Labor's shameful hypocrisy over Greens

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The slow and painful disintegration of the Labor/Green alliance is a joy to watch – Labor’s chickens are all coming home to roost.

But at the same time it reveals the astonishing hypocrisy at the very heart of the ALP.

Back in 2010, Labor were only too happy to welcome the Greens into their fold, with friendly handshakes and smiles all round and Bob ‘n’ Julia signing their marriage pact before the assembled press.

Only later did we find out that a condition of the Greens’ support was “taking urgent action on climate”. So Julia, abandoning a pre-election promise not to introduce a carbon tax, announced that she would be doing precisely that.

Why did Labor MPs not protest back then at that cowardly surrender of principle? There was just a stony silence, because they had agreed to sell out their principles (such that they were) to stay in power at any cost (and what a cost it will turn out to be).

But now, barely a week after the introduction of the carbon tax, Labor has apparently and suddenly rediscovered those principles that it so hastily rejected in 2010, and is now desperately trying to distance itself from the extreme-Left party of environmental headbangers with which it chose to share a bed. It’s nothing short of pathetic.

And the most pathetic figure in all of this is Greg Combet, climate change minister, who, despite having relied on the Greens to get his disastrous carbon tax through Parliament, now lines up to criticise the Greens with the rest of his Labor mates – breathtaking.

SENIOR Labor Left figures have backed calls for the party to take a tougher line against the Greens as members of all factions lashed the minor party for its stance on offshore processing and contempt for blue-collar workers.

As the NSW Nationals yesterday revealed they expected to preference the Greens last at the next election, Labor Left faction convenor Stephen Jones said he expected that NSW general secretary Sam Dastyari’s motion to take a tough line on Greens preferences would pass the state conference.

“When the asylum-seeker legislation was in the Senate, the Greens had the choice between being a protest movement or a parliamentary party,” Mr Jones said. “They chose to continue to be a protest movement.”

Senior left-aligned minister, Greg Combet, distanced the government from the Greens, declaring Labor did not share the same values.

“We (Labor) have different values and different policies, and we certainly distinguish from them (Greens),” the Climate Change Minister said. (source)

Double standards, Greg. You only have different values and policies when it suits you. When you need the Greens, those policies and values are abandoned in an instant. Because you have no principles other than staying in power. Shameful.


  1. Baldrick says:

    The delusion of the ALP is finally coming to an end with the latest opinion polls. Even with all those massive carbon (dioxide) tax compensation handouts and media advertising the ALP still trails the LNP by 12%.

  2. Nicolaas Jansen via Facebook says:

    Green parasites, feeding misery to the unemployed, so that we don’t notice their gloomy outlook is just cover for their own lazy uselessness!

  3. I used to vote Labor. My one political wish now is to get the chance to vote for any other party, including the Greens, ahead of Labor at the next election. At least I know what the Greens stand for and I know they stand for something. I might not agree with it, but I respect it. Labor, on the other hand…I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire.

  4. Luke Warm says:

    Well said. Combet, take note.

  5. @Baldrick

    What massive compensation? I certainly received nothing (except increased bills).

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Yes, but how do you FEEL Gary?

      Knowing it’s the “right thing to do” for the planet and all.

      You too are invited to take a warm bath in sanctimony with the inner city luvvies…

  6. I agree with Gary. I’m self-employed with almost no income at the moment, below the taxation threshold. But I still have to pay for electricity and I haven’t seen or heard anything about being compensated for Juliar’s idiotic Carbon Tax. Where’s *my* handout??

  7. He’s up to his neck in the greem bile, he can’t walk away now.

  8. The ALP and the Coalition are both hopeless. Neither have any principles that that will help the Australian people. Both parties are run by traitors who prefer to suck up to the US and Israel, and yet who are also happy to sell Australia to China and Singapore.

    The Greens have principles, but unfortunately those prinicples include the AGW religion.

    Can I vote for me?

  9. It’s taken them ten years to work out what conservatives have been saying for years. The existence of the jobs of the working class is taken for granted – as somebody else’s responsibility – until a week after the carbon tax comes in. Then they finally learn that green utopia is as good for jobs and prosperity as marxism (which is of course the same thing).

    How many times have you heard these ignorant lefties say that Margaret Thatcher (god bless her) supported Cimate Change Doom Theory. She originally supported it to help SHUT DOWN THE UNIONS – especially coal workers. She paid scientists to prove it. She then changed her position later when she realized it had been hi-jacked by the left to replace socialist revolution.

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