Michael Mann's cosy chat on ABC's Lateline

Very cosy

UPDATE: Baldrick in the comments reminds ACM of Tony Jones’ hostile and patronising interrogation of Ian Plimer on Lateline in April 2009. What a contrast to the kid gloves employed here with Mann. Biased much, ABC?


Michael “Stick” Mann has a very pleasant, cosy little chat with Emma Alberici (quelle surprise…) on Lateline last night. Mann will no doubt be regarded as a valiant hero to most of the warmist journos at the ABC, so there were no tricky questions, just an easy ride and bags of sympathy for the poor climatologists who are being “intimidated” by filthy deniers:

MICHAEL MANN: the FBI actually came in at my – when I reported to them the fact that I had received a letter, an envelope that had white powder in it. And initially I had assumed the worst, but the FBI sent it off to their lab, they checked it out, it turns out it was a false alarm. Nonetheless, as you allude to, I have been subject to all sorts of personal attacks, threats to my safety, my life, threats to my family, and it’s not just me, it’s dozens of climate scientists in the US, in Australia and many other regions of the world where our findings are finding that climate change is real and potentially poses a threat to civilisation if we don’t confront that challenge. That represents a threat to certain vested interests and they’ve tried hard to discredit the science, often by discrediting and intimidating the scientists. Unfortunately it’s not all that new a tactic. We saw the same thing back in the 1970s, 1980s with tobacco, with the tobacco industry trying to discredit research establishing adverse health impacts of their product. It’s an old tactic and it’s now being used to try to discredit climate science, mainly coming from vested interests who don’t want to see us shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels because they – understandably, they profit greatly from our current addiction to fossil fuels.

EMMA ALBERICI: Who are these vested interest groups? [See, really tough question, eh Emma? Didn’t think to pick up Mann on any of the allegations above – Ed]

MICHAEL MANN: Well I actually talk about this in some detail in the book and I refer to some other books that have been written on this topic that actually trace much of the attacks against climate science and climate scientists to various organisations and front groups that derive most of their funding from the fossil fuel industry and what they often do is issue press releases attacking mainstream science. They publish – they have folks publish op.’ eds attacking climate scientists. They sort of create what some have called an echo chamber of climate change denial that permeates the airwaves and our media and it’s been a real challenge for scientists, for the scientific community to try to communicate the very real nature of the climate change threat in the face of this fairly massive disinformation campaign.

Tobacco, Big Oil. Echo chamber of denial. Mann should find a new scriptwriter. And yet none of this is challenged.

The fact that Exxon gives millions of dollars to Green groups is irrelevant to the ABC. The fact that the alarmist industry funding is three or four orders of magnitude greater than for sceptics is irrelevant to the ABC. The fact that the Hockey Stick was bad science debunked by Steve McIntyre is irrelevant to the ABC. The fact that the Climategate emails show repeated manipulation of data, corruption of peer review, threats to journals that dare publish papers challenging the consensus, and avoiding of FOI requests is irrelevant to the ABC. They were all “taken out of context”, right?

Michael Mann is a key player in The Cause, and here was an opportunity to ask any number of very awkward questions – unfortunately the ABC avoided them all.

Read/watch here.


  1. It was utterly nauseating.

    • I agree!

      Emma Alberetching is so left-biased, I’m amazed she doesn’t
      fall off her chair!!!

      How on earth the ABC can claim to be fair & unbiased is
      completely beyond me.
      How do we hold them to account?

      • PutYourHeadInTheSand says:

        I don’t think this interview is in any way ‘Left’?!. This is a severe warning no matter what political/religious persuasion you are. Don’t shot the messengers (Scientists). I think the comments related here on this interview with Mann are plain astro -turfing for vested interests of big companies that DON”T WANT TO THINK about climate change because it may inferfere with with big profits. I have to believe the science, and if you’re not a climate scientist yourself I don’t think you have any validity arguing otherwise!

  2. “unfortunately the ABC avoided them all.”

    Be fair to the ABC – they SKILLFULLY avoided them all.
    It must have taken the skill of a seasoned minefield walker to prepare a question list for the Stick Mann which did not even come close to hitting a nerve.

