Adelaide's coldest August morning in 13 years

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From the Weather Isn’t Climate Department:

 It has been a chilly start to August for Adelaide, plunging down to 2.2 degrees this morning, making it the coldest August morning in 13 years.

Just before sunrise, Adelaide dipped down to its lowest August temperature since 1999, when it dropped to 1.7 degrees. This morning’s 2.2 degrees was six below the August average minimum of 8.2 degrees.

This has been a particularly rare morning with Adelaide actually being colder than Canberra.

This freezing morning can be attributed to the combination of several influences. A cold front which passed recently brought a pool of cold air. A large high pressure system then moved overhead which cleared skies and made winds become light.

The city was not the only place which felt the cold. Adelaide Airport recorded 1.3 degrees, their lowest August temperature in 10 years. Elizabeth got down to 0.1 degrees, which is also a 10-year low for August. Noarlunga plunged to 4.2, their coldest August morning since 2006.

It won’t remain too cold all day with a top of 15 degrees expected during the early afternoon. The next few mornings also look like being warmer, due to extra cloud cover and wind bringing temperatures closer to average. (source)


  1. Barbara Bartholomew via Facebook says:

    🙂 I know that’s cold for Australia, but in January, when I feel like complaining about the temp. not even getting above 0, I look up the temp in Barrow, Alaska to feel warm.

  2. News flash… temperature was recorded in an unauthorized measuring point.. a deep freeze. Climate scientists are now embroiled in a mathematical maze endeavoring to create a fudge factor that will be a more meaningful climate changeable statistic.

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