Donna Laframboise in Sydney

ACM author with Donna Laframboise

Last night I attended the Sydney talk of Canadian author and blogger Donna Laframboise, whose book, “The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the world’s top Climate Expert” has recently been published here in Australia.

A large crowd had gathered at the Sheraton on the Park to hear Donna speak about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In her talk, she explained how despite protestations that the IPCC was a collection of the world’s best climate scientists, much of the IPCC’s reports were written by students and environmental activists, and that many appointments to the panel were politically motivated.

She also showed that the IPCC’s claim only to rely on peer-reviewed science was false, with over 30% of the references cited in the recent AR4 coming from newspaper clippings, WWF and Greenpeace reports, press releases and other grey literature. I wonder how much of that grey literature supported “the consensus”? I’m guessing roughly 100%.

I have corresponded with Donna in the past and it was great to meet her finally! Donna, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in “Fantasy Island”.*

John Roskam of the IPA


Donna Laframboise


Signing books

Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog: Welcome to Fantasy Island!


  1. Go Donna,sorry I can’t be there.Enjoy your stay.The people there are great

  2. Will Donna have to pay the Australian plant food/energy tax*? Or just like the GST are foreigners exempt and can claim a refund at the airport? * Aka Carbon Dioxide Tax.

  3. Jack Savage says:

    One of the few journalists who will emerge from the CO2 scam with honour. A heroine! Buy her book!

  4. Great book, a must read.

  5. ilma630 says:

    Saw Donna in London when she spoke at the Repeal the Climate Change Act meeting at Westminster. She is an inspiration, and of course an extreme irritation to those who worship in the church of CAGW.

    You really have to ask yourself why we have politicians of Gillard’s gross level of stupidity when they know there are so many rational and intelligent people such as Donna (and Jo Nova, etc.) who will so easily show them up for what they are.

  6. Saw Donna last night in Perth. What a legend! Got to meet Jo Nova and her husband too.

    La Fromboise is a good one to throw at warmists, as she is a convert from the dark side, who is not, like most skeptics including myself, necessarily conservative on other issues.

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