Australia's shivering start to August

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It’s all meaningless of course, it’s just weather after all.But you don’t hear the mainstream media, or Tim Flannery, or Clive Hamilton or David Karoly or Will Steffen, all rushing to bleat that this is evidence that “global warming” has slowed, or that such weather “is not consistent” with global warming models.

Whereas, if it was a heatwave on the other hand, as we will no doubt get come summer, all the above will be whining on about how it was “entirely consistent with” projections for climate change.

That’s the great thing about double standards and unfalsifiable hypotheses, right lads?

In New South Wales:

Sydney’s coldest start to August in 14 years

Sydney has shivered through its coldest start to August in over a decade.

On Wednesday, the first morning of the month started out on a cool note, dipping to seven degrees just after 5am. While this was only two degrees below average, it was the coldest first morning of the month in 14 years. (source)


Icy morning in NSW

Parts of New South Wales endured the coldest August morning in 12 years as fog and frost descended on the state.

The Central West Slopes and Plains saw their lowest August temperatures since 2000 this morning. Trangie and Condobolin Airport cooled to -4 degrees, which was eight and seven degrees below average respectively. 

Clear skies and light winds last night combined with lingering cold air, following days of persistent southerly winds. This set up allowed heat to radiate away from the surface during the night, providing the ideal conditions for the mercury to plummet this morning. (source)

In South Australia:

Temperatures plunge across SA

August has made a chilly entrance in South Australia.

It has been the coldest August night in Adelaide for 13 years.

The temperature dropped to 2.2 degrees Celsius about 6:20am at the weather bureau at Kent Town and to just 1.3 at Adelaide Airport. (source)

In Queensland:

Coldest morning in years in Brisbane and Bundaberg

It was one of the coldest mornings of the year for Queensland with a few places having their coldest morning in over a decade. 

All of Queensland recorded temperatures below the August average except for parts of the Peninsula.

People felt the chill as Brisbane had its coldest morning in four years, dropping to a chilly 4.6 degrees, six below the August average.

Bundaberg Airport was a standout, falling to 3.4 degrees this morning. This was its coldest morning in 17 years and was eight degrees below average.

Mount Isa was very cold, dropping below freezing for only the second time this year and registering its coldest morning in 10 years. It was a staggering 11 degrees below average, reaching minus one.

Blackall in the Central West also recorded its coldest morning in 9 years, dropping to minus two. (source)

All courtesy of Weatherzone.


  1. Barbara Bartholomew via Facebook says:

    Of course! That’s what the “true believers” do in the US when we have exceedingly cold weather, or hot weather, or extra precipitation, or not enough precipitation …

  2. Pierre Gosselin pointed to (parts of) Antarctica being 20°C colder than normal a few days ago.

    So I’m not surprised that it’s getting much colder as the cold air circulates “up” from Antarctic regions.

  3. this is just rotten cold. nothing to see here, move along!

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    “Icy morning in NSW”

    And in my letterbox a moment ago here is a calendar just arrived from Mr Combet, my local MP. Which starts on 1 July 2012 the day the carbon tax came in. With a magnet on the back so I can stick it on my fridge and remind myself every day that Mr Combet my local MP has brought in a tax which is immoral and based on a lie to fix a problem which doesn’t exist. And which even if it did exist it wouldn’t actually fix.

    I wonder how many people in our electorate will be similarly entertained by this latest Combetism. Perhaps those guys from the Kurri aluminium smelter who all lost their jobs. And the Munmorah guys facing loss of theirs.

  5. when Global Warming cools …. we run to climate change! That way we can still scare the vunerable to death! Fail Flannery go back to dinosaur bones.

  6. Has there ever been a movement that has cherry picked as consistently as this lot. If you ever want to back a winner get on self interest it will never let you down clear example here.

  7. I want more of that global warming I was promised.

  8. Baldrick says:

    Somebody better tell the Climate Commission. They’re still spruking that “In Australia, there has been an increase in the number of hot days, and a decrease in the number of cold days and this trend is likely to continue …”

  9. Last year, Northern Australia experienced one of the coolest periods on record. This year, however, will undoubtedly go down as an even cooler period, and what has been more remarkable, its been cooler over a significantly longer period than it was last year or at any time during the last 30 years.

    It is time the scientists seriously considered the peer reviewed study of Henrik Svensmark regarding his work on what drives the climate.

    Watch this documentary titled The Cloud Mystery:

  10. Anything on Perth. WA? It was pretty chilly there last time I looked.
    Here in UK our cold,wet summer continues. The Met O is continuing to forecast lower-than average temperatures through gritted teeth but as with you this is only weather, not climate change.
    OT, Have you seen the testimony given to the US EPW committee by Arizona’s State Climatologist on WUWT?
    Hardly a usual suspect to be debunking CAGW.

  11. Richard N says:

    As we all know there is no possible weather event that is not consistent with AGW.

  12. Yep, the effect of the carbon tax is kicking in already.



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