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Bushfires = climate ©BoM

UPDATE: Graham Lloyd, The Australian’s environment editor displays a staggering gullibility in his accompanying opinion piece “Plenty of data to compel doubters” – at least he didn’t say “deniers”. Take the following:

“For anyone who doubts the role played by mankind in rising levels of atmospheric CO2, the graph that shows how it remained at a constant level for 2000 years before shooting up with the industrial revolution should be compelling.”

Er, really? Ignoring the fact that such a visual trick is achieved by choosing the y-axis scale appropriately, few people doubt the fact that mankind has raised CO2 levels. So your point is? That such a rise correlates with higher temperatures? Lloyd avoids all the issues with causation, the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods (which occurred when CO2 levels were “safe”) and the fudging of feedbacks, trusting completely the words of the BoM and CSIRO. The rest is just as bad here.

When you look at the cover image of the latest Bureau of Meteorology Climate Summary for 2011, it tells you all you need to know. Illustrated with a raging bush fire (didn’t know bush fires were “climate”) it gives the impression that such events are something we haven’t ever experienced until the last 50 years, when we started pumping out evil carbon dioxide.

Like the UK Met Office, the Bureau is now less a weather reporting organisation than a political activist group, plugging the consensus AGW line and abandoning any vestiges of scientific impartiality.

Therefore, as we would come to expect from the Bureau, the report is packed full of alarmism, and despite the fact that temperatures have been much lower in 2011, it blames that squarely on La Niña, and assures us that underneath, temperatures are still rising.

Throughout, it is painfully obvious that the Bureau is desperate to prop up “The Cause” at any cost, as The Australian reports:

COOLER weather in Australia in the past two years due to the rain-inducing La Nina weather pattern does not undermine the collective evidence of climate change, the nation’s peak scientific and weather organisations say.

In their second State of the Climate report released today, the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology say evidence shows global warming continued and human activities were mainly responsible.

The report says natural climate variability had affected the global mean temperature and sea levels during the past century but much less than greenhouse gases, which continued to rise.

“It is clear that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations will result in significant further global warming,” the report says.

Bureau of Meteorology climate monitoring manager Karl Braganza said the scientific community found it difficult to communicate the climate change message because of the long timeframes involved.

“People want to see the things projected for the next 20 to 30 years happening now and if they don’t see it, their acceptance of the science is ameliorated by that,” Dr Braganza said.

Maybe it’s because people have lost trust in climate scientists, because of evidence of data manipulation and other unscientific and disreputable activities. And any old excuse is suddenly wheeled out for the lack of warming, reduced solar activity and aerosols:

“We are probably at a period where solar forcing (the sun’s energy) has been lower than recent decades,” he said.

There was an influence from China’s rapid economic development, which was causing more particles to be put into the atmosphere that reflect sunlight. “I think all of those things are affecting the climate system but the dominant, real standout influence is the increase in greenhouse gases, mostly CO2,” Dr Braganza said.

And we all know why they reach this conclusion – because every climate model accentuates the effect of CO2 relative to natural drivers.

The report says the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere last year was 390 parts per million, higher than at any time for the past 800,000 years. (source)

And just to round off, a lovely piece of pointless alarmism, which just about sums up this report.

The only thing to be said is: “We will see.”

The full report is here.


  1. Never mind that CO2 levels have been at much higher levels before when temperatures were much colder.

    ..but then balanced reporting wouldn’t scare the cr*p out of people.

  2. 1] CO2 cannot start bushfires / CO2 is a fire retardant gas, same as water.

    2] decreasing / increasing solar activity doesn’t produce any global warming / cooling. Warmist dish that crap to the fake Skeptics; so that the Fakes can keep the backdoor exit open for the leading Warmist – to avoid getting on the witness stand. Leading Warmist know that is no such a thing as GLOBAL warming; reason they changed to the therm ”Climate Change”. Tragically, as long as the Fakes believe in GLOBAL warmings – Warmist can persist without a worry. They know that the fake Skeptics are keeping the backdoor wide open with solar / galactic influences and similar crap.

