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UPDATE [30 September]: Video appears broken. Still on YouTube, but black screen… mysterious. No – problem with browser – sorry! But we and WUWT did manage to make the video (and another related one by the Lew) The Conversation’s most watched video, with over 4500 views. Next one down is 2500, and after that 700, with most of the rest between a few hundred and almost nothing.

Watch in wonder:

(h/t WUWT)


  1. Aert Driessen says:

    Words fail me! What does this do for the credibility of UWA and for the faculty that hired him?

  2. Funny how most of the warmist scientists and mouth-pieces are such likeable folk!

  3. At first I really thought that this video was a delicious spoof. It was only later that I realised that it was the real thing. Amazing.

  4. Jonathan Frodsham says:

    WTF: He is quoting one persons views in the Australian and maybe one in NZ. Oh I get it these were the two Mr Lew based his paper on. Mr Lew has lost the plot. He has become an embarrassment to UWA.

  5. He sounds like a politician trying to discredit other political parties. He is that stupid

  6. The man begs to be made fun of.

    I bet some of you are already practicing your Lew impersonation.

    • Hi. My name’s Lew of the UWA.

      Being a scientist, if I found the cure for late onset adult acne, I would tell my colleagues about it in the peer reviewed literature, because that just the kind of good natured bloke that I am.
      People that deny late onset adult acne typically do not publish scientific articles. THEY INSTEAD publish elsewhere, keeping their secret acne cures to themselves. For example, on the internet, on obscure websites like Australian Climate Madness, mocking the plight of their dermatologically challenged neighbors.


      There is much research in cognitive science that shows rejection of acne sufferers is tied to an exagerated belief in the free market as a solution to all of societie’s problems.

  7. Robert Holmes says:

    Where did WA dig up this joker from?
    He certainly is not an aussie, is he a US throw-off?

  8. Looking elsewhere says:

    University of WA: do they have a University Council that cares about its academic reputation or not?

  9. What a [snip]; worthwhile words fail me, absolutely. Sorry.

  10. His opening line should be…..Hi I’m professor toolandowsky

  11. Trucker Bob says:

    Smear, Smear and Smear again. If I discovered a cure for cancer I don’t think a peer reviewed paper would be required.

  12. Take heart lads, because if this is the best they have got then their demise is only a matter of time. One question I do have is “How the hell did this loser get to the position he’s in anyway?’

  13. At the very least we can be thankful he is only a psychologist on the climate change gravy train and is not working as a one on one counsellor to the mentally ill!

  14. What a pompous [snip]. My apologies to all you Aussies. On the other hand, we don’t want him back either.

  15. Climategate is the result, sixty four years (2009 – 1945 = 64 yrs), of world leaders taking advice from guilt-ridden scientists in 1945

    [snip – relevance]

  16. That’s a bizarre video.
    If he’s teaching the next generation, then society is in for a rough ride.

  17. Blimey, if one had a counter running for just plain ‘bad logic’ Lewandowsky would make it easily into double figures on this video. I could almost hear a little ‘ding bell’ almost constantly ringing as he delivered this stream of nonsense…


  18. Are conspiracy theorists- such as Lewandowsky just demonstrated himself to be- really the people you want to trust when it comes to the future of your children?

  19. Surely the Vice-Chancellor knows about this character by now? Has he been carpeted? Told to pack his bags?

    What an absolute disgrace for the UWA.

  20. According to the self titled “scientist” climate change skeptics are right wing capitalist conspiracy therorists………there just cant be any other explanation .

  21. The thing that really disturbs me is the credibility that certain people give this [snip].

  22. The Loaded Dog says:

    The quintessential pompous ass.

    Just who he was addressing….the mirror?

  23. So, the free market is a bad thing? I see. Thanks for sharing.

    CAGW is starting to disintegrate from the inside.
    The game is up. Victory is near.

  24. cementafriend says:

    Simon, off topic but to do with WA . On trying to open http://www.joannenova.com.au , I get “This Account Has Been Suspended”
    Anyone know what has happen ? Has it again been hacked?

    [REPLY – Looks like it…]

  25. How do students sit through his lectures?

    53 secs & he beat me!

  26. For guy who is paid to teach his speaking style is appalling. I can see students falling asleep within five minutes.

    As for his criticism of the “free market” to solve issues –what does he think the ETS schemes he and his mates push so hard for , are ??

  27. Simon, off topic but this u-tube video is a must. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uAZgTKsdJsc You maybe a bit young it dates from 1960., Tiny Tim
    It should be sent to Steffen & Flannery as a reminder of their stupid ice melting predictions. Maybe Lewandowski should see it, it is about at his level.

  28. John Of Cloverdale WA says:

    “If I were a scientist…..”. Dream on Lewandowsky! And, by the way, where are these peer reviewed papers which prove that a miniscule CO2 percentage produced by mankind causes global warming, sorry, climate change. As for science getting it wrong, you must remember when stress and lifestyle were blamed for causing stomach ulcers. I wonder how many peer reviewed papers supported that furphy.

  29. On the surface it looks like this may be new life for the global warming crowd, perhaps a Michael Mann look-a-like. Mann was scoring high until Climategate.

    But no. This guy painting opponents with the brush of paranoia comes too late. There has been too much evidence to the contrary.

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