Ignorant, patronising climate propaganda

"Feisty carbon particle"

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency plugs a propaganda drive by ClimateWorks Australia, which plumbs new depths of inanity and ignorance:

Today, ClimateWorks Australia (link here) launched its national public engagement program aimed at showing how Australia can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Empower campaign is aimed at raising awareness of how business and households can take up low cost opportunities to reduce their emissions and save money.

The actions highlighted in the program involve energy efficiency measures (such as retrofitting buildings, upgrading equipment, reducing waste and the use of co-generation), land sector measures (such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration), and power sector measures (such as wind and solar).  It outlines simple measures households and businesses can adopt to reduce their emissions and save money on their power bills.

The program involves presentations to industry and community groups, train-the-trainer sessions and on-line video materials.

As part of the program, a YouTube video animation has been developed starring a feisty character called CP, which is short for carbon particle. CP has a dual nature; in moderate quantities he can be good (Dr Jekyll), but in large quantities he turns bad (Mr Hyde).  Using easy to understand graphics and dialogue, the video shows how Australia can achieve a clean energy future. (source)

I really wish I was making this up, but I’m not.

Once again, the population is treated like total morons. “CP”, or carbon particle, lectures us on how we should cut emissions and lead virtuous low carbon lives. Unfortunately, particulate carbon has NOTHING to do with global warming, climate change or whatever. Carbon dioxide, the alleged part-cause of the modern warming, is a harmless, invisible, trace gas.

And the level of the accompanying video would insult a six-year-old. It is unbelievably patronising, juvenile, unfunny (despite trying desperately to be so) and deeply painful to endure. I’ve embedded it below, watch it and weep. Actually you only need to watch about the first minute. That’s really enough.


Note: CEO of ClimateWorks is Professor David Griggs, who is a fully paid-up alarmist, formerly director of the Met Office’s Hadley Centre (appears in a few of the Climategate emails as well), head of IPCC Scientific Assessment Unit, and recently spoke at the Four Degrees or More conference (link). So none of this should be a surprise. Embarrassing that an organisation led by someone of his pedigree would intentionally confuse carbon dioxide with particulate carbon, but in the propaganda game, anything goes.


  1. anyone exhaling carbon dioxide should be imprisoned.

  2. “Once again, the population is treated like total morons.” … they have obviously targeted their market.

  3. well if they are talking about carbon particles, then that is real pollution. pn5, pn10 etc highly carcinergenic. co2 on the other hand is not a particle, its a molecule and completely harmless at ~390ppm/v in the air. so yes it is disgusting propaganda…but what else would we expect. its like the 10:10 no pressure campaign where kids get blown up in class because they dont agree with the alarmist PoV.

  4. The Loaded Dog says:


    Spreading the “Carbon” gospel.

    Who say’s this is not a religion?

  5. Canada tried the same thing a few years age, it failed. More than failed, may have increased emmisions.

  6. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    I didn’t even play the video. The still alone has all the earmarks of “let’s find the most stereotypical yabo and make them say stupid stuff that only evil deniers would believe.”

    But I love the EvilCarbonMolocule.® I’m stealing it.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “But I love the EvilCarbonMolocule.® I’m stealing it.”

      Go right ahead. We NEVER want to see it again..

  7. Wow, how pathetic.
    Save money, create jobs and profits, and climate works is completely independent.

  8. Terry Warren says:

    “And the level of the accompanying video would insult a six-year-old. It is unbelievably patronising, juvenile, unfunny (despite trying desperately to be so) and deeply painful to endure.”

    Perhaps that is so that a proportion of the population will ‘understand’ it.

  9. Scuttler…dunno what type of carbon you’re on about but the black crystaline stuff is perfectly innert, in fact it is commonly used to absorb toxins (like in your water filter) so not sure how carcinogenic it can be!

  10. Great, so now we’re coughing up our tax payers $$$ to ex-pat hoaxters as well as our local con artists.

  11. should read pM rather than pN but have a read here… http://www.smfrancis.demon.co.uk/airwolvs/23healthpm10.html

  12. Fact number one; With all the reading I have done, as yet I have found no evidence to any testing being done by anyone on chemicals being dropped from aircraft that so many are calling “Chemtrails” I read into a site that works for both sides of the argument, they as well cannot find anyone or any dept or any group who have taken off in a plane and taken samples of the atmosphere to find what is up there.

    • I think the ones you actually see are condensation trails, bought about by the sudden change in pressure. There must also be trails of exhaust fumes. They burn Avgas, so there will some be other chemicals apart from benign H2O and CO2 given off, but they would already know exactly what those chemicals are.
      What effect they have in a low pressure atmosphere, and residence time, etc does need investigating though.

