VIDEO: Warragamba Dam – all gates open

All four radial gates and the central drum gate are open on Warragamba dam:


I’m hoping to make a trip out there on Monday, and will post video and images.

Video from Channel 7 (link)


  1. Ian Somerville via Facebook says:

    Truly a Flannel/Flannery moment in time!! “Australia will be a dust bowl” !! pfft

  2. Stuart Anderson via Facebook says:

    Flanners is hiding out in Germany, I hope his house gets washed away in the flood we are not supposed to be having. A grade loonie and we pay his wage.

  3. Can someone photoshop an image of Tim Flannery standing at the bottom of the spillway being washed away? That would be a nice touch I think.

  4. Awkward for the people down stream, but I would really like to see the fantail disipation from the bottom end of that big new emergency spillway in action. !!

    ps.. I hope Flannery gets flooded !!! :-))))

  5. Betty Whiffin says:

    Where is Flannery hiding? “Dams would be dty by 2010, and Australia would be in drought for ever”. He’s been paid enough for this fraud. Enough to purchase homes, one by the Hawkesbury River. The River will rise and not the seas and his home might be inundated. Serves him right for his scare tactics on this scam. The worst thing is Australians are having to pay for building and operation of desal plants built and part owned by overseas companies Australians pay for clean unsalted rainwater to be gushed down into the sea which at times is not very clean with sewer outlets, and brought back and desalinated which is costing billions. Haven’t we anyone with insight and common sense ruling this country?

  6. might do the same, be great just to witness it.

  7. TIM FLANNERY: “It is easy to put up a stupid view …

    You mean like this Tim:
    Professor Tim Flannery has warned climate change will impact on Australia to the point where Sydney can expect to receive 60 per cent less rainfall than it does at present.

  8. Toscamaster says:

    Why don’t you take Tim Flannery with you?
    I’m sure he would have a “cogent” explanation for this statistically predictable event.

  9. The little Dutch boy saved his saved his town by stopping up a hole in the dyke with his finger, thus preventing the water enlarging the hole and ultimately destroying the dyke. Any suggestions as to what Flim-Flannery might be asked to sacrifice to protect lives and property downstream from the Warragamba dam? I reckon his head might just fit in that central spillway.

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