Rio+20 Earth Summit fizzles in the rain

Epic fail

UPDATE 2: Christopher Booker writes in The Telegraph:

The great global warming scare has long been dying on its feet, but that sad fiasco of a conference in Rio last week saw it finally dead and buried. “It’s pathetic, it’s appalling,” wailed a spokesman for WWF, one of the thousands of green activists who flew to Rio, many at taxpayers’ expense, to see the last rites read over their lost dream. Their cause has even been abandoned by one of its most outspoken champions, the green guru James Lovelock of “Gaia” fame, who now admits that the warming scare was all a tragic mistake, and that talk of “sustainable development” is just “meaningless drivel”.

UPDATE: George Monbiot describes the draft UN text as “283 paragraphs of fluff” and quotes one of them as follows in the Guardian:

“This paragraph from the declaration sums up the problem for me:

We recognise that the planet Earth and its ecosystems are our home and that Mother Earth is a common expression in a number of countries and regions and we note that some countries recognise the rights of nature in the context of the promotion of sustainable development. We are convinced that in order to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environment needs of present and future generations, it is necessary to promote harmony with nature.”

It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It could be illustrated with rainbows and psychedelic unicorns and stuck on the door of your toilet. But without any proposed means of implementation, it might just as well be deployed for a different function in the same room.” (source)

Another pointless gab fest out of the way, and we can be glad that no progress was made towards the UN’s goal of global economic shutdown. The UK Telegraph‘s warmist Geoffrey Lean is not happy:

Even the skies wept. Glorious weather bathed Rio de Janeiro for the week running up to the Earth Summit, while some hope remained that it might produce even minor measures to tackle the world’s escalating environmental crises. But when the leaders flew in on Wednesday to rubber-stamp an agreement shorn of commitments to action, the rain started falling – and didn’t let up, culminating in a thunderstorm on the final morning.

It is always a bad sign when a UN conference ends on time: if anything substantive is at stake, these unwieldy gatherings of 190 governments invariably overrun, only reaching resolution in the early hours of the morning. So it says much about the inconsequentiality of the agreement in Rio that it was finalised even before the meeting began.

Brazil, as host country, was desperate to avoid a repeat of the Copenhagen climate summit, where the leaders found little agreed when they arrived and had to try to do the job themselves. Confronted with the failure of two years of negotiations to agree even an anodyne and non‑binding accord, Brazil watered it down even further and rammed it through: the 100 or so presidents and prime ministers were effectively confined to self-congratulatory speeches and public relations photo-calls.

But the effect was a greater failure. For at least in the Danish capital the leaders tried – and almost succeeded – to get agreement on ambitious measures. In Rio nothing was even attempted, despite the increasing urgency of action needed to combat overfishing, pollution of the seas, loss of soils, climate change and a host of other growing crises. (source)


  1. Sean McHugh says:

    If you’re going to have a flop, might as well hold it in Rio. As Peter Allen sang in, ‘I go to Rio’: “[F]ree at last, what a blast”. And for them, it was free.

  2. Thank.


  3. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    Sounds like the Gore Effect still going strong…

  4. Did all of these leaders walk, swim, sail [by wind powered yachts] or walk to Rio? With 200 world leaders in attendance and the accompanying leeches, sponges and suck-holes, what was the size of their carbon footprint, or are these type of things exempt from the admission of or emission of co2?

  5. jackindc says:

    Once again, Goreballwarming shows itself to be the fraud that it is. Millions spent to fly to the conference using massive amounts of carbon fuel to spread even more BS once they got there.

  6. Julia is a busy girl ensuring Australia follows UN rules and regulations and gets all the good sea bed and coastal waters off limits to Australians….. One wonders if when she gets kicked out of Canberra wether she wants a top job at the UN…. would not suprise me at all…..

    who owns the sea floor bed?

  7. Bryan Harris says:

    Do not imagine that nothing was achieved at Rio for the Mother Earth green socialist loonies – You’d be surprised what goes on in the back rooms…

    They’ve changed the way they present the results to underplay any progress they have made to stop worrying people, but you can guarantee they’ve taken the whole thing up a notch or three…

    As for that fluff – how many countries signed up to this new deal – how many ways are there to interpret it in law?
    The suppressive law enforcers can make what they will of it, and we all know how good HR judges are at pushing the socialist line…

    These green loonies are lining up the ducks – a few at a time so nobody really spots what is going on……. but FGS don’t be complacent that Rio achieved nothing!

  8. Richard N says:

    Juliar has already seen fit to lecture Europe on economic management now I can just see the Gillard warmist representative at the gabfest lecturing the rest of the wold on eco management and pointing to Australias massive carbon tax and gigantic marine parkes as evidence of our Ausatralias green credentials. This gathering of pathetic globe trotting ecocrats would no doubt congradulate him on Australia’s “brave” leadership.

  9. Australia is represented in an “informal” lobby to get all this implemented without a treaty called the Belmont Forum. Managed by the US National Science Foundation and the UK NERC, it is a partner with various UN agencies like UNESCO and UNEP to get the goals of Kyoto, Copenhagen, and Rio+20 in place without further treaties.

    It goes by the name Future Earth Alliance. I am greatly concerned that much of the expressed “relief” and frustration over no agreement in Rio is a feint while FEA finishes planning and goes operational on schedule in 2013.

    The UN education initiatives of higher ed reform, the decade of Education for Sustainable Development, and the Millenium Development Goals are basically localized and hard to see because it is accreditation and the Quality Assurance process that enforces. Plus Agenda 21 acts through cities and corporate vendors and regional devt authorities.Much of Rio+20 no longer needs a treaty for implementation.

    They will be back more quietly for financing when no one is looking. For now it will have to come from participants in the Beverly Forum and FEA.

  10. The Rio summit on ‘sustainable development’ was doomed before it ever begun.

    How ironic… in the same week as Rio, the G20 meeting took place in Mexico dealing with resolving the european debt crisis amongst other things.

    The G20 meeting was about countries having to kick-start their economies in order to get out of their financial mess… growing their economies.

    Rio, on the other hand was about ‘sustainable development’… requiring countries to tame consumerism by economic contraction… the very opposite to the underlying objective of the G20 meeting.

    So how could those G20 countries demand one thing at one meeting, and then demand the opposite at the Rio meeting? They couldn’t.

    And so, Rio ended up as just another massive talkfest in an exotic location that accomplished bugger all.

  11. They will never confront the truth until they hold this summit in Churchill Manitoba, in the middle of February, out doors in beautiful downtown, polar bear infested, Churchill. They get to see and feel real cold, and a few of them will actually feed the Polar bears…themselves.

  12. Baldrick says:

    The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development saw 50,000 participants rubber stamp an already agreed document.

    The United Nations estimated that its 1,400 members was expected to generate an estimated 3,600 tonnes of carbon emissions, largely from air travel.

    On that basis … 50,000 participants would generate an estimated 130,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the exhaust gases of around 26,000 vehicles.

    Good work guys … all in the name of Gaia. Go figure!

  13. Ash Casey via Facebook says:

    of course not..they apparently haven’t heard of advances like video and teleconferencing either

  14. @Ash: How could they have their expensive dinners and circle-jerk festivals in the virtual world?

  15. Richard roscoe says:

    Having read a particularly stupid piece by Geoffrey Lean some time ago, I was moved to send in a comment. It turned out to be unnecessary as I found 181 comments posted already, 1 in support and 180 against.

    I cannot imagine why the Telegraph no longer shows his email address after his articles.

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