Labor rushes to dump Greens, but it's all too late

Bunch of nut-jobs

Evidence emerges that Labor is beginning to realise its huge mistake in ever forming a government with a bunch of extremist ecotards, otherwise known as the Green party.

Are they perhaps starting to twig that they aren’t a bunch of harmless tree-huggers, but are in fact a fanatical group of fundamentalist, anti-human Marxists?

Yesterday, the “faceless men” of Labor suggest preferencing the Greens last at the next federal election, and today union leader Paul Howes exposes them for what they are – a party of dangerous extremists who have no place in a democratic Australia.

But it’s too late – Labor has sacrificed itself on the extreme environmental altar and implemented a pointless carbon tax which was a condition of support from the Greens. Core Labor voters won’t forget the betrayal, and the party will be punished without mercy at the next election.

LABOR should consider preferencing the Greens last at the federal election, the party’s NSW secretary Sam Dastyari says in a declaration of war on Julia Gillard’s alliance partner made without consulting the Prime Minister.

Mr Dastyari, who described the Greens as “extremists not unlike One Nation”, said Labor must “stop treating them like they are part of our family … Where it is in the Labor Party’s interest to do so, we should consider placing (the Greens) last – just like we did with One Nation,” he said. 

The state secretary will move a motion at next weekend’s NSW party conference calling on Labor to “no longer provide the Greens party automatic preferential treatment in any future preference negotiations”, and hopes other state branches will follow suit.

The motion also declares that “extreme elements” of the Greens’ social and economic agenda “are at odds with the values and needs of many Labor voters”. (source)

And Paul Howes of the AWU finally (finally!) works it out as well:

If the Greens had their way, I doubt NSW would ever win the State of Origin.

There probably wouldn’t even be a State of Origin – we’d just sit around with Queenslanders and play pass the parcel. After all, the Greens in NSW have a policy of promoting “non-competitive sports” such as yoga, dance, trampolining and tai chi over the traditional sports that Australian children enjoy playing.

As their policy explains, the Greens “believe too much emphasis is placed on full body contact sports often causing unnecessary physical damage and confining opportunities for participation to the athletic elite.”

Sorry kids – no more rugby, no more Aussie rules, no more hockey or netball. Let’s all go meditate instead.

I’m not sure if the Greens who wrote this ridiculous policy have kids, or ever were children themselves, but expecting children not be competitive is just bizarre.

Children will find a way to turn just about anything into a competition – and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

In the blissful Green world-view, competition is bad, therefore winning is bad. No one can stand out, so we should all be brought down to the lowest common denominator.

They have got away with their grab-bag of loopy and out-there policies for years. They’ve got away with it by being passed off as a group of eccentric but basically harmless hippies.

People assumed that the Greens might have some weird ideas, but they are never going to run the show, so we don’t need to worry about them.

Well, we can no longer afford to be so complacent. (source)

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  1. Joseph Dance via Facebook says:

    Way to late!

  2. The Left uses “labor” as political tools, but once they grab power, organized labor has to go, because there can be no other authority or voice but that of the state, not religion, not families, not union. “Green” is nothing but a tool to get money and power for the Left and take it from the people.

  3. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    I pity you Aussies as much as I pity America.

  4. stephen says:

    here here

  5. Sabretruthtiger says:

    It’s good to see politicians waking up to the fact the Greens are the embodiment of the New World Order anti-human agenda to create a global Orwellian, technocratic Serfdom with mass depopulation. While the politicians in question may still be part of the agenda and tow the political line, perhaps they were not aware of the full extent of the agenda and may be angered that they were duped. anyone who has looked into the anthropogenic global warming debate knows that there is zero evidence for man made global warming and overwhelming evidence against it. Therefore it’s logical to assume that the politicans involved with the AGW issue towing the globalist line know this, as they would likely be familiar with the debate in order to carry out their propaganda duties. Therefore they know that CO2 has negligible effect on climate, therefore they are implementing the tax for nefarious purposes. The fact that the very people behind the carbon scam are suggesting spraying metallic particulates in the atmosphere to combat the fictitious AGW should raise some serious alarm bells. One must ask the question, if they know AGW is baseless rubbish, why would they want to spray the skies with toxic metals? The anti-human agenda 21 promotes population reduction and orchestrated chaos to bring about the New World Order. Think about it.

  6. It’s funny. Greens ain’t working out, now they want the opposition to give them policy and to work with there pathetic government. LULZ

  7. Perhaps the Greens always intended to sink the Labor party. They’re deluded enough to believe they could take their place

  8. Nick Jensen via Facebook says:

    Wayyyy tooo late !

