Tweet of the Day: ABC's Dr Karl 'loves the carbon tax'

“Dr Karl” is a regular fixture of the ABC’s pop science output (see here), and therefore, almost inevitably, like all his colleagues at Auntie, a climate alarmist.

In response to a tweet about the carbon tax yesterday, Dr Karl replied:

Apart from not addressing the question, Dr Karl actually loves the carbon tax! What a surprise from an ABC science journo! A pointless political gesture which will damage our prosperity at a time when the global economy is spiralling into GFC Mark II – and Dr Karl “loves” it.

Obviously, he fails to spare a thought for the millions of ordinary Australians whose finances will be stretched even closer to breaking point by a policy which serves no purpose apart from keeping Gillard in power by appeasing the Greens.

I replied, naturally, enquiring what effect the carbon tax would have on the climate. I have yet to receive a reply. Quelle surprise


  1. Baldrick says:

    No surprise that ‘Dr. Karl’ loves the carbon (dioxide) tax. He did, after all, stand as a senate candidate in the 2007 federal election on the Climate Change Coalition ticket in New South Wales.

    At the time he likened ‘clean coal’ technology as Nazi propaganda.

    Way to go Karl!

  2. Luke Warm says:

    Another one for Tony to put on the forced retirement list when he gets charge of the green-left ABC

  3. I am quite certain that had Abbott been installed as Prime Minister instead of Gillard at the last election, and had Abbott introduced the carbon tax and MRRT, Dr Karl and all the rest of the left would be up in arms!

    No normal minded person ever wants to be taxed. It is in everyone’s DNA to try and minimise his or her tax.

    The proof is in the pudding… just ask Dr Karl if, when he does his tax return, he claims expense deductions for which he feels he deserves a tax refund?

    If Dr Karl does this, then why in hell would he like the carbon tax, the effect of which he like all other consumers has to suffer?

    Well, it just shows that if you are Labor, you don’t mind paying any Labor tax!

    So I guess that if and when Labor introduce Australia’s inheritance tax (on the basis of bringing Australia in line with other countries such as England) presumable Dr Karl will also like that tax.

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