Josh: Skeptical Science's secret bunker

I’m not posting any of Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science‘s denier-hate-fest leak (because this blog believes we should win on the arguments, not by airing others’ dirty laundry), but I am posting this, because it’s too funny not to:

John Cook's on the left, holding his Eureka award…

…er, except it wasn’t a massive gaping security hole, it was “stolen”, wasn’t it? Just like the Heartland documents, right?

(Cartoons by Josh)


  1. Brilliant cartoon by Josh, but where are the sandals, lentils and basket-weaving utensils?

  2. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    He forgot “girls have cooties.” 🙂

  3. Ok I admit I am nit picking, but allowing something to be stolen is a failure of security.


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