Desperation: AGW threatens ice hockey (stick?)

No hockey stick visible...

Now there’s an opportunity for a great link with this story – photo of hockey stick (© M Mann), threatened by climate change, geddit? But Sky flunks it.

Oh well, add it to The List. They really are getting desperate:

Man-made climate change is said to be threatening the future of ice hockey in Canada, where the sport is part of the national culture.

Top players have traditionally learned their skills on frozen lakes and backyard rinks.

But as winters get warmer, experts believe aspiring ice hockey stars in years to come will struggle to find suitable outdoor facilities.

Looking ahead, the scientists predicted a complete end to outdoor skating within the next few decades in regions such as British Columbia and Southern Alberta.

Experts believe. Scientists predict. Shit Journalism 101.

Sky News is wearing the cloak of shame for this, both for the appalling story and illustrating it with a photo of a speed skater. Duh.

And by the way, the Hockey Stick isn’t threatened by climate change, it’s threatened, and indeed demolished, by truth and scientific integrity. Just sayin’.


  1. Thats it, Aim some baseless garbage at a national sport to try & get the supporters on board the AGW train of doom, What next I wonder?, Something like CO2 destroys the human libido perhaps?.

  2. Baldrick says:

    Crikey! Who would have thought, with the UAH Global Temperature anomaly falling to -0.12 deg. C … I didn’t see that reported on Sky News!

  3. “Man-made climate change is said to be threatening the future of ice hockey in Canada, where the sport is part of the national culture”

    Even if (per impossible) true, tough for the national culture, then. Why should grown-ups care if a sport vanishes. Kids can find other things to do, and the rest of us have more important things to think about.

  4. Oh God say this isn’t so? No I just looked out of my window here in Vancouver (The same view the warmist Fruit fly millionaire David Suzuki has from his water front mansion) the coastal mountains are still there and buried in deep fresh COLD snow. I’ll take off tomorrow morning and investigate the Ice skating rink at the top of Grouse mountain and the test the snow with my freshly waxed ski’s purely as a scientific experiment. PS the temperatures across Canada is cold/colder and normal.

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