Gilliard: only foolish people oppose carbon tax

Of course the headline of Gillard’s patronising and delusional article in The Australian doesn’t say that, it says:

Sensible Australians will see carbon tax as a change for the better.”

Which is the same as saying only foolish people will question its merits. And she asks a very dangerous question:

“So now, Australians have a chance to see carbon pricing in action for themselves. Is it a wrecking ball, a python squeeze or is it a sensible policy to cut pollution? You decide.”

Oh, don’t you worry – we will, Julia. We will.

Read it here.


  1. May Australia be Extremely foolish, then.

  2. “Sensible Australians will see carbon tax as a change for the better.”

    In which case call me “unsensible”; it’s a far better position.

    One wonders when Gillard and/or her speechwriters are going to start avoiding Orwellian phrases. It’s almost like they believe Australians want to live in that kind of society.

    I just hope that the voters still consider this foremost come the next election.

    • Dave-

      I think the point is not what type of society Australians currently want to live in. That’s the beauty of centrally planned economies like what Julia and the various UN agencies have in mind all over the West.

      They quickly become centrally prohibited economies and it’s people’s free behaviors that they are targeting. That’s why education is the central weapon in the global bureaucratic arsenal. You use it to change young people’s values and guiding beliefs. You train them to respond reflexively from emotion, instead of looking for facts and applying reasoned analysis.

      I was looking this weekend at the definition of well-being the Sydney Morning Herald and Lateral Economics are pushing and comparing it to the happiness and well-being push coming out of the UN agencies and the accreditation/Quality Assurance process. I quickly found a November 2008 Scoping Study of using the schools to impose the Seven Pathways to Student Wellbeing.

      It was straight out of Orwell. Julia knows it is only a matter of time once you make the normative/affective the primary focus of the schools before you will have a voting majority that will either tolerate a centrally planned society because their mindset has been cultivated to allow or be part of the rent seeking class that benefits.

      • Kevin R. Lohse says:

        It’s been my experience through life that the young generally question then reject the views and values of their elders – for good or bad. I think that your PM, my PM and the rest of the, “Make Poverty Global”, cabal are in for a very bad time.

  3. Baldrick says:

    Labor Spin:
    – One part Carbon + two parts Oxygen = pollution!

  4. I’d rather not read anything allegedly written by her as my mind will try to put her voice to it and to be honest I would rather listen to fingernails on a blackboard.

  5. Why not show utter contempt for the voters? It’s not like she can possibly lose any more of them.

  6. So, taking into account the latest polls, Julia Gillard is calling 63% of Australians stupid.

    Way to go, Julia. That will win you heaps of votes!

  7. Timothy says:

    The carbon tax must be working. The temperature was really low in Brisbane this morning.

  8. Another question:

    Why would a woman who made an unequivocal promise to the Australia people, only to break that promise a week later, then publicly ask the question:
    “Who do you trust?” ???

  9. “Pollution”? There would be no plant life without carbon dioxide, and hence no animal life, all of which ultimately depends on plants.
    Juliar should go back to primary school.

  10. My advice to people is to recognise and accept that the price on carbon (carbon tax) is now law and no matter what protests take place, Gillard is not going to amend it or withdraw it.

    People need only remember that come the next election they can protest with their votes … do unto Gillard what Queensland voters did to Anna Bligh.

    Having said that, people should not escape the fact that the Coalition is equally to blame for the carbon tax.


    Because the only way the Coalition could have effectively blown this tax apart from the very beginning was to expose the IPCC’s junk science that underpinned justification for the carbon tax as just that… junk science. Instead, the Coalition spectacularly failed to do this. It adopted the wrong strategy.

    So long as the Coalition continues to drink from the same poisoned well of IPCC junk science as the Gillard government, I don’t even believe the carbon tax will ever be repealed by a Coalition government.


    We all remember Gillard’s lie about not having a carbon tax. But we should also remember how Abbott stated that the (IPCC) climate science was crap yet changed his belief and became a devout IPCC disciple and believer in the IPCC’s Climate Bible. You see, for the Coalition and Gillard, the climate science is settled and they all believe that Co2 is dangerous to the planet. They believe in voodoo science!

