Climate change to cause 'mass migration'

More fearmongering?

Add it to The List. Mass migration is the latest scare to be attributed (very tenuously) to ‘climate change’ – it doesn’t specify whether that means man-made or natural, but I think we can guess:

THE Asian Development Bank is warning countries to prepare for influxes of people fleeing natural disasters as climate change exacerbates rising sea levels, soil degradation and seasonal flooding.

Natural disasters drove 42 million people from their homes in the Asia-Pacific in 2010 and 2011, though it was unclear how many of those were caused by climate change, the bank said in a study released today.

“Unclear how many of those were caused by climate change”… hmm.

It said one-third of Southeast Asia’s population lived in at-risk areas, including Indonesia, Burma, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Six of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change are in the Asia-Pacific. Bangladesh tops the list followed by India, Nepal, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Burma.

The study did not make any specific projections for migration induced by climate change.

“Given that climate change acts as an aggravating factor for environmental degradation, it is expected to boost the number of people migrating because of environmental changes, both sudden and slow onset. Though the amplitude of these movements remains difficult to forecast, climate change is likely to become a major driver of migration in the 21st century,” it said. (source)

Likely, expected, could… all the weasel words we have come to expect to tie in scaremongering to climate change.

You can download the report here (large PDF).


  1. Rick Bradford says:

    No need to add it to the list – it’s already there.

    Only a few years ago, the United Nations predicted there would be 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010 and of course come showtime, they were nowhere to be found.

    So now it’s another supranational unelected body recycling the scare, with the willing assistance of MSM agit-prop artists.

  2. Colin S Tonks via Facebook says:

    Yeah, it can’t serve a Bourbon and Coke.
    Nevertheless, historically, climate did influence migration, for example, the Ice Age of ~20,000yrs ago.

  3. This is why all those Afghanies are coming here by leaky boat lol paying $10,000 when an air ticket would be cheaper then when you throw away all documents and come in the back door, what are you hiding.

  4. It’s also pretty unclear from the story how the migrations compare to prior years, and no mention of population growth or density.

    The whole thing smacks of intelligence degradation.

  5. It’s a valid warning, but due to overcrowding in Asia, not climate change.

    But, it looks like Asia is already primimg us with climate scare as a means of reducing it’s unsustainable population. No doubt our mob in power will roll out the ‘RED’ carpet and prepare comfortable housing and paid leagal aid for 50 million.

    After all, it’s all in a good cause !

  6. The article also says: “Recent examples of such migration include Papua New Guinea, where residents of Carteret and neighbouring atolls moved to the island of Bougainville because of rising sea levels.”

    The islands or not being inundated by rising sea levels … they are sinking because they are located ontop of an extinct volcanic mount, with the highest point 5 feet above sea-level and lies on the rim of the of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates.

    • Finally, someone who mentions plate tectonics…

      Obviously science education has been successfully ‘dumbed down’ to the point where the concept of local, or relative sea level change can’t be distinguished from a global sea level change. Perhaps plate tectonics isn’t allowed to be discussed in case it offends a minority? We really are heading backwards with education standards, it’s atrocious.

  7. Yeah, get us a decent government!

  8. IPCC report (p.7) where they admit the current impact of “Extreme Weather” is NOT due to manmade emissions:

    “Increasing exposure of people and economic assets has been the major cause of the long- term increases in economic losses from weather- and climate-related disasters (high confidence).”

    IPCC SREX Summary for Policymakers (

    “Unclear” how many were caused by climate change? How about CLEARLY NOT caused!

  9. While the 50 million climate refugees predicted for 2010 did not materialise at all, it could be the case that this time the alarmists may be correct in their predictions, party correct I mean: We may just see Danes, Swedes, Finns, Mongolians and other arctic residents moving south to survive the coming little ice-age………………..

  10. flood Adelaide in Summer

  11. Climate change can’t lower absolute zero

  12. good grief

  13. Changing from winter into summer climate makes storks and swallows to migrate. That is real climate change. Most of you, from both camps, will be shocked; when discover that CONSTANT big and small climatic changes have nothing to do with your phony GLOBAL warmings.

  14. The great unwashed used to pull the “the pokies made me do it” card for any social misdemeanour … now we can just blame Climate Change Stress.

  15. Climate change can’t: be trusted, be proven, be the cause of all the stupid things the prophets of gloom say it causes, be stopped by a tax, fool all of the people, etc.

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