Media report recommendations 'would make any communist dictator proud'


An excellent examination of the potentially draconian powers of the News Media Council is undertaken at Kangaroo Court of Australia and is well worth a read:

Former Federal Court of Australia judge Ray Finkelstein QC has handed down his report into the media which having a quick read seems to have been co-signed by Julia Gillard and Craig Thomson.

Make no mistake, it is a political document designed to protect corrupt politicians and dodgy policies from scrutiny and outing by the media. If The Fink’s recommendations had already been in effect we would not of heard about a lot of the dodgy dealings of the politicians because the reporting would have been closed down in record time.

The recommendations by The Fink would make any communist dictator proud.

When complaints are made against media organisations they will be denied natural justice and procedural fairness in their attempt to defend themselves against the compliant. Yep, you guessed it, just like a Kangaroo Court.

The new laws would also apply to bloggers so it is from this perspective that I mainly write about as I am what is considered a blogger. (source)

I am too. It’s a frightening read.


  1. Baldrick says:

    This is a direct quote from the Finkelstein Media Report:
    Section 2.47 Whatever the rationale, free speech is not absolute.
    “In a liberal democracy, when there are competing private or public interests at stake, the social benefits of those interests may be more important than the benefit of free speech.”

    (ie: We’ll tell you what you can say and what you can’t) This is truly dangerous stuff!

  2. People seem to have forgotten this bastard government’s other freedom killer – the internet control in the name of anti-porn.

    Time to get rid of all these labor politicians and I have never voted for anyone else but this crew are lying posers – they do reflect my labor views anymore so I will vote against them and the Greens everychance I get.

    Fortunately I live in Qld so look for a protest vote.

    • Cameron says:

      Bob Katter’s ‘The Australian Party’ is the real protest vote for those disenfranchised by the lies, decepion, flip flopping on issues and failure to continually provide infrastracture and support for the community. The last party to really do so was the National party under Sir Jon Bjelke Peterson, and he lasted for 20 years. Katter was a part in creating the industries and infrastructure which made Australia strong and free, and during that time, we greatly prospered. And we will do so again under Katter. He has great policy if you take thetime to read it

  3. they do reflect my labor views

    forgot the NOT

    they do NOT reflect my labor views

  4. Given Finkelstein’s past (Former Federal Court of Australia judge Ray Finkelstein QC), what does this report say about how the Australian system of justice has been operating in the past? There is not evidence the system has changed since Finkelstein’s retirement. If it has been a fraction as biassed and distorted as this report, ‘Be Afraid. Be very afraid’. As an ex newspaper general manager, I shudder at the thought of such an overt attack on democracy.

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