    • Which really just proves my point that underneath it all, they are just singing from the same song book.

      Tony abbott is a socilaist.

      Ponder this – Cecil Rhodes believed in World Govenance ( world govt)

      Tony abbott is a Rh****s Scholar.

      Join the dots yourself.

      I think Turdbull is a Rhodes as well.

      Once you understand the power structures and whos commanding who, it all starts to make sense.

      • LuisaDownUnder says:

        Poor quality comment, Steve. You’re talking through your hat. Your logic has no premise.
        As for your comments, Mervyn, you obviously don’t read the newspapers or watch any news items, much less tune into ‘our’ ABC. Even when the Coalition does everything perfectly, some hack journalist will put a derogatory spin on it. Just look at how Tony Abbott is being continually attacked for simply stating the blooming obvious.
        Remember, it was John Howard who clearly stated that he did not give a great deal of credence to the AGW hysteria, hence why he did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol. He was ridiculed by all and sundry for his well-pondered pronouncements on the whole UN and IPCC control philosophy.
        He argued clearly, on all subjects, regarding Australia’s sovereignty and against UN meddling.
        So your understanding of the Coalition’s policy or agenda is tainted.
        However, I agree with you that we should do unto Gillard what Queenslanders did unto Bligh…. And we will.

        • Luisa – my logic has no premise? Talking out my hat?

          Youre ignoring what is going on right in front of you. See this is how it goes ( and ignore it at your own peril ) –

          (1) All politics is controlled – both sides have the same pay master and agenda. This also logically means it doesnt matter who you vote for, you get the same agenda. History shows this clearly.

          (2) Following from (1) it means voting is pointless and only legitimisess theft of our democracy by this socialist mob. If voting wasnt compulsory, we would have a chance of actually having a say, but it isnt, and thats by design.

          (3) Tony abbott is a socialist, or at least follows the same fabian socialist agenda. He wont repeal the carbon tax and he will further push us into socialist misery with the same policies as Gull-urd.

          (4) Turnbull is also a socilaist/one worlder who will also blindly follow his paymasters orders.

          I reserve my comments on your ( professional ) opinion, becasue I am right, unfortunately.

          This is a propaganda war as much as anything. The Pro-AGW crowd are communists who are hell bent on using a carbon tax to bring about global socilaism and so destroy australias middle class so it cant resist global UN driven socialism. Then add in a gun grab later and its a fait accomplit. The UN has a twisted gun outside its headquarters, which is ahllmark of gun control under socialists like Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot.

          Collaborators like Luisa and their handlers get nervous when we expose them. And rightly so.

        • LuisaDownUnder says:

          If you do not vote, you will leave Julia Gillard and her Labor cronies in power thus accomplishing nothing.
          So what is your point?

        • Luisa – struck a raw nerve have I?


          Not all of us are brain dead.

          Lots are waking up too.


        • LuisaDownUnder says:

          Ur, no, Steve. You didn’t strike any nerve actually. Not sure what you are on about.
          And, waking up to what, Steve?

        • “Luisa” – you’d be no doubt familiar with the cautionary tale of “Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby”. It occurred to me that it seems your role is to mire people through ignoring the obvious and getting people to waste their time and energy.
          At least we worked that out. A change agent – nice to meet one at last.

          For anyone else reading this comment – it would appear that after observing politics in this country, that we dont have true represetative govt. Both “sides” of parliament collude to push the same agenda, and as such while we appear to have a “choice” on who we vote for, the reality is the candidates on both sides of the “election” are picked so it matters not a whit who you vote for, you get the same agenda. Gillard or Abbott – you will get a carbon tax and a one world govt.

          In this country we have compulsory voting – this forces the system to legitimise itself when in fact its been hijacked by those setting the agenda. Should people decide not to vote in large enough numbers, it sends a clear message that we have no confidence in their game. Like any con job, it only works if you participate. Not voting is the most powerful message you can send. Yes of course one “party” will “win” but its moot – you get the same agenda any way – its like a dog chasing its own tail.

          Caveat emptor.