  9. Why have people been too slow to work out what the Greens ereally are?

  10. Election

  11. Mrs Bob Brown was the last of the environmentalist from the greens. It is now filled with hard core communists pretending to care about the environment..

  12. Labor…..OPPORTUNISTS……Greens……Environmental THUGS

  13. Bryan Harris via Facebook says:

    It is rather late for labour to suddenly realise this – given the harm the green inspired policies invoked by labour have done. Australians should mark both greens and labour as “Non-Preferred” – better still dump them both in the political dustbin. Having said that, its good to see the greens getting the sort of publicity that hits the nail on the head – may they, as a force, die a painful death, and get buried deep in some ocean trench.

  14. Bryan Harris says:

    It is rather late for labour to suddenly realise this – given the harm the green inspired policies invoked by labour have done. Australians should mark both greens and labour as “Non-Preferred” – better still dump them both in the political dustbin. Having said that, its good to see the greens getting the sort of publicity that hits the nail on the head – may they, as a force, die a painful death, and get buried deep in some ocean trench.

  15. BrownOut says:

    I’m not convinced !

    Labor needs the greens preferences more than ever. The real problem is that making the alliance appear like a coalition has damaged the Labor brand. The Greens may have a loyal 13% support base but they are toxic to the remaining 87% of voters.

    Thus, this is just an exercise in public perception for Labor to try and win back some of the disenchanted and now LNP supporters. Behind the scenes it will be business as usual.

  16. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    In truth Simon it’s more than a decade too late for Labor to redress the damage caused by their alliance with the watermelon Greens. Labor’s socialist left faction has now degenerated into a fifth column, virtually indistinguishable from the Green cancer that some Labor moderates have finally recognised is destroying their party.

  17. Baldrick says:

    Bollocks. There’s only one thing you can believe that comes out of the Labor Party machine … and that’s pure unadultarated SPIN!

  18. Howes: “Well, we can no longer afford to be so complacent”. What makes him think we could ever afford to be complacent?

  19. Scarface says:

    It’s unbelievable that parties calling themself Labor, Labour or whatever the flavor of the day is, do everything to make it impossible for people to actually do labour and make a living. They have found a means to silence their supporters for whom they say they have organized as a party, by making them slaves to all the goodies a government can give away, on behalf of the taxpayer.

    Thankfully, as Margaret Thatcher said: “Socialism eventually runs out of other people’s money”. Only, you will find your country in ruins first, or worse, before recovery to a real market economy can occur.

    Vote those Labor cheaters out! And the Greens too!
    Save your country and make them lose.

  20. So Labor wants a Mulligan! Labor’s power brokers haven’t seen an uptick in support after the tax was introduced. It wouldn’t surprise me if the opinion polls are worse. Labor nationwide is on a slide to irrelevancy and there’s no getting off. Now the Labor spin doctors are trying to drag the Greens down with them and hoping the Australian voter pool is not so deep with pent up revenge that the party can’t stand on the shoulders of the Greens for air. I hope both parties drown each other. Look for the rats to bail out and swim for shore.

  21. It is never too late – but I do believe it may take three elections before Labor regains any credibilty….. if it ever does, and not with Ms Lying Mouth at the helm either – she should be put out to pasture ASAP.

    ONE OTHER BIG issue is the Lib/Nat’s position on CAGW and ETS etc. The electorate wants the Carbon Tax recinded and NO ETS either…… As a Nation we have become a universal laughing stock……

  22. Simon.
    Here in North America. I have come across a lot of Skepticism about what Tony Abbot will or won’t do with the carbon tax. The people I have talked to including Australians think that ALP will be turfed out and Tony Abbot will be elected (All good) but that he won’t get rid of the hated Carbon tax?
    What do you and your contributors think?

    Bear in mind here in British Columbia, Canada we have a hated 7% Provincial carbon tax ( the ony one in North America) A hated expensive 2 tier electricity cost, hated smart meters, a insane green energy program with ridiculously high feed in tariffs that are crippling, as well as killing Salmon spawning streams and rivers ( depleting water levels and redirecting needed water). a despised provincial government and a rotten socialist NDP opposition who will keep all the above plus there own brand of financial ripoff and policy madness coming early in 2013.

    So you see why I’m interested in your plight.

  23. Laurie Williams says:

    Off topic, but related – examples, right here, of the results of the left’s long and mostly successful campaign to destroy teaching of logic and reason in schools, including structure of written language:

    “way to late” (wherever “late” is – which way?), rather than “way too late”

    “here here” (opposite of “there there”?), rather than “hear, hear” which is a repeated instruction to hear a speaker.

    The left has done a good job.

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