  3. Hugh Beveridge via Facebook says:

    Thats “our” ABC for you

  4. Yes the absolute Filthiness of the Green Religious nutters, is so important for our ABC to promote. 😦

  5. William Bates via Facebook says:

    What do you expect this country is a clone for the usa

  6. Ray Anderson via Facebook says:

    ABC is owned by General Electric.. run by Obama’s “job csar” who created lots of employment in China.. GE also was a recipient of a large “stimulus” grant… just a month or two after Buffet loaded up on GE warrants.. no crony capitalism going on here folks.. move along…

    • Old Sailor Man says:

      We’re talking about the Oz ABC…A for Australian. That said, both organisations are disgusting, but our scum are worse than your scum, as ours use taxpayer’s money to promote hard leftism, in contravention of their Charter.

  7. It was disgusting, sickening! I couldn’t watch it all it was so nauseating

  8. Baldrick says:

    Compare the questioning ….

    Lateline interview 15/03/2012 – Climatologist and director of the Earth System Science Centre in Pennsylvania State University Michael Mann joins Lateline.

    Lateline interview 27/04/2009 – Tony Jones speaks to Melbourne University Professor Ian Plimer, who has written a book arguing global warming does not exist.

    … then tell me if the ABC is fair and balanced in its reports and interviews.

    [REPLY: Yes, brilliant demonstration of ABC climate groupthink, Baldrick – Simon P.S. I’ve just watched the smug-master general, Tony Jones, and cannot believe the hostility towards Plimer, compared with the kid gloves towards Mann – shocking]

    • Baldrick, I agree with Simon, but so brilliant it leaves me with no other point to make it sums the ABC up to atee.

    • I saw that interview with Pilmer. All Tony jones did was to ask Pilmer where the evidence was for some of Pilmer’s own statements in a book he had written. Pilmer refused, time and time again, to provide any supporting evidence. It was painfully obvious that Pilmer had just made up his own “facts” and he spent his whole time attacking Monbiot (speaking from England) with “where is your evidence?”. This led to Monbiot (1) answering any and every question put to him and (2) saying that it was Pilmer’s book that they were in this interview to discuss and why won’t Pilmer answer any questions of evidence from statements he made in his own book. The interview became farcical because Pilmer steadfastly refused to answer any questions what-so-ever.

    • On that interview, Mann in his final answer said that: ”1000y ago was 1C colder than today” Reality: at that time 70% of the planet’s surface area didn’t exist / the earth was flat / people were scared to sail more than 50km west of Portugal – not to fall of the planet.

      Q: who was collecting data for Mann in Patagonia, Antarctic, Australia and on above all the water in-between?! It’s a proof that Mann is lying. Nobody knows the planet’s temperature for last year, to save his / her life – it’s only monitored on less than 0,0000000000001% of places ESSENTIAL, to know the correct temperature even close enough

      But, Mann is using the proofs from the second biggest Bullshit Merchant on the planet, Ian Plimer. Plimer’s collection of CRAP from around the planet is more harmful, than Mann’s lies. Because, honest people expect Mann / Al Gore to lie; same as everybody expects crocodiles to eat people – it’s their job… But Ian’s mountain of lies is bigger than Mann’s. Plimer lies that: ”LOCALIZED” warmings / coolings in the past were GLOBAL. Plimer created zombies from people that supposed to stand up for the truth.

      Unless Ian is prepared to control his ego, and admit that: his collection of lies are the ”life-support” for the Warmist Swindlers = it makes Ian more guilty than Mann. Same as a cop supporting the criminals, is more guilty than the criminal himself. It’s called “abuse of trust”

      With all the Ian’s phony GLOBAL warmings, Mann is not going to fall on his own sword and admit guilt. Truth: when is extra warming than normal on some place = other place / places MUST be colder – the laws of physics say so B] same laws were in the past as today – same laws of physics will be in 100y from today. 2] For big / small climatic changes, is NOT necessary any STUPID phony GLOBAL warming from Ian’s crap. The game is over, Ian Plimer; swallow your sick ego, to prevent the biggest ever robberies. Oxygen + nitrogen by expanding / shrinking in change of temperature regulate the temp OVERALL in the troposphere to be same every day of every year and millenia.