    • To the extent that I have sympathy for politicians on both sides of politics (I do have some……) it is to recognise the dilemma that they faced. First, they had CSIRO, BOM, esteemed Science Associations, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all telling them that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are leading to uncontrolled and catastrophic global warming. Second, they had polls showing that 70% of the population (very largely influenced by Al Gore’s movie) accepted that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing perhaps the most serious problem facing mankind. Hard to stand against that stuff if you are a politician.

      Now though, Tony Abbott has a realistic alternative. He can note that despite the continuing position of CSIRO et al, there have been very credible voices emerge arguing that the IPCC position re CO2 is totally unproven, without evidence, and that in fact there is evidence that there is perhaps neutral or even negative feedbacks of temperature to CO2 levels. Further, it is evident that natural cycles play a major part in observed climate change. Further still, it is also evident that land-use factors are causing local and regional climate change in many parts of the world, which is being confused with anthropogenic CO2 caused global warming. Given that, it is surely now appropriate to convene a Royal Commission to consider the science, with submissions from all interested parties, with focus on the evidence. Cross-examination would be allowed, and the Royal Commission would decide, for once and for all, whether the evidence suggested that we have an urgent need to take action or not.

      Tony Abbott has a heaven sent opportunity to change the game. Until the science question is settled (claims that it is settled are clearly invalid), it is surely wise to hold precipitate and costly action.

      • LuisaDownUnder says:

        You can’t possibly have an opening statement like “to the extent that I have sympathy for politicians on both sides of politics” and hope to get away with it Mondo.
        You can’t possibly have sympathy for the blatant dishonesty of the Labor Government when it comes to introducing a tax on carbon dioxide ( which surely, by definition, implies that it is merely a tax for revenue raising) and telling us that we will all be better off because of this tax.
        Tony Abbott has done the extreme opposite and stated effusively for all and sundry that this a scam and he will repeal it.
        Why you now wish to hold only Tony Abbott responsible for correcting a wrong speaks of a delusional tendency on your part.
        He is constantly lambasted by puerile comments from Julia Gillard et al and the media on a daily basis and still he has not backed down or made any effort to appeal to the ‘minor masses’. That speaks of a great deal of character, character that has not ever been evident in any, and I mean any, Labor politician.
        And who are you referring to when you say “…it is surely wise to hold precipitate and costly action”?

  11. god bless Australia because we will need all the help we can get

  12. It appeared on TV that 63% of voters are foolish, then!

  13. William McConnell via Facebook says:

    Call me foolish then!…:D

  14. Christian Piggott via Facebook says:

    i wish someone would put a bullet in her

    • headshaker says:

      Christian: When you make stupid, offensive comments, you lose the argument.

  15. Seriously Christian? Are you trying to prove her point?

  16. So insulting the voter is the new tactic. Carry on.

  17. it is foolish to think voters are going to vote for you again.

  18. Mike Jay via Facebook says:

    She’s finished. Everyone hates her, even her own party members are realising she is poison. It’s just a matter of when her and swan get the chop.

  19. Mick O'Donoghue via Facebook says:

    As someone with way too much time on their hands once discovered, you cant shine a turd.

  20. I must be a complete nong then!

  21. Paul George says:

    It seems that for the carbon haters the only way to avoid their imaginary apocalypse is to create a real one. Which ever way they go they really want to be in this movie, and of course it will be them who will repopulate earth with their offspring after the well deserved destruction of the “polluters” and “deniers”. An apocalypse by stealth will do. We will all be grateful in the end, see the light and prostrate ourselves before the altar of the new god… Oxygen.

  22. it matters not if she is finished…here in australia as ban ki moon has a cushy job for her at the un looking after the poor and lifting people out of poverty…lol…

  23. Rob Greaves via Facebook says:

    That woman is really scraping the barrel now. Does she know no lower depths?

  24. Futureproof says:

    Doh, I know how this works on the environment now. For a warm day decrease the tax. For a cold day increase the tax. It’s so easy. No woner the ALP are full of professors.

