Australian temperature records 'shoddy, inaccurate, unreliable'

Sydney Observatory (no UHI there, no siree)

From Jo Nova:

The BOM say their temperature records are high quality. An independent audit team has just produced a report showing that as many as 85 – 95% of all Australian sites in the pre-Celsius era (before 1972) did not comply with the BOM’s own stipulations. The audit shows 20-30% of all the measurements back then were rounded or possibly truncated. Even modern electronic equipment was at times, so faulty and unmonitored that one station rounded all the readings for nearly 10 years! These sloppy errors may have created an artificial warming trend.

The BOM are issuing pronouncements of trends to two decimal places like this one  in the BOM’s Annual Climate Summary 2011 of “0.52 °C above average”  yet relying on patchy data that did not meet its own compliance standards around half the time.  It’s doubtful they can justify one decimal place, let alone two?

We need a professional audit.

Forget surface stations, just use satellites.

Read it all here.


  1. no kidding! its the same for 95% of all ground based devices…

  2. Baldrick says:

    … and if you rounded the NOAA satellite temperature anomaly to the nearest ‘whole’ number, you would get 0.00 deg C., or if you don’t want it rounded to the nearest whole number, you would get -0.12 deg C..

    Aren’t you glad our Australian Labor/Green government is spending billions of dollars of our money to protect us from catastrophic global warming due to a -0.12 deg C temperature anomaly!

    • Baldrick, that ”0,12C anomaly” must be from the same crystal ball that Hansen and Mann use. Lots and lots of thin air inside those crystal balls for harvesting from – and they are cheap; or is your made in China?

      Baldrick, already some Warmist are admitting that; they were wrong on predicting GLOBAL warming – but as long as ”skeptics” believe 101% in GLOBAL warming; Warmist are reluctant to fall on their own sword. If you know to 0,12C; that’s to ”one hundredth of a degree” precise – in the troposphere that on 99,99999999% nobody bother to monitor + they monitor for the ”hottest minute” but ignore the other 1439 minutes in the 24h…

      That’s why yesterday Michael Mann said on Australian TV: ” 1000 years ago was 1C warmer than today”. In 1012AD, 70% of the planet’s surface area didn’t exist ( because was flat earth) but Mann is using Fake Skeptics misleadings, to cover up his shame… tragic…

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