Arctic warm periods 'inexplicable' by greenhouse gases alone

Drilling on Lake Unpronounceable

Quick, throw another heretic on the fire. The ABC momentarily abandons its trademark groupthink on climate to report on a paper which shows warm periods in the Arctic over the past 2.8 million years, and which cannot be explained by greenhouse warming alone.

Funny, because usually they can’t explain things but for greenhouse gases…

The Arctic went through ice-free periods of extreme warmth over the past 2.8 million years, based on a new analysis of deep sediment in Russia.

The team led by Martin Melles of the University of Cologne, Germany, drilled into an iced-over lake formed by a meteorite impact on the Chukchi Peninsula in Siberia for the longest sediment core ever collected in the terrestrial Arctic.

Since the meteorite struck an area of Lake El’gygytgyn that was not eroded by glaciers, the sediment record reaches back nearly 30 times further in time than ice cores from Greenland that cover the past 110,000 years.

The sediment reveals periods of extreme warmth that show the polar regions are much more vulnerable to change than previously thought, and are difficult to explain by greenhouse gases alone, according to the study in the journal Science.

Scientists have long known that the Arctic went through climate cycles, but the latest research shows some of these warm phases were “exceptional”, with temperatures 4°C to 5°C warmer and 30 centimetres wetter than during normal interglacials, the study’s authors write. (source)

More evidence of natural climate change perhaps? You can be sure this paper won’t make it into IPCC AR5…

Paper is here.


  1. Even cave man camp fires can’t explain it !

  2. Another article that didn’t appear in my ‘News Feed’ 😦

  3. Interesting but as with all pseudo(climate)scientists they mention more modelling and have their hands out for more money. However, the answer is well known if they clear their minds. CO2 changes which are mainly natural have no effect on climate, The evidence is that CO2 change lags temperature change daily, seasonally, short term cycles (30, 60 & 120 yr) cycles and long term cycles of 10,000’s yrs.

  4. If you insist on digging under a lake called Lake El’gygytgyn you are bound to find evidence of periods when Azathoth, Cthulhu, Ghatanothoa, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep and the rest of the Old Ones ruled the Earth. No doubt those were warmer periods.

    One of the dangers of Global Warming is that it will wake them from their sleep.

  5. Bryan Harris says:

    Interesting new data – thanks Simon

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