Bankrupt EU still obsessed with 'tackling climate change'

Glover - Chief Alarmist

You would have thought the EU had bigger fish to fry – like staying in the black, avoiding the collapse of the Euro zone, patching up relations with trading partners over the malicious airline tax, that kind of thing.

But no, the EU is still obsessed with wrecking its economy with pointless measures to “tackle climate change” – at least Poland has thrown a spanner in the works for the time being – but their latest paid hack, its first chief scientist, has thrown her weight behind climate action, despite economic troubles:

The European Union cannot use the economic slowdown as an excuse to delay action on fighting climate change, the bloc’s first-ever chief scientific adviser has warned.

Molecular biologist Anne Glover took on the newly created role reporting to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso at the start of this year, having previously served as chief scientific adviser to Scotland’s devolved government. [But she’s not a climate scientist – she isn’t qualified to speak – no wait, she’s on the right side so we ignore that – Ed]

Despite the fact that many EU governments are slashing their public budgets in an attempt to reduce debt levels, and industry is warning against the cost of climate policies, Glover said Europe cannot afford to postpone action to cut emissions.

“It has been extremely disappointing to see many member states cut back on their emission reduction efforts because they say ‘we’re going through a recession‘,” she said. [Yeah, feeding your population and keeping them in jobs is such a bore -Ed]

“Make no mistake, if we had unabated man-made climate change, we would go through an absolutely horrible period of conflict and migration, until the world’s population started diminishing very rapidly.” [See, no exaggeration there! – Ed]

As Europe’s leaders begin to switch their focus from spending cuts to boosting growth and jobs, constraints on natural resources also mean that the EU cannot just spend its way out of recession as it has in the past.

“The simplest way to think about increasing jobs is to make more stuff and get people to buy more stuff. But my point is that we can’t do that, because we’re running out of resources,” Glover said.

Looks like Glover is following in the footsteps of our own Chief Scientists, Penny Sackett and Ian Chubb, both climate alarmists. And to finish off, just one more quote:

“If we take the automotive industries, if you ask people ‘do you think you’ll have a car that runs on diesel or petrol in 2020 or 2030?’, the overwhelming answer is ‘no’. All of the citizens of Europe think that their cars will be running on some eco-fuel that won’t be polluting the environment. (source)

“All of the citizens of Europe”? I don’t think so. And what will they run on? Electricity generated from coal, perhaps, because you’ve shut down all your nuclear reactors? Or sunbeams and farts?

Glover’s really living in a little fantasy land in her head. Pity the EU.


  1. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Fight green Communism.!!

  2. Lou Windsor via Facebook says:

    Their best attempt to gain total control…

  3. Ullie Fancy via Facebook says:

    Yep, commies in charge, horrible. You wont hear anything about climate sceptics on the European msm.

  4. It’s really quite scary and I write as a reluctant citizen of the EU and a somehow still proud citizen of the United Kingdom.

    The whole thing is a mess. I’ve just spent a couple of days working in a gas fuelled STO (short term operation) power plant (in an unrelated activity to the actual power generation). Chatting to the technicians there, it seems that they exist mainly because wind is such a crap and unreliable method of generation, all these STO plants have to be there to fill in the gaps when the wind either suddently stops blowing or blows too much!

    I also learned that there are several huge conventional power stations which will become non-EU-compliant in 2015 and it is too expensive to make them compliant, so they are going to run up to the final hour and then just drop off the grid presumably. They will be replaced by who-knows-what. Since returning home I have had a look at the website of our esteemed (??) UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and it is full of broad statements about improving carbon capture technology and planning for the future but nothing really concrete about what those plans are for filling the howling gap.

    I have a very clever witty friend who has a saying “It can’t fail, there’s nothing to stop it”. I fear his joke is the awful reality here.

  5. Climate change action has never been about controlling the climate but always about controlling us the people.

  6. Persons like the microbiologist (!) Glover in making such pronouncements are either criminally-ignorant, politically mendacious, sociopaths – or some combination of these.

