Victoria abandons suicidal emissions target

Climate sense?

The green headbangers at The Age, like Adam Morton, just cannot believe it:


FOR anyone concerned about man-made climate change, the symbolism will be galling.

A week after the Baillieu government confirmed it plans to hand its massive brown coal reserves over to industry to mine, it is dumping the state target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent this decade.

It will add to a sense that it either does not accept the mainstream climate science, or at least rejects the need for Victoria to play a part in tackling it.

It also suggests that it believes abandoning green policies will not hurt it politically. [very, very true – Ed]

It may be right: most polling finds concern about climate change is much less likely to influence how people vote than just a few years ago. [Also very true – Ed]

The economic realities of such a crazy target are lost on Morton. But then again, we can’t possibly expect any kind of critical environmental reporting when Fairfax (which owns the SMH and The Age) is the one-third owner of the WWF green-bankrolled Earth Hour project.

Thankfully, the new Coalition government in Victoria is starting to wind back the green madness of Labor.

Read it here.


  1. After the weekend results from Queensland, I’d be tempted to say that the LNP has a growing mandate to dismantle the carbon tax.

  2. Why would the State’s continue with their own emission reduction targets when the Gillard/Brown Government will be implementing a national strategy for emission reductions?

    Emission reductions are ‘junk science’ in any case, but the Silly Moaning Herald’s article is pure ‘junk journalism’.

  3. Earth Hour……. f… o….!

    I’m limited by my fuse box to 7200w.. but I’ll be pushing that limit pretty hard.. I have several 500w stage lights, which I will point to the sky, so that if they use a chopper to photograph earth hour (think about that, lol), they will know exactly what I think !!!
    I will make up for the lights-off of MANY of the pond scum.

    • Luisa Vanco says:

      All the lights will be on in my house too…and any more I can find to plug into the grid!!!

    • I will purchase some extra lights from the hardware store to counteract stupidity.

  4. Graham Chubb says:

    They want to cut Carbon Dioxide emissions by 20% – easy – go nuclear.

    Soft brown coal (principally carbon) is one of the best known soil modifiers, so there will plenty of beneficial use for it. Better than burning it.

  5. gyptis444 says:

    At last! Some climate policy sanity from an elected Australian Government.
    Well done! Superb leadership. We can only hope the others will follow Vic’s lead.

  6. At last some sign of sanity returning to Australian politics, turfed out in QLD, floundering federally, the labor/green/globalist alliance has hit a snag, the truth, which has been exposed by tireless researchers and truth seekers, well done to sites such as ACM for their tenacity and courage for exposing this blatant attempt at totalitarianism.

  7. Vivienne says:


    Now the Coalition in Victoria need to stop the roll out of smart meters, which are another part of the ‘green madness’ . Stop ALL the MADNESS, not just some of it!

  8. ALPs Theme song for the next election

    Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall,
    Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall,
    Gillard old baby, you broke the lookin’ glass
    Twenty years of bad luck, the good things in your past.

    When you believe in things that you don’t understand,
    with lies and BS -Then you suffer
    Cause Co2 tax ain’t the way. Just wait your gonna find out any day!!!!

  9. Congratulations to the state of Victoria for this latest outburst of common sensewhich is unequivocally supported by sound science and sound economics.

    Sound science?

    Yes, that’s right: the overwhelming empirical evidence from satellites, radiosonde ballons, and surface temperature stations and ocean buoys that have shown there is no dangerous warming taking place either in the atmpsphere or in the oceans; that temperature has remained flat for 15 years; that ice cover is not decreasing precipitously (in fact in many ploar regions it is growing); empirical data that show sea level rises are steady at 1.3″ per century and are not accelorating, and prefectly normal for an INTER-GLACIAL period; and thus that all the global climate models which have predicted catastrophic global warming (CAGW) – and on which all the subsequent IPCC, governmental and other hysteria was predictaed – are thus hopelessly and incontravertibly FLAWED.

    So, congrats to Victorians for not trashing your economy and your standard of living for the sole benefit of the global warming swindlers and doomsayers like the fascistic Green movement and other assorted junk-science peddling ignoramouses and liars.

  10. Luisa Vanco says:

    Fantastic!! I hope the Qld election results gave the Vic government a helping hand but I think it had already planned on doing this. It is great to see common sense rearing its amazing head.
    What a sight to behold. All those environmentalist/loonies gnashing their teeth, smoke billowing from orifices, stamping of feet and expletives flying at all and sundry.
    We just need NSW and WA to throw out stupid climate change garbage and with Campbell Newman in Qld dismantling nearly all climate departments (especially the one headed by Anna Bligh’s husband) we will have a quorum of consensus.
    Love the irony.

  11. Baillieu believes in the lies, he’s the least conservative Liberal Paty leader in the country.

  12. There was never any doubt that the emissions target was unrealistic, particularly with a growing population. In the absence of any real data to support the hypothesis of anthropogenic warming, it seems a sensible move. Any party that removes itself from the Greens has my vote.

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