Queensland environment minister questions scale of human climate impact

Climate sense

A glimmer of climate sense from the new Queensland environment minister, who states the realist position that yes, humans affect the climate, but how much we can’t be sure. He should have gone on to say that the remedies proposed are eye-wateringly expensive, will cripple our economy and will do nothing for the climate – maybe he will next time.

The ABC reports this as heresy, of course, and wheels in a “conservationist” to put the ABC’s view, er, I mean the opposing view:

Queensland’s new Environment Minister is the latest politician to voice scepticism about man-made climate change.

Andrew Powell says he is yet to be convinced of the degree to which humans are responsible, but he does support efforts to reduce carbon pollution.

“I believe the climate is changing, I am still to be convinced of the degree to which we are influencing that,” Mr Powell said.

“But having said that, are we polluting the environment? Certainly. Are we using a non-renewable source of energy? Certainly. Do we need to address both of those factors? Most definitely.”

But his comments have alarmed conservation groups.

Toby Hutcheon, from the Queensland Conservation Council, says his comments are inconsistent with the State Government’s official position.

“I hope that Andrew is simply talking as an individual, and not as the responsible minister for Queensland,” Mr Hutcheon said.

“Because that would certainly suggest a change of position by the Government that has long held the view that climate change is a serious threat to Queensland and is being caused predominantly by human activity.” (source)

But there’s more good news as pointless environmental gestures are being wound back, allegedly because the carbon tax will make them redundant. That’s not the correct reason – they are redundant anyway and should be abandoned even without the carbon tax. None of them will do anything for the climate, after all.


  1. Bruce Elton via Facebook says:

    the ABC is a tragic joke….

  2. Ian F Somerville via Facebook says:

    And so he should!! But he must act on his belief!

  3. Baldrick says:

    Actually, the Queensland Governments view of climate change says: “The Queensland Government is committed to responsibly managing the impacts of climate change and will focus on cost-effective adaptation initiatives that manage the impacts of climate change on our economy, communities, infrastructure and environmental assets.”
    Last updated 25 May 2012.

    Compare that to the Federal Labor/Green Governments view, “The Australian Government is building a Clean Energy Future through a comprehensive plan to dramatically cut pollution, introduce a carbon price, invest billions of dollars in renewable energy, transform the energy sector away from high polluting sources such as brown coal, and store millions of tonnes of carbon in the land through better land management.”
    Last updated 2010, following the big lie!

  4. “Andrew Powell says he is yet to be convinced of the degree to which humans are responsible, but he does support efforts to reduce carbon pollution”.
    Poor soul; he still doesn’t get it! Not Carbon – Carbon Dioxide. Not pollution – harmless trace gas (0.001% human contribution = negligible).

  5. i reckon hes after a payrise in order for him to be convinced…

  6. Bulaman says:
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