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Nick Minchin

UPDATE 5: Catalyst, ABC’s “science” programme, blames climate change for tree deaths – right before the climate doco. You have to hand it to the ABC – they don’t let any opportunity go to waste.

UPDATE 4: Let’s not forget the ABC’s brave and singlehanded rehabilitation of Tim Flannery, with his touchy-feely show, “Two on the Great Divide”, cleverly trailed right after the teasers for the climate debate tonight. Subliminal, right?

UPDATE 3: Oops, the ABC does it again. And again. Three alarmist articles supporting the consensus on ABC Environment, and not a single sceptical one for balance. See? I said I could tell where this was going.

UPDATE 2: Because too much bias is never enough at the ABC, they’ve dragged in Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science’s John Cook to smear the realists before the show is even broadcast. Breathtaking.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt confirms the Q&A panel contains no sceptical scientist, but Megan Clark of CSIRO (alarmist with shares in carbon sequestration company – see here), Clive Palmer (who the lefties can immediately write off as a conspiracy theorist, and whose credibility is therefore compromised before we even start), Rebecca Huntley (unknown position on climate), Anna Rose (alarmist AYCC founder), chair Tony Jones (alarmist), and Nick Minchin of course (sceptic). So that’s three alarmists against one (and a half) sceptics, with one unknown. Why no Carter, Kininmonth or Plimer?

A couple of plugs for some worthwhile watching/reading this week:

  • The ABC is screening the climate doco I can change your mind (link) tonight at 8.30pm AEST, with Nick Minchin and Anna Rose (founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition). I guess the fact that the ABC even allow Nick on the telly as a filthy climate heretic is some small miracle coming from our biased national broadcaster, for which we should be duly thankful. But you can bet the Q&A audience afterwards (9.30pm) will be heavily stacked (and with lefty/alarmist Tony Jones in the chair…). You only have to look at how the ABC regarded the sceptic doco The Great Global Warming Swindle back in 2008 to see how this will pan out.
  • Also, I highly recommend this week’s Spectator magazine (out on Friday). Nick Minchin pens the Diary, and Tim Blair writes on James Delingpole’s visit down under.


  1. The AGW cultists are in denial, like they are over Syria backing Al CIAda.

  2. Bruce Oz Colyer via Facebook says:

    Australian Youth Climate Coalition =left/green nuts but the show tonigth should be a good laugh

  3. Mick O'Donoghue via Facebook says:

    The crowd will be stacked with breathless lefty sycophants. Cant wait.

  4. Ken Reed via Facebook says:

    You reminded me why I have avoided the ABC (and then most other TV) since about 2007 when all this crap started in earnest.

  5. Mick O'Donoghue via Facebook says:

    Take a gander at the Q&A page. Many of their own disciples are most displeased that the ABC is even giving the AGW opposition a chance tonight. You know, given this whole climate thing is apparently “settled” & all.

    • Mick, the climate doo-doo Plimer promotes is not ”settled” either. Since 1997, the Warmist crap is scrutinized; they select their lies. Plimer uses the ”climatology” fairy-tales created for the last 1200y; as factual. Precursor of all ”climatology” evil is because: they collected lots of dubious evidences in the distant past and created the theory that earth’s temperature goes up and down as a yo-yo. Declared those ”dubious evidences” as factual. Leading Warmist know that; but Plimer and his apostols / zombies are trying to prove with past localized warmings / presented as GLOBAL – will prove the Warmist wrong…?! No, unless marijuana becomes compulsory. Hallucinating a phony GLOBAL warming, doesn’t make it real.

  6. I heard a brief excerpt from the “I can change your mind” docco, on the Radio Ntional Science Show last weekend, and it happened to be the bit where Anna Rose refused to talk to Marc Morano. I particularly liked the bit where she says:

    “…You know I’m happy to debate any legitimate climate scientist. Marc is not a climate scientist and I feel that the tactics he uses aren’t even helpful to your side of the debate…”

    No double standard there eh Anna Rose, given that you’re an Arts/Law graduate?? (obviously Minchin isn’t a climate scientists either, but I doubt he’d be foolish enough to be caught saying he’d only debate climate scientists)

    Here’s the link to the transcript

  7. Richard Abbott says:

    Given the universe is apparently 93 billion light years wide. Not withstanding light travels over a billion k an hour then there must be a heck of a lot of space that our ” learned climate scientists” know nothing about. Surely then outer space material has hitherto impacts on earth gravity, hence causing miniscule orbital and rotational changes on earth. Was wondering if there is anything written on delta gravity changes on earth influencing climate?

  8. WAFWOTAM !!!

  9. @paul sure, we all enjoy a “robust debate”…i’d like to see debate regarding agw so far we’ve been TOLD the SIENCE is SETTLED…let alone the fact most of the science in climatology is based on bad informtion, assumption, computer simulations and just patently wrong. the statement often used in these “debates” is that co2 traps/amplifies heat should give you a clue to how “robust” the science is…

  10. According to Nick Minchin, every time Anna Rose is introduced to one of Minchin’s experts, she uses ad hominem attacks. Surprise surprise!

  11. Baldrick says:

    Another climate whitewash from ‘Their ALPBC’!

  12. I can’t stand Q&A and Tony Jones at the best of times. I think I’ll save myself some stress and avoid it, as I know how it is going to go anyway. I’m sure you guys will update me tomorrow night 🙂

  13. One big joke! Two to one (counting Tony), and no skeptical scientists. It’s rigged.

  14. Paul Brown via Facebook says:

    I apologise, I was not lecturing, I was commenting on the starting point of the discussion.

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