Watts Up With That – 'major announcement' due Sunday

Announcement due?

Well this has certainly got the blogosphere buzzing:

Something’s happened. From now until Sunday July 29th, around Noon PST, WUWT will be suspending publishing. At that time, there will be a major announcement that I’m sure will attract a broad global interest due to its controversial and unprecedented nature.

To give you an idea as to the magnitude of this event, I’m suspending my vacation plans. I weighed the issue, and decided (much to my dismay) this was more important. I can go on vacation trips another time, but this announcement is not something I can miss now and do later.

Media outlets be sure to check in to WUWT on Sunday around 12PM PST and check your emails. (source)

“Something’s happened” – indicates it was unplanned.

“controversial and unprecedented” – very specific language to use. WUWT rules out FOIA in an update, so it’s unlikely to be Climategate 3.

“suspending vacation plans” – wow, this is serious…

For us Aussies, 12pm PST Sunday is (I think) 5am Monday morning Sydney time. Thanks, Anthony! It had better be worth it!


  1. I believe Pacific Standard Time is 18 hours behind Aus EST so will be 6 am – but if it’s Summer time (also PST) will be 5 am.

  2. Summer time is called PDT as in Pacific Daylight Time so 6am is the go.

  3. Richard Abbott says:

    …… Probably some sort of a fizzer of an announcement that climate science and man made climate change are not real……

    • Luke Warmer says:

      enjoying the technology are we, medievalist?

    • You are a denialist, then, ricky?

      • Confusious says:

        Denialist these days means someone with enough brains to see through Al Gore, Flannery, Garnaut and that heap of rotten unionists led by Gillard. So not too bad to be one Comrade Otter!

  4. Sean McHugh says:

    Wishing my weekend away and wishing for Monday morning??!! Yes, “it had better be worth it”.

  5. Ally E. says:

    Ah, man, this is hard! At this house, we’re running through all sorts of options on Watts (sorry, WHAT’S) going on. It’s worse than a whodunnit and we can’t even skip to the back page to peek at Watts (sorry, WHAT’S) happening!

    Anthony, don’t let us down! (Can’t wait until Monday, now. Dang!)

  6. Toscamaster says:

    My recommended announcement by WUWT

    Mr Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition in Australia, has chosen WUWT to announce to the world that the Liberal Party of Australia, which he leads, is withdrawing its Direct Action Policy and all other related policies on so-called climate change on the grounds that climate science has been fundamentally corrupted thereby invalidating all current and proposed legislation.

    Mr Abbott has called on the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to immediately rescind all carbon tax legislation or call an election as soon as possible so that the people of Australia can show their disdain and anger to politicians who turn their backs on scientific truth.

    • no such luck gillard is drunk with power and will go down as australian worst PM in history she hates us so much.why because she is a fabian she is set out to destroy australia

  7. Baldrick says:

    [snip – sorry…! Very true, though!]

  8. Considering the BEST announcement coming up, I had to wonder about the timing. Apparently that is not the case though.

  9. Confusious says:

    Is Flannery expecting Garnauts child?

  10. Cudos to those who called the connection with BEST.

    I am encouraged because the Watts et al draft paper confirms the statistical errors (that I didn’t make as a presumably dangerous post-grad back in the 70’s) and all my subsequent suspicions about the nature of the data regarding UHI etc.

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