  25. She is such a foolish woman, when will she learn not to insult the electorate. She has denigrated and demonized everyone who disagrees with her which is the majority. How can she possibly expect anyone to vote for her.

  26. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    One more addition to the list of things that Gillard clearly doesn’t understand… the definition of foolish.

  27. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    Australian always seemed clever people, I didn’t hate on Rudd, though I thought he was mistaken, but this woman is dumber than Clarke and Dawes video goof parody they did on her.

  28. There is a full-page ad in this morning’s paper, by a group called “Businesses for a Clean Economy,” spruiking that they are “standing up in support of a carbon price.”
    Most of them are the usual motley bunch of rent-seekers, but there are some serious businesses in there as well.

    “Sensible” Australians may want to join me in going through the list to determine which companies they may want to write to to either:
    a) Cancel existing accounts or business relationships (e.g. Westpac, Hesta Super, etc)
    b) Pre-emptively inform them that you were considering their products, but will now remove their names from consideration (IKEA, Readings, Body Shop)

  29. Firstly Albanese called us People of No Consequence, now Gillard calls us Fools. Gee they sure want us to vote for them at the next election don’t they?

  30. Glen Balmer via Facebook says:

    Maybe they are planning not to have another election – “Climate Change is so important that we need to suspend democracy”. OR perhaps she is following Stalin’s biography: (1) fool people to overthrowing a leader you say is despicable, (2) after gaining power and implementing controlling policies, start a secret police force and kill people who hate your government.

  31. From a psychological view, she and her henchmen are psychopathic. Always blaming the opposition for not governing, blaming the opposition of being exactly what they really are. It’s all very entertaining! Only a fool would fall for it…

  32. Democracy is not a word that the PM or the Labor party has any idea about. just look at the polls, they are not even listening to the people. Just off with their idea to put Australia into more and more debt. We will all be working into our 80+ no such thing as retirement

  33. Glen, wouldn’t put it past her to hand over control to the NWO. You watch, Australia shall volunteer soon when WWIII kicks off. Side by side with our corporate fascist Anglo/American/Israeli mates. Got my one way ticket to Moscow ready! 1984 ain’t for me 🙂

  34. gyptis444 says:

    Gillard and Swan just don’t get it. Lie to the electorate over a major issue such as this and THE VOTERS WILL PUNISH you in due course.

  35. John A. Gundersen says:

    “Never has so much paranoia been generated, so much money been squandered, so much nonsense been spouted, so many lives been constrained, so much economic damage been inflicted, so many bright futures been stunted on the basis of so little evidence.
    Such is the crying scandal of Climate Change.”
    (James Delingpole in “Killing the Earth to Save it”)

  36. & she will find out just how many are foolish come next election 😉

  37. Luke Warmer says:

    google Larry Pickering’s article on Gillard & her shady then-boyfriend. Not Prime Ministerial material. Election now.

  38. Skeptikal says:

    Gillard will make it into the history books… but for all the wrong reasons.

  39. Peter A Cernik via Facebook says:

    How dare that Ranga [snip] call me “Foolish”….[snip]

  40. Pollution??? Perhaps they are totally deluded and think that one of the essential parts of life CO2 is pollution. Well let us see .0395% of the atmosphere is CO2 humans contributed 3% of that so .0012% in total. Australia 1.4% of that so .00002% of world emissions. We aim to reduce that by 5% so we will spend a lot money to decrease the CO2 in the atmosphere by .000001% or one part in a 100 million. So instead of 395 PPM it will be 394.99 PPM, who wouldn’t believe that?

  41. Now she’s insulting people now! Like a spoiled child!

  42. If she was foolish, as u think, she woudn,t have defeated rude in a landslide victory. People who oppose this know nothing about the environment and climate change. She will still challenge abort in the fortcoming election, godwilling. Long live julia gillard

  43. Rude? I presume you mean Rudd as in Kevin? I’m afraid the earlier internal leadership squabble within her own party is the only landslide victory she can look forward to this year and the next.

