Climate sense in Victoria: climate-driven planning laws relaxed

What the alarmists think will happen…

More climate sense, this time from Victoria, where draconian planning restrictions based on fanciful sea level rise predictions have been “watered down” (ho, ho):

The State Government will relax planning rules designed to address the impact of climate change in town’s along Victoria’s coastline.

The previous Labor government blocked construction in areas that would be affected by a predicted 80 centimetre sea level rise.

A report by the Coastal and Climate Change Advisory Committee recommended reducing those restrictions to a predicted 20 centimetre sea level rise by 2040 for existing towns. (source)

It’s a small step, but at least it’s in the right direction.


  1. Sensible

  2. Baldrick says:

    Good to see but I find it strange how with just a swipe of the pen they can change a predicted 80cm rise and lower it to 20cm. Amazing stuff this climate science … add and subtract at will!

  3. 7mm/year is still around double the rate rise for the past 30 years or so. Earlier predictions had Manhattan underwater by now. Someone wake me up when they have the faintest clue, as they sure don’t right now.

  4. Luke Warm says:

    More good news, Simon. Big Ted has initiated an efficiency drive to give better value to taxpayers and to enable the state government to live within its means after years of unsustainable Labor public sector growth. To meet these efficiency targets, government departments are, among other measures, taking the opportunity to turf buying “green” (more expensive) energy, something Labor had been forcing them to do. Baillieu has also slashed the feed in tariff for new solar panel installations – word is he will soon extend this to all solar panel installations. WooHoo!

  5. i have a real bad feeling about this sort of action…its a diversion, distraction to take the heat off…

  6. agwnonsense says:

    One remembers with absolute joy the the council (Victorian)that said “you can raise your floor level by 1 metre but not your ceiling level” I still laugh about it.

  7. Ash Casey via Facebook says:

    On the way to Canada’s recent stance.. once they cut through the junk science and start paying attention to replicable reports… the current raft of regulations becomes irerelevant. Queensland has alsotaken a good hard look at all of the recent debunking reports. Once Climategate was ripped wide open, the alarmists cause was shown to be the cynical manipulation of data for self and political promotion purposes

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