    Given the complete lack of empirical evidence supporting the theory of catastophic AGW (not warming per se – but the potential for catastrophic man-made warming); that year after year the predicitons of the GC models on the relatively simple case of temperature trends alone, continue to be shown to be hopelessly wrong; given the massive financial scams being perpetrated on tax payers world wide and resulting loss of jobs as industry is priced out of the competition; given the demonstrated corruption and deceit of the key scientists involved (Climategate, Fakegate) and demonstrated falsification and massaging of data; and finally, given the increasingly despotic moves by the political classes here and elsewhere to regulate and outlaw freedoms to express contrary opinions and views (cf. Finkelstien report) – surely, people, things have gone far enough?

    I for one have started to get active – alerting family, neighbours and friends on the looming threats to our freedoms and democratic values here in Australia. Putting pressure on my elected representative to exercise some courage, common sense and influence – before this leads to despotism…

  7. Lojac Corry via Facebook says:

    LOL @ Or sunbeams and farts

  8. Nenky L Wibawa via Facebook says:

    From failed socialism experiments to another big commie fraud disguised as global warming, no wonder EU is bankrupt.

  9. Because the whole thing is massive scam to rake in money and cover those huge debts generated by their inability to manage the country’s economy. Labor Government ( lead by a miserable excuse for a government leader Julia Gillard) for Australia is an excellent example…unfortunately by the time we throw her and her cowboys out the damage done to Australia will take years and years to put right


  11. Old Sailor Man says:

    Good luck to Poland. I understand Australian jokes are becoming very common over there.

  12. Rick Bradford says:

    Glover’s views are the “correct” ones, from a Left/Liberal viewpoint, and the great thing about having the “correct” views, and supporting the “correct” causes, is that it means you don’t have to think at all about how the world actually works and operates.

    Hence, the vast disconnect between the “correct” policy recommendations and the reality.

  13. Bryan Harris says:

    You would have thought the EU had bigger fish to fry – like staying in the black, avoiding the collapse of the Euro zone, patching up relations with trading partners over the malicious airline tax, that kind of thing.

    Awwwwwwww Come on

    You’ll be suggesting next that the EU is democratic and ethical..

    The EU has one real agenda – to become a superstate to rival the old USSR – it does that by tying us all up in knots, whether that be in financial terms or red tape to control lives from birth to death.
    It doesn’t matter to the EU elite that many citizens will be paupers due to the incompetent failures of the EU, for that all works in their favour. With each new problem they can tighten the screw more.

    They have dragged out this fiscal problem purely to squeeze all they can out of it in terms of gaining support for closer ties, doing just enough to keep the euro afloat.

    They know what they are doing, though it may look like a shambles to us all, and for them, making use of “climate change” to further their cause comes as natural as taking away democratic choice, little by little.

  14. Nenky L Wibawa via Facebook says:

    It’s not that different from the hard core communist country, North Korea. It’s bankrupt and starving but it is obsessed with annihilating South Korea. EU is bankrupt but hard to give up the global warming communist ideology.

  15. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Europe is determined to destroy its economy over global warming. I say let it do so.

  16. It is really quite scarry to see the disconnect between the “ruling class” and reality. The solutions proposed – wind energy and solar energy – are so variable that they are more of a disturbance in the grid then help and need backup for 70-80% of the time reducing the output of conventional plants but not the CO2 output.
    The costs are staggering for no results – recently I remember having read about Germany having reached the 100 billion eur subsidies for solar. Solar in Germany! What can be done with 100 billion eur? It pains when you think at all the opportunities loss.
    The 60-70s have brought us Concorde, TGV trains, nuclear plants, now we install windmills made in china.

  17. As one commentator in the UK said about the EU bureacrats “so little rope and not enough trees”. Not sure what he was on about but the tone seemed clear. I’m guessing from what he said that eventually people will have had enough, then the EU wll have to decide how to quell an across the EU revolt against the green silliness.

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