  44. Typical nit picky attitude of a liberal suporter, of course everything will be fine when Tony I Claudious Maximus Abott becomes PM, and everything will be fine for you & your childrens investments, “nest eggs” etc except they wont be all that much use to you,when the economy collapses, and a cyclone, most likely caused by climate change neglect, blows your mansion into the ocean, but carry on critique my spelling if you must..

    • Stephen, you totally failed to make me feel guilty, or scared. Please try another approach, I enjoy a good laugh.

      As for the economy collapsing, well, if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the economy collapsing, rather than the CO2 tax “helping the environment”.

    • LuisaDownUnder says:

      In case you haven’t noticed, cyclones are normal, you know, things that happen when certain weather systems come together and you get wind and rain, and lightning and thunder, and more wind and rain. What stands out though, Stephen, is that you obviously were not paying attention at school.
      Repeat after me: “climate has ALWAYS changed, and will continue to CHANGE.
      Cyclones do NOT happen because of ‘climate change neglect’, silly.
      And…I don’t live in a mansion, but I know what my children and grandchildren, AND my great grandchildren, will be saying about me: “Gee, we had a really intelligent gran, not like those climate change/Anthropogenic Global Warming morons. How stupid could they have been?”

    • Confusious says:

      Stephen Peter Pumpkin Eater! Thanks for the link to your Facebook which clears up everything! Favorite activities listed as Playing nicely. Being silly. Being sexy. Drinking…..
      That sumps up qualities of a typical GetUp! member and your line of thinking, or, rather, lack of. Only someone with absolute dearth of individualism and suffering of leftard herd syndrome can compile such a load of green manure. You should stop sucking up all your info from Age, SMH and global leftwing press.
      You can go now and watch your favorite Psychoville!

    • Charles Johnson says:

      Really Peter, you should do a bit more research on “Climate Change” and try not to let your blinkered bias blind you to the facts. I started out as a “believer” simply because I knew nothing about it and was prepared to trust the so called science. After a quick study I realise there was something to the “deniers” story and so I really started to research and read up and delve into the science. I was astounded by the facts that cannot be refuted and have come to be a “denier”, not because I followed the herd but because I proved to myself what is really happening.

  45. @ stephen lol…i mean, really, lol ….

  46. Sad indeed, I watch the BBC international news here was one story:
    BBC Report – Australian carbon tax – Small Meat Pie shop owner will have to sell 9000 more pies to cover the cost of the tax or go bust!

    Good luck with that he stated he is already working his butt off.

  47. I am not surprised that people are offended by the smugness, the duplicity, and the contempt on offer daily from our very own PM, that’s a totally natural response.

    What really does surprise, me is that there are people who still openly support the Government, and are happy about this tax.

  48. Richard Abbott says:

    I noted that “climate change” did not rate a mention in the need for the carbon tax…… OOOPS !

  49. Graham Richards says:

    Every time she opens her mouth it’s more lies………….
    Result is that all ALP MP’s expand on the lies to try and maintain their credibility. Poor Craig Emerson is probably at his wits end, can’t fabricate anymore lies and bursting into “song” is his way of maintaining his sanity.

    FINAL RESULT is that now the electorate find it very difficult to believe anything emanating from that discredited and now forlorn “organisation”.

    The asylum seeker debacle leads me to believe that the ALP policy is to actually bring in as many boat loads as possible……their policies are such an almighty ‘cock up’, that one can only reach this conclusion, as any sane policy would deter the boats. Are the ALP carrying out UN policy to the letter by swamping this country with foreign nationals????

    Maybe Gillard should introduce a “boat tax”…….lets say that for every boat Australia deducts a minimum of {for every 50 refugees} $25 million from Indonesia’s foreign aid.
    Proceeds would pay for naval escort, detention centers & processing.
    Bloody sure it would produce very quick results from the Indonesian authorities.
    It would certainly be more productive than the Carbon Tax.

  50. strange question Juliar:
    is it a sensible policy to cut pollution?
    Never once in your hyped up Carbon Dioxide Show did you ask us to cut pollution… you said you wanted to prevent Global Warming/climate change….. I doubt you even know what you are talking about most of the time. Time me thinks to bury both Labor and The Greens as a useless lot of manure! Drats sorry, even manure has a place in the garden…..

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