Perth on track for 'coldest month on record'

Not quite snowman weather, but still…

From the Weather Isn’t Climate department.

Damn you, global warming:

Perth is on track to have the coldest month on record.

This morning the temperature dipped to 0.4 degrees at 6.24am – and at 8am, it was still only three degrees.

That is the coldest day since July 5, 2010 when 0.3 degrees was recorded in the city.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Matt Boterhoven told that today’s minimum took this month’s tally of cold mornings to 15.

The bureau counts temperatures of less than five degrees as cold mornings.

Mr Boterhoven said the record for cold mornings was 16 in a month, which was reached in July 2010, 2001 and 1998.

He said with forecasts predicting a minimum of two degrees for tomorrow and four degrees on Friday, there was a good chance that record would be beaten. 

The days ahead for Perth: Thursday: Partly cloudy. Min 2, max 18. Friday: Partly cloudy. Min 4, max 19. Saturday: Mostly sunny. Min 5, max 20. Sunday: Mostly sunny. Min 5, max 21. (source)

h/t Ice Age Now


  1. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    Aaah Global Warming coming to get us!

  2. mwsmith says:

    I think that, for balance, you should mention the situation in the USA, where thousands of heat-wave records have been broken in recent weeks.

    [REPLY: You saved me the trouble – thanks! The post was tongue in cheek, because we all know that heatwaves are “global warming” and cold spells are “just weather”… 😉 – Ed]

  3. rukidding says:

    It also means no rain which is not good.We are looking at getting about 30mm of rain for the whole of July a month when we should be getting 170mm +
    The thing is you would think that with the earth(supposedly) heating that there would be more evaporation off the ocean hence more rain but that does not appear to be the case.And as Perth gets most of its weather from the southern ocean you would think we would be drowning in water but no.Anyway look on the bright side we will get some use out of our desal plants. 🙂

  4. Glo-bullshit more like.

  5. Mwsmith, if you follow the US media you will find that not one of them has talked about the record cold in Australia and other places around the globe. Why? Because it doesn’t fit in with the story (lie) they’re trying to tell.

  6. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Perhaps the abnormally cold weather in the Antarctic has something to do with Perth’s cold spell?

  7. Confusious says:

    Only Abnormality around here is that found in Flannery, Garnaut and Al Gore. The Three Global Warming Stooges!

  8. It’s winter isn’t it?

  9. To give your post a finale, Perth has just had its coldest ever mean minimum July when averaged between the city’s two main weather stations.

    The Perth Airport 9021 (official ACORN station) mean raw min for July 2012 was 5.6C. The coldest ever July mean min at Perth Airport was 5.5C in 1957.

    The Perth Metro 9225 (Mt Lawley about five km west of 9021) mean raw min for July 2012 was 5.2C, above its previous lows since opening in 1994 of 4.4C in 1997 and 4.9C in 1998.

    The Perth Airport 9021 and Perth Metro 9225 July mean min can be averaged since 1994:

    1994 – 49.35
    1995 – 9.35
    1996 – 10.55
    1997 – 5.55
    1998 – 5.7
    1999 – 8.25
    2000 – 9.85
    2001 – 6.3
    2002 – 9.2
    2003 – 8.05
    2004 – 6.75
    2005 – 6.9
    2006 – 6.7
    2007 – 10.05
    2008 – 7.35
    2009 – 7.35
    2010 – 5.85
    2011 – 8.55
    2012 – 5.4

    Two stations are more accurate than one and their averages show July 2012 had Perth’s coldest mean min ever by .15C.

    This goes back to 1897 because the coldest monthly mean min ever at Perth Regional Office 9034 was a toasty 6.9C in 1943. i.e. according to all possible averages between the three stations officially representing Perth city, July nights have never been colder than in 2012.

    The combined 9225/9021 mean min average for July has trended down about 1.5C since 1994, mostly due to reduced rainfall and more clear nights.

    The July 2012 mean max at Perth Airport of 19.2C was beaten previously by:

    1959 – 19.7 (63.8mm)
    1976 – 19.5 (102.8mm)
    1977 – 19.4 (84.8mm)
    1999 – 19.3 (116mm)
    2007 – 19.7 (193.4mm)

    The July 2012 mean max at Perth Metro was 19.3C, beaten previously by 19.5C in 2007.

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