  13. Once again the myth-information and myth-representation rears its ugly head, from those who purport to hold the moral high ground on the climate debate.

    As we all know, the carbon dioxide molecule is a colourless, odourless, invisible, trace gas (0.038% of the atmosphere). It is not black, sooty, ugly and have facial characteristics as depicted by Climate Works.

    Demonising a natural and necessary gas might help Climate Works sell their cause to the uneducated, but to those in the know, it once again shows there are no boundaries of truth or ethics when it comes to those on the warmist and alarmist side of the debate!

  14. You do have to wonder dont you?
    The Government that is so dedicated to reducing emissions, yesterday pulled the plug on the rebates for solar hot water systems. Of all the things in place I would have thought that this one makes sense. With all the carbon tax money imminent you would have thought that this was one thing that would have been continued?

  15. Just a little depressing.

    I wrote a book to convert people away from such insanity. By the way, deprogramming needn’t hurt.

    The book’s on Kindle and in paperback.

    I especially hope that people will gift my book to young people who have had so much of their hope stolen from them by climate extremists.

  16. Hang on a minute … ClimateWorks claims to be an independent non-profit organisation. Non-profit maybe, but independent?

    John Thwaites is Chairman of ClimateWorks and also Chairman of the Monash University’s Sustainability Institute. Similarly, David Griggs is CEO of ClimateWorks and also Director of Monash University’s Sustainability Institute. Also, Vicki Kyriakakis is Communications and Marketing Manager of ClimateWorks and holds the same role for the Sustainability Institute.

    If they’re going to claim independence they need to do better than that!

  17. Billions of years of the intertwining evolution of energy and matter has resulted in the creation of sentient carbon-based life forms with a psychotic fear of—carbon. Is that an existential absurdity or not?

  18. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Notice the fire and brimstone preaching of the warmists becoming ever more shrill and desperate as the scam’s high priests recognise that their brainwashed subjects are slowly awakening to the fact that they have been had, big time. Despite ongoing massive tax funded propaganda campaigns plus the assistance of a MSM only too willing to enthusiastically promoted their scam, the mounting list of failed apocalyptic forecasts from the likes of Tim Flannery now has a normally compliant public smelling a rat.
    As the saying goes “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”. You’d think Professor Thwaites would have learned this lesson from his former calling as an ALP politician.

  19. The names of all alarmists and those employed in senior positions with alarmist bodies should be listed, so that in years to come all prospective employers may be able to avoid such mental cases.

  20. In a word this is “criminal”

  21. Confusious says:

    And we all pay for this CRAP! Communist Red [snip] Propaganda…!

  22. Toscamaster says:

    It pains me to report that I watched the Carbon Particle (sick) video through to its conclusion. If this was not so serious it would be a joke.
    Then, being even more masochistic, I watched CarbonWorks CEO, Professor Griggs’ video entitled “Is global warming just a conspiracy between climate scientists to increase their funding?”
    Enough was enough!!
    I am pleased to report that Professor Griggs volunteers to support Richard Lindzen’s Application for a Nobel Prize for scientifically (not politically) disproving Griggs’ pet thesis (not null hypothesis) that Anthropogenic Global Warming will be catastrophic.
    Griggs is so scientifically inept and politically motivated that he starts with a false null hypothesis.
    This demeaning CP video and all other output from ClimateWorks is so discrediting that Professor Lindzen would certainly decline Professor Griggs’ support for his claim to said Nobel Prize.

  23. Streetcred says:

    Universities are hooked on the largesse of CAGW funding for ‘research’.

  24. Rodrigues says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if all us taxpayers that can actually see through these lies should start some kind of class action. This indoctrination based on fraudulent science should be funded by those willing to put their money where their mouth is, not from the public purse. In any case it probably doesn’t matter because there will be a change of government next election and if the new govt has any brains they will get rid of all the hairbrained environazi schemes and start informing people that there are two sides to all this and one side has been telling porkies for quite a while!

  25. Very nice guys but instead of just talking, what are you going to do about all these global warmists? We need to organise and attack.
    Simply talking is not good enough. These people need to be challenged for everything they have uttered in the past 20 years.

  26. The elusive “Griggs Carbon Particle” may have been found. Researchers working at the UCS (Union of ConCERNed Scientists) report that if you look at one of their collision-chamber photographs like THAT, the evidence is clear. Critics say that if you look at the photo like THIS, it’s clear that it’s a speck of dirt on the lens. A single lone voice suggested they may have left the lens cap on.

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