    A scientist just had on another blog; the influence of Jupiter / Saturn on the earth’s climate and global warmings…? My suggestion to the fake Skeptics is: your crystal ball is of inferior quality (made in East Anglia) lots of thin air in it, to harvest from… The accuracy in reading tea-leafs has improved by 30%; you should try that; or in the name of science, you should go back to reading tarot cards.

    Extra heat in the atmosphere is NOT ACCUMULATIVE!!! For the last 150y – until today, hasn’t accumulated enough extra heat, to boil one chicken egg. GLOBAL warmings are inside your heads, not outside. If you can comprehend that much – Warmist will spit the dummy – until then, Warmist don’t have mature opponent… Children, GLOBAL warming and Santa are not for real. I know, it’s not easy to believe; but those things are fairy-tales

    • Spot on stefanthedenier! Agree with your statements. Some basic scientific & observed (real life) data to back your assessment;
      – Man mage Co2 = 0,001% (FACT)of earth’s atmosphere (has & will have NO effect on our climate).
      – Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire YEARS on earth (FACT).
      – Earth’s atmosphere and climate is unique (no other planet found to date with something similar). The “Greenhouse” effect is santa clause stuff/myths.
      – One hour of the suns energy = human generated for one year.
      – As I always say; humans are arrogant to think they can control the climate.

      • @ Staal March 14, 2012 at 12:52 pm
        Hi Staal, mate, human is stupid to believe that constant normal big / small climatic changes have anything to do with the phony GLOBAL warmings. GLOBAL warming is zero, H2O controls the climate, not CO2 or Al Gore or IPCC.

        Therefore, if human in dry countries build extra dams, to save the storm-water – dams improve dry climate to be less extreme, dams attract extra rain-clouds from the sea = more humidity inland makes the soil to absorb / retain extra water. That prevents creation of dry heat on land; dry heat destroy moisture created from the ocean; more moisture for renewal the deficit of ice on glaciers and polar caps. Simple arithmetic: more water on land / air = less water in the sea.

        Fake Skeptics believing that: scientists can tell to a thousandth of a degree, the temp on the WHOLE planet; by monitoring on only 0,0000000001% of the troposphere ESSENTIAL to know the temp… Staal, psychiatrist will be the biggest beneficiaries from the conspiracy. Skeptics have victory given to them by me, on the plate; instead, they are stuck into ”solar / galactic” influences = creating ”back-door exit” for the Swindlers… shame, shame! EXTRA HEAT IN THE ATMOSPHERE IS NOT ACCUMULATIVE!!! If gets warmer on part of the planet – other part INSTANTLY gets colder. Is not only my formulas; but the laws of physics say so. The D/H have their brains cooked by the phony GLOBAL warmings… Cheers!

  3. “…collective evidence of climate change” … which is what ????

  4. I believe that the CSIRO should be re-named the CAIRO and the Bom re-named the BOMB see http://theclimatescepticsparty.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/green-gillard-government-to-re-name-key.html

  5. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    “In Melbourne the day opened with a scorching north wind and an unclouded sky. Under the influence of the fierce sirocco the city was soon enveloped in blinding dust, and by 11 o’clock the thermometer marked 117 degrees ( 47.2 Celsius ) in the shade.
    By midday, rolling volumes of smoke began to converge on the city, and outdoor life became intolerable. The streets were almost deserted, a dull sense of suffocation oppressed even those who cowered in the coolest recesses of their homes, and anxiously asked what it meant. Fortunately no fires broke out near the city, for had it once done so, in all probability the whole place would have fallen.

    With sunset came a change of wind to the south, and anxious crowds gathered towards nightfall on the summits of Batman’s Hill and the Flagstaff Reserve to note with awe and wonder the red glare that marked the Dandenong Ranges and illuminated the whole of the northern horizon.

    The change of wind relieved them from all fear for the city, but it was not until two or three days later that the extent of the devastation became even approximately known.

    This is a passage from H. G. Turner’s “History of the Colony of Victoria “.
    The devastating fires Turner refers to are the Black Thursday fires which took place in 1851, on 6 February and subsequent days. The extent of land burned, 5 million hectares, has not been equaled by any Victorian bushfire event since European settlement. Victoria also suffered significant flooding events during that same year.

    • Even the fires 3y ago in Victoria were not so devastating because is too much CO2 around Kyoto city and Stuttgart; but because for the previous 11 months, from inlaid was blowing hot /dry winds and vacuuming the moisture in Victoria = preparing it for fires.

      By repossessing farmer’s water on Murray; which was a buffer for inland dry heat from the center – the dry heat will not come to Murray… and disappointed turn back; but will dry the small rivers that are giving water to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne. Flannery & Brown’s Water Embargo on Australia will create bigger fires, where the Urban Sheep lives.

      Propaganda say: ”extra water vapor is bad for the climate”
      Truth can be found; if one compares Brazil’s and Sahara climates. 2] When the pot on the stove catches fire – you put blanket on it – CO2 to put the fire off. I wander why somebody hasn’t invented how to use bushfire’s smog, to put off the fire. Smog is closer to the fire than water and both are fire retardant molecules

  6. Rick Bradford says:

    “People want to see the things projected for the next 20 to 30 years happening now and if they don’t see it, their acceptance of the science is ameliorated by that.”

    I think he may actually have chosen the right verb in ‘ameliorate’ – “to get better, to improve.”

    Not seeing any warming for nearly 2 decades certainly does improve people’s acceptance of the science which says climate is driven largely by natural events.

  7. Baldrick says:

    Graham Lloyd’s CO2 graph is absolute junk science.

    Scientific Fact 1:
    0.0390% – Current concentration of CO2 in atmosphere.

    Scientific Fact 2:
    0.00117% – Human contribution (3%) of current concentration.

    Scientific Fact 3:
    0.01% – Human contribution increase from pre-industrial to current concentration.

    … and it’s the 0.01% increase in CO2 concentrations that is driving our climate, and it’s not even 1st April!

  8. agw nonsense says:

    the Song Remains the Same.The Bureau does some good work but they have to get off this global warming crap to regain some credibility.Cheers everyone

    • agw nonsense says:

      I should mention I work at Sea and rely on their forecasts all the time but forecasts aren’t Propaganda are they?

      • agw nonsense says – “forecasts aren’t Propaganda are they?”

        Well it depends. If they are forecasting a local environment in a day’s time, THAT ain’t propaganda.

        If they are forecasting for the Globe in fifty years time (using fallible GCMs) that IS propaganda.

  9. Another case of follow the money trail.

  10. Richard N says:

    Even worse then this alarmist BOM /CSIRO report is the pathetic non questioning way all the the media reportred this this morning. Absolutly no credence is given to any scienctit who has an alternate point of view. I guese in the minds of these warmists , there reallly is no other point of view.

  11. I once asked CSIRO if the non “greenhouse gases” – you know – the ones that constitute ~ 99 % of the atmosphere – become heated and as a consequence emit infrared radiation.

    I received the usual references to descriptions of “greenhouse gases” – none of which answered my question as they simply spruike on about IR absorption by CO2 and water vapour etc but neglect the vast bulk of the atmosphere.

    I guess they hope you’ll be gullible and swallow the storyline hook line and sinker.

    Being one who does not believe that the 99% of the atmosphere that is Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon exists at 0 K and therefore emits no IR I pressed this very point in response to their reply.

    I was admonished for not understanding these do not absorb IR and are not “greenhouse gases”.

    As for my simple question the reply was that it was beyond the scientific capability of CSIRO to answer.

    So, there you have it – CSIRO does not know if the vast bulk of the atmosphere emits any radiation at all because if it did the quantity coming from 99 % would probably make the quantity from less than 1% look insignificant.

  12. BrownOut says:

    It’s interesting that the BOM should roll out this story now. Ie: 15 years of no warming, sea level rise slowing, dams overflowing, global temperatures the same as 1983, Tim Flannery debunked, etc…

    And what’s with making the record CO2 levels claim ?. It rises a little bit each year accoring to their Mauna Loa records, meaning you could make the same claim every year.

    Perhaps they are nervous that sensible folk might start to re-think the mantra by checking the inconvenient facts.

    Time for another dose of lobotomising green propaganda.

  13. CSIRO – much more than just a cheeky acronym

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