      Get one day out of your cocoon and see that water (H2O) controls the climate, not the button on your Fujitsu air-conditioner. Your ”solar and galactic influences” on earth’s climate are the mother of all lies; Sahara and Brazil are a good proofs. Australian deserts and Burma’s jungle have same galactic / solar influences… shame, shame, shame arrogant snob!!!!!

  9. Richard N says:

    Script sound typical of warmist stratergy. ie We (warmist climatologists) never credit climatologists with opposing views with any integrity(they are all employed by fossil fuel interests) and we certainly never debate “contrarians ” in public. This would only serve to undermine our overwhelming concensus myth.The ABC warmist journos know the script well and of course are only too happy to oblige.Thank goodness for blogs like ACM, which shine a light on this appalling behaviour.

  10. uhavitbad says:

    I learned in Developmental Plant Anatomy that dendrochronology is used to determine the age of a piece of wood based on common variations in tree ring variability from old pieces of wood.
    It was never meant to determine temperatures from an old piece, or by an old piece, of wood.

  11. GE owns NBC. Disney owns ABC.

  12. Also, people criticise that BP’s funding of sceptical scientists was not ethical when they were the same organisation who is investing over $1 billion in wind farms. Stupid but does not mean they have the same conflict of interest of other scientists.

  13. [sorry, that comment is the subject of a defamation action – can’t repeat it here – Simon]

  14. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is owned by the Australian Government. It’s our PBS, but better. Probably to be sold as we go broke with the Carbon Tax. Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, where other ALP casualties they sold. Wish we where a clone, no medical marijuana, but then we still have raw milk and food. Expecting Julia to put Mann and Flannery on our Currency to replace the Queen. The way things are going, or even Obama the Prince of Peace 😀 The Messiah.

  15. 97% of people think that scammer Mann has faked the data and/or should be sacked:

    • How many Congressional, Parliamentary, university, science academy and newspaper inquiries have been done so far? A dozen. How much fraud has been found? Zero.

  16. William Bates via Facebook says:

    Austrlia’s Al Gore

  17. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Well may Dr Michael Mann claim intimidation. But yet, he is the very person who has tried to intimated sceptic climatologist, Canadian Dr Tim Ball.

    Mann thought he could intimate Dr Ball (who allegedly implied Mann of Penn State University should be in Penn State penitentiary).

    Mann’s stupidity to go after Dr Tim Ball, has now put him in a very difficult position. It has created an opportunity for his research to be scrutinised in Court.

    This has been the biggest blunder by Mann, who created the fraudulent “hockey stick graph” used buy Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth” and by the IPCC in its AR3 report.

    Mann knows that his legal case against Ball will be the theatre stage that exposes him. And that is why Mann has been desperately trying to get sympathy by using the “I’ve been intimidated” line. If he really wants to know about real intimidation, he should look at Tim Ball who has been subjected to massive intimidation because he refused to be part of the global warming consensus.

  18. Bernard Rochet says:

    And here in Canada, we have the CBC offering Mann a platform and an audience. Makes his work easy–soft ball questions as he reads from his script and peddles his stuff around the world with the complicity of media types with an agenda. For another nauseating experience, check out the sycophantic interview by Anna Maria Tramonte (CBC’s The Current, Wednesday March 2012).
    Go to
and look for “Climate Activist, Michael Mann,” (Wednesday March 14, 2012). 
It takes a strong stomach to listen to the whole thing.

  19. this reality says:

    mann was on our Canadian equivelent(CBC). The interview and questions were very similar.

    • Bernard Rochet says:

      In fact, it was so similar that I wonder whether he submits questions he wants to be asked in advance.

  20. While I could only stand a minute of two of the vomit inducing soft-ball questions, you’ve got to see it for what it was.

    Mann has a new book out. And it’s not selling – at all.

    Just a bit of friendly publicity to try and push book sales along. That it coincides with a renewed government push to demonise co2 is just happy endings for the ABC, I think.

    They are delusional if they think that anyone other than the converted choir is listening. So let them continue like that – when the sharp adjustment to reality comes it will be all the more fun to watch.

    Does anyone think that in 10 years time Mann is going to be considered a respected scientist? Or will he have a Gleick-ian reputation, destined only to appear at conspiracy theory conferences and gatherings of socialist nutters?


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