ABC's twaddle on Tuvalu

Silliest van on earth

The ABC, keen as always to prop up The Cause, hijacks the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the island of Tuvalu to bang on about climate change:

Once the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are carried from their aircraft on multi-coloured throne chairs in Tuvalu, the view will be of climate change.

The tiny Pacific nation, final stop on their tour, is at the forefront of small island countries already feeling the effects of rising sea levels.

Prince William and his wife will not have a chance to talk to non-government organisations in Tuvalu working on keeping back the sea.

Bet they’re gutted.

But Maina Talia, secretary of the Tuvalu Climate Action network, says the effects of climate change will be obvious as they tour on Tuesday.

“I’m not really sure of like what is the arrangement between the government of Tuvalu and the royal couple,” Maina Talia told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat.

“But I must say that on their arrival, they must see how vulnerable we are to climate change.

“Even they can see the impact on gardens, on our food security and even we have lost a lot of traditional root crops due to the long drought that we faced last year and the beginning of this year. (source)

Hang on, it was sea level rises a minute a go – make your mind up…

Anyway, there you have it. Unfortunately, sea level rises at Tuvalu are virtually nil, and any that do exist are probably more to do with subsidence of a coral atoll than rising sea levels caused by dangerous AGW:

Sea levels at Tuvalu

And if that wasn’t enough, the ABC reported back in 2010 that the islands were actually growing.

More twaddle from the ABC…


  1. Hang on … The ABC headline the story ‘Royal visit focuses on climate change’ yet the Duke and Duchess aren’t going there to discuss climate change with anyone!
    Why didn’t the ALPBC make the headline ‘Royal visit focuses on coconuts’? It’s just as appropriate as the non-story about climate change!

  2. Simon,

    Try this, another little story about Tuvalu…

  3. Neither of the royals have been to Tuvalu before, so the only comparison they’d be able to make as to the “effects of climate change” are from pictures they might have seen when they were infants.

    Tuvalu’s biggest problems are poor soil, rising population and effects caused by changes made to the shoreline during WW2. “Climate change” is the least of their worries, but The Cause has duped them into thinking otherwise.

  4. From memory, the President of Tuvalu recently put out an urgent media release saying that, no, the island wasn’t going to be drowned by rising sea levels after all. An unfortunate mistake, apparently – his earlier dramatic play for international attention had actually frightened off potential aid donors. (Well, why would you waste your hard-earned?) International aid was now urgently needed to boost the Tuvalu tourism economy which had great potential to become self-sufficient and thrive.

    All good clean fun, folks.

  5. I hope their island doesn’t sink because then we would probably get Maina here with her hand straight into our pockets on one pretext or another.

  6. What about Tuvalu’s susceptability to meteor impact? Will they be discussing that? That’s right, there have never been natural cycles of drought and rain have there? Must be climate change for which rich western countries, note not China or India, have to be made to feel guilty and pay up big bucks. That will stop climate change won’t it?

  7. Bear in mind all ABC reporters probably gain greenie points every time they can work in a climates change angle somewhere somehow .

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