Warmist headbangers go ape over Heartland finance leak

Seems fair, right?

UPDATE 3: See my latest post on this here.

UPDATE 2: Hilarious comment on MeDog’sGlob:

Hank_ – Tue, 2012-02-14 19:00

Could you guys write just one more article about this exposé? Somehow 4 articles in a row just doesn’t seem like enough. thanks…….

UPDATE: The only mainstream media outlet to even cover this non-story so far is The Guardian (natch). The others are the usual rancid Lefty/alarmist blogs, Puff Ho, StinkProgress, Climate Crocks, MeDog’sGlob – get the picture? Although you can bet that Fairfax and the ABC will lap it up if they get wind of it.

Hilarious to watch the ecotards wet themselves because some trivial documents have been released that show an organisation has not been funding alarmists! Shame on them.

The deluded fools think this is some kind of equivalent to Climategate (v1 and v2), which demonstrated widespread scientific fraud, manipulation of data, destruction of emails and avoidance of FOI requests on the part of the consensus boys.

The Cause has sucked up around $70 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) since the global warming gravy train set off about 20 years ago, but despite the obvious hypocrisy, the warm-mongers are outraged, outraged I tell you, that some “deniers” are getting, er, some small change.

Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science attempts to coin the phrase “Denialgate”… LOL.

Headbanger site DeSmogBlog goes feral:

Internal Heartland Institute strategy and funding documents obtained by DeSmogBlog expose the heart of the climate denial machine – its current plans, many of its funders, and details that confirm what DeSmogBlog and others have reported for years. The heart of the climate denial machine relies on huge corporate and foundation funding from U.S. businesses including Microsoft, Koch Industries, Altria (parent company of Philip Morris) RJR Tobacco and more.

We are releasing the entire trove of documents now to allow crowd-sourcing of the material. Here are a few quick highlights, stay tuned for much more.

Ooh, you little tease! I can’t wait that long!

-Confirmation of exact amounts flowing to certain key climate contrarians.

“funding for high-profile individuals who regularly and publicly counter the alarmist AGW message. At the moment, this funding goes primarily to Craig Idso ($11,600 per month), Fred Singer ($5,000 per month, plus expenses), Robert Carter ($1,667 per month), and a number of other individuals, but we will consider expanding it, if funding can be found.” (link – Webcite)

Wow, $1,667 a month for Bob Carter. Totally outrageous! That’s less than the minimum wage (around $2,500 per month), and maybe pays for his electricity bill. Tom Nelson hits the nail on the head with this headline:

Gore launches $300 million campaign

Former Vice President Al Gore is launching a $300 million, bipartisan campaign to try to push climate change higher on the nation’s political agenda.

The three-year campaign by the Alliance for Climate Protection will begin Wednesday with network television advertising that will include “American Idol” and other non-traditional shows that reach a non-news audience. (source)

Naturally, the hypocrisy of this is totally lost on their addled brains, and the headbangers’ totalitarian mindset dictates that only those who agree with them should be funded, even if it’s a ludicrously tiny amount as revealed here.

Where’s my Big Oil cheque, that’s what I want to know.

By the way, interesting background on MeDog’sGlob here.


  1. One has to wonder what the motivation is behind reporting where funding comes from, for anyone.

    Whether someone’s statements can be determined to be true or false remains the same, regardless of whether they were paid billions, or nothing. Any reference to finance in this regard is purely ad-hominem.

    A different matter entirely is spending billions on useless propaganda, when it could be spent on solving real problems.

  2. And what does Tim Flannery receive as Chief Climate Commissioner? What do we get from him in return? Multiple failed predictions! Great value…NOT.

  3. There’s a lot more behind the scenes about DeSmogBlogg and The Heartland Institute but my guess would be payback for this peice in The Heartlander, “John Lefebvre, the top financial benefactor of the DeSmog Blog, is facing substantial prison time after pleading guilty to federal money-laundering charges … Lefebvre, who pleaded guilty in June 2007, faces up to 20 years in a federal penitentiary.”

  4. Lew Skannen says:

    They are beyond parody now.
    I can at least understand the vague conspiracy theory that dictates that the ‘fossil fuel lobby’ might have a motive to react against AGW alarmists but possible motivation would the tobacco lobby have?!?!

  5. Bob Carter is paid $1667 pm for science and Al Gore scores a total of over $400,000,000 for blatant lies !

  6. jim karlock says:

    Funny those warmists. They think the source of funding is more important than data and facts. I guess that is because they are incapable of evaluating data and facts.


  7. I’m unfunded, which is one reason I cordially invite you to buy my book 🙂

    Paperback: http://amzn.to/xam4iF

    Kindle: http://amzn.to/yLN0Zm

    When my HuffPo piece came out questioning Gore in 2009 DeSmogBlog was part of the radical Left apparatus used to ad-hom me into smithereens. But, like the Terminator, I have reassembled.

  8. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    They’ve actually confirmed there that the H.I.’s annual budget for 2011 is approximately $5million. At that rate, it would take 200 years to get to $1billion, and 1400 years to get the $7billion that the Gillard wants us to hand over to the UN EVERY YEAR! Words fail me on the particular level of stupidity required to see this as damningh evidence against the skeptics…

  9. Anyone in posession of those documents are in posession of stolen items. Releasing the information on those documents will encourage litigation. I hope Desmogblog has deep pockets.


  10. So, do they have proof of data tampering?


    We do! 😉

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