, was immediately linked to climate change:

Climate scientists must urgently look into changes in atmospheric currents linked to devastating floods in Pakistan and wildfires in Russia, UN climate and weather bodies said on Wednesday.

Ghassem Asrar, director of the World Climate Research Program, told AFP that changes, known as blocking episodes, can prevent humidity or hot weather dispersing.

That intensified heavy rain or heatwaves and locked them over an area, he explained, potentially with a growing impact on extreme weather events that scientists expect to happen more frequently with global warming.

Asrar said that European researchers had modelled the blocking pattern in atmospheric currents and resulting weather behind the Pakistani rains and Russian heatwave a few weeks in advance.

They “clearly flagged this formation and kept track of it”, said Asrar, whose program is partly linked to the UN’s World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

“We know for sure that the two events in Pakistan and Russia are linked,” he added.

So there you have it…


  1. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    We have a Green Communist President in America for one more year. How are our Brothers from down under doing.?

  2. Slam LaBeer via Facebook says:


  3. Björn Fältskog via Facebook says:

    I am in Adelaide South Australia and so far it has been a very mild Summer, nowhere near as hot as it usually is

  4. I guess it is heartening in a way that they’re not trying to link the cold snap to AGW; other agencies are. NASA and SA probably think their readers would find it hard to swallow that the extreme cold is caused by AGW.

  5. No, if it’s cold, that’s global warming too.

  6. V.N. Phoon via Facebook says:

    That’s right Paynan, it’s the IMBALANCE caused by global warming LOL

  7. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    Ken, pretty much the same. Green, Communist and Stupid.

  8. I live on The Central Coast New South Wales it has been raining here since November 1st bar 10 ten days of sunshine,i guess Global Warming only occurs as an Aura around Warmist there so full of hot air.

  9. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    Did you notice though, that they are intent on continuing the rebranding from Global Warming to Climate Change. Gone is the “runaway warming” and threats of worldwide floods, it’s all extreme weather events, which they insinuate into this article as “severe winter events”.

  10. Lee Lakai via Facebook says:

    During the El Nino drought Australians were told they would not see rain again. Until La Nina – the climate is constantly changing. Last two years the 3 eastern states have had cool rainy summers and flooding. Not the usual bushfires. Hardly needed the air con this year. Last month in northeastern Victoria there was mid-summer snow on the mountains – had to rug up and put the heater on! The alarmist hot air is creating cooling clouds and rain. The tax scam won’t stop industrial and agricultural pollution of the air, soil and water. Some days you can’t go near the bay because you can smell the sewage in the ocean. Computer models = GIGO.

  11. QLD Sceptic says:

    Quelle surprise! More elastic principles, both scientific and moral! So predictable as to be almost un-newsworthy!

  12. They make it what every they want. As long as they win..And get their funding! People must be really stupid to believe in this co2 scam. Here is something for you to think about. Mars has 95% co2 to Earths 0.039% co2 and mars has a warmest temp of 27 °C (81 °F) to −143 °C (−225 °F) at the winter polar caps. And Earth Highest recorded has been 56.7oC and lowest -89oC. Mmm Mars has more co2 but is colder than earth??. The climate has all to do with the sun and Surface pressure Mars is 0.636 (0.4–0.87) kPa, Earth’s Surface pressure is 101.325 kPa. Earth is like a pressure cooker while mars has let of all it’s steam. Which is cooler a sauna with the doors shut or a sauna with the doors open.This is your climate change….Nothing to do with co2…

  13. All to do with steam!

  14. Weather is Climate. Without weather you don’t have a Climate. All their results are based on weather results. That gives them Climate change. If I’m wrong, where do they get their results for climate change?..If they don’t get it from the weather!!!

  15. I think this is a good read! 65m years of warming and cooling! Did not know man was around 65m years ago? URL http://joannenova.com.au/2010/02/the-big-picture-65-million-years-of-temperature-swings/

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