Gone fishing

UPDATE: I’m currently awaiting an appeal decision regarding an FOI request. Once this is handed down, I will (hopefully) be posting on the material.

ACM will be on a break for a while. Unfortunately, other (non-climate-related) projects mean that blogging must take a back seat for an as yet undetermined period.

As always, check the live Blog Roll on the right for your daily dose of climate sanity.



  1. ..meanwhile, people might like to hop on over to:


    ..and do their survey. Click on the “Take The Climate Challenge” image.

  2. John C Fairfax says:

    Many people agree climate may be impacted by humans but not many people believe the cause is CO2. Climate Change is one thing, Global Warming is another, and CO2 is another thing.
    Warming the whole globe is very different to warming areas of ocean where more intense storms develop.
    To my knowledge AGW and CO2 and carbon tax science has not measured and assessed photosynthesis-linked warmth in unprecedented sewage and natural nutrient proliferated ocean algae plant matter.
    Best complete the science.

  3. Marek kiera says:

    Please come back Simon ! Your blogging reasures me that we are making a difference.

  4. My favourite site! Hope your back soon!

  5. I’m in the audience on Q and A tomorrow night. Has anyone got a question they’d like me to ask?

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