Craig Emerson dances on the grave of the Australian economy

Singing a requiem for Labor

If you haven’t seen this video, please be prepared with a sick bag – and don’t have any sharp objects around with which you may wish to inflict harm on your computer.

Craig Emerson comes to an interview with the ABC prepared with a pre-recorded soundtrack to participate in one of the most embarrassing interviews I have ever seen –  not just from this Labor rabble, but in my life.

On the day after the pointless and damaging carbon tax was introduced, and Gillard suggested those who questioned it were simply foolish, we have this:


Words. Fail. Me.

All I can struggle to manage is, keep it up, Craigie boy. You have just torpedoed another massive hole in your sinking government.


  1. Frances says:

    Well at least Craig Emerson got the words right. Shocking Me Outa My Brain! LOL What Mental Asylum should we send the flowers too?

  2. Kevin R. Lohse says:

    Getting in touch with the youth of Australia because nobody over the age of 30 will listen to him anymore? I wish Mr. Emerson a long and unhappy retirement watching subsequent Australian governments repair the evil your present shambles has wrought.

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