Warmer weather affects cognition in MS patients

Gore effect?

Another in the series “Warmer is bad for you”:

Warm weather may hinder cognitive performance in people with multiple sclerosis (MS), according to results of a Kessler Foundation study e-published online ahead of print by Neurology. An accompanying editorial by Meier & Christodoulou, MS and heat: The smoke and the fire, details the study’s unique aspects, ie, longitudinal followup in a cohort with apparently quiescent disease.

Victoria M. Leavitt, Ph.D., research scientist at Kessler Foundation, is principal investigator for the study, which for the first time, shows a link between warm weather and cognition in people with MS. With more research, this information might help guide people with MS in making life decisions and assist their clinicians in choosing clinical treatment. Scientists may also want to consider the effect of warmer weather on cognition when designing and conducting clinical trials. (source)

But warmer is still preferable to the alternative (pictured). Cognitive performance will be pretty close to zero after you’ve frozen to death because you can’t pay your electricity bill.

[Editor’s note: although this article doesn’t relate directly to climate change, and no link is made in the article itself, it was published in Eurekalert’s “Earth Science” feed, and also appeared in Science Daily’s “Climate change” feed, so a link is clearly implied – Simon]


  1. Gav Jackson says:

    I have MS and live in tropical nthrn australia. I deal with it and basically we all adapt.

    Clutching at straws now to scaremonger

  2. What utter idiocy.

  3. Not so idiotic. I’ll bet it helped them get their grant.

  4. Rachel Hairguru Davies via Facebook says:

    As someone who suffers from this, I know f first-hand the affect heat has on my illness. Most MSers have an intolerance for heat. It makes their symptoms worse. But what this has to do with global warming crap is ridiculous. I live in the tropics so heat and humidity are expected.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Uhthoff’s phenomenon (or heat and temperature sensitivity) in MS sufferers has long been known. For many years a Hot Bath test was performed to diagnose MS.

    “It is generally recommended that people with MS who are sensitive to temperature try to avoid extremes of either hot or cold.”

    For Science Daily to link this condition to climate change just exposes their real agenda, which is not reporting real science, but junk science. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  6. Is utter propaganda. If anything there Agenda 21 crusade shall effect them as the cost of keeping cool becomes unreachable. My X whom had MS, had no problems! You just have to not over do it and keep in the shade.. She is fine now, recovered or its dormant. If anything the sun and exercise helped!

  7. The Loaded Dog says:

    “But warmer is still preferable to the alternative (pictured). ”

    Not so. I’m quite happy with the theme of that picture.

    Only one thing spoils the mood. Flannery’s not in it..

  8. Am I right in thinking that the prevalence of MS is higher in cooler countries? MS sufferers in Tasmania like to stay by the fire in winter, and have about ten hot days to endure in the summer, if you define hot as thirty degrees. AGW is just theory, but suppose the world is getting warmer, naturally or otherwise. A reduced prevalence of MS would be a good thing.
    If less people get it that means less people having adverse health during hot weather. I think it’s disgraceful when academics put fear into people who are already vulnerable.

  9. Vivienne Skeen via Facebook says:

    The UN Agenda 21 should be removed from Australia, this Socialist Gillred Government are pushing it full steam ahead, Vote NO in the referendum to make councils the 3rd tier of Government, Agenda 21 is being pushed through them.

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