Ben Pile on Gleick and environmentalism

Ben Pile

A brilliant piece of writing, as always, by Ben Pile (Climate Resistance) at Spiked Online:

The environmental movement is as promiscuous with its ‘ethics’ as it is with ‘The Science’. You can make stuff up, apparently, just so long as you do so in order to ‘save the planet’. And this is why sums as paltry and insignificant as $1,000 are so important to their perspective. It is only by amplifying the trivial that the myth of ‘networks’ of ‘well-funded deniers’ can be sustained. It’s only when you lose a sense of proportion that a few million dollars can stop global action on climate change. 

Read it all.


  1. Gleick has done us all a favour by publically exposing what has been happening for years behind the curtain, but this cannot excuse his criminal behaviour. Gleick was arrogant enough to think that he would be lauded, and sees himself as a hero of the warmist movement perhaps. The end justifies the means? That is the credo of self-serving medieval religious dogmatism, and has no place in modern society. Alchemists with arcane formulae and esoteric incantations belong in the past, and if we are to move forward in Science & Society, we must discard the Falderal & Bunkum which leads to the Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science.

  2. Well written article on the apparent ‘non-ethics’ of environmentalism. If you have been following ‘fakegate’ over the last couple of weeks you will enjoy this read. Journalist Dona Laframboise of ‘Delinquent Teenager’ fame, also has a good article on ‘fakegate’. You can